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Rising Coronavirus Death Tolls In Texas, Arizona, Florida Echoes Early Crisis | NBC Nightly News

in the midst of a staggering surge of kovat cases in Florida 75,000 in just over a week Miami mayor Francisco Suarez hands out masks there are some indications that the masks in public rule is actually working the slope of new cases has actually decreased if there's progress it's not reflected in Miami Dade's hospital system which now shows ICU bed capacity at 97 percent with testing lines also starting to break at the seams sending families to the ER for covetous I had at least at least 12 families come in saying I went to the testing site but the line was too long in Texas it's not clear the governor knows where to go next after the Lone Star State top 10,000 cases again the threat of a lockdown back on the table if residents can't follow a mask mandate I made this tough decision for one reason it was our last best effort to slow the spread of cover 19 if we do not slow the spread of cover 19 the next step would have to be a lockdown urgency across the country this morning with a daily record of 70 thousand cases hardly the only red flag Arizona South Carolina and Texas have all seen their death tolls jump by more than a hundred percent in four weeks in California half the state's counties are now on a coronavirus watch list the United States is in the middle right now even as we speak in a very serious problem the first kovat peak shut one of America's playgrounds Disney World now four months later the magical mainstay is trying to make a comeback with temperature checks social distancing and enhanced cleaning we've got many new health and safety measures that are in place in coordination with government and local authorities and we've got an incredible group of cast to help our guests navigate them as they experience Disney Springs for Cheryl Evans and her family they're bringing their own thermometers and precautions all the way from California but not pausing a cherished trip we decided to continue living our lives and that we believe that we can do safely here at Disney World it is a phased reopening with the magic and animal kingdom's opening up at 9 o'clock Eastern this morning there are also Peter and Crist and a half dozen NBA teams nearby on ESPN's Wide World of Sports campus that includes LeBron and the Lakers expected later today as the NBA scheduled to start its restart a little bit later this month as all of the players are going to be tested on a daily basis you