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Substitute Teacher – Key u0026 Peele

Well, listen, everyone I'm your substitute mentor, Mr. Garvey I have studied in the "inner city" for the past 20 years Don't even think about messing with me Do you understand what I mean? Yeah Well let's have a look here Jay Kwalin? Where is Jay Culine? There is no Jay Quillin here Yeah Uh? Do you mean Jacqueline OK. This is how it will be You want to mess with me OK. So I'm watching you, Jay Cullen Balaki Where is Palaki? There is no one named Balaki? Yes, sir My name is Blake are you crazy? Blake, what! Do you want to pick a fight with me Palaki? No Because we can do that no. I am serious, I am serious So it is better for you to check yourself D-Nice Is there a d-nice? In case one of you says a trivial name .. This whole class will feel very angry And now D-Nice – you mean Denise Son **** Type your name properly, now! Danis? Speak it correctly. Denise correctly Denise correctly Denise correctly D-Nice is so better Thank you Now, any Ron where are you? Where is any Ron now? There is no Rune Ha Better to be sick, dead, or shut up, meaning any rune Here, oh man. Why did not you reply from the first time? Huh? I just asked you. I called you four times Why did not you reply from the first time any Rune? Because she speaks Irene You dreaded bastard! Your frivolity is over, i.e., what Rune depart from me immediately Go to the office or hard forget now and tell him What did you do loudly as it happened _ From? _ Or hard Hennessy The director is Ochansi Get out of class now, you bastard, before I get up Broken my foot in your ass Insurgent.. Pronounced Team-oh-thi Present! Thank you.