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I feel like more and more flesh will be revealed I'm ready. [laughs] # JAUNTY JAZZ MUSIC # [laughs] I am adorable How could you swim in this? Doesn't it – I don't think that it even looks particularly… …well. It's not revealing in the slightest… …but it does show off the figure …'cause it's…cinched.
(Is that the right word?) It's like a clown, only classy. Like… …classy clown I feel like I look as uncomfortable as I feel. Oh yeah, I love this.
It would be real cool and demure. Er, 19th century twerk? Oh, oh, oh. I like this one Doot doot doot doot, news just in… Man…sails from America I feel like a small child who's about to be put to bed You'd more get away with something like this… in everyday life, I think… 'cause we have, nice casual playsuits I feel like it's more practical for swimming. It's a lot more streamlined. Compared to the last one, if you were like… saw someone coming out, rocking out in this… you'd be "Oh wow, the outline of
your child bearing hips" It's getting…it's getting closer to what I recognize. Definitely. Yeah, I don't know. I'd say it's gonna go…uh… It's gonna get much colder from here on now I'm adorable it's so much shorter… and…more revealing. very quickly it is become way more…uh… …revealing You could swim easier in this, definitely. There's less fabric to be, like, weighing you down. Yeah. Things happen in the sixties. I guess this makes up for
the lack of fabric down here now. They've just kinda gone outwards. It's way more practical in one sense but it's also way more…ehm… …expressive. [laughs] Oh dear – The song # She wore an itsy-bitsy, teeny-weeny… # Yellow polka dot bikini. Yeah. It IS adorable I'm just real like…oh god! This is good. The pants are very, very baggy though. I don't know. It makes me feel like it's a like a nappy. [laughs] Yeah, it's a lot alike making you feel like a baby. That's what I feel. There's something very liberating being like [whoosh] "Goodbye clothes. Hello sea." Just no elastic. Yeah, these would be GONE… …before you knew it. Ehm…but they'd be easily spotted and retrieved. I don't know what's coming next But we'll see. I mean some sort of mankini type thing? Welcome to the naughties.
[laughs] Swimming in this would be… …a nightmare. Not practical for swimming.
I'll tell ya that. Yeah, I never really associated black with a particular… …era, but I kinda can see it now That's amazing, yeah. The influence [?] that's the one like Kim Kardashian has What is our world coming to, where we're constantly looking to Kim Kardashian for beauty standards? I think we should just be…we should dress comfortably If you feel…if you know you look good in a bikini… …go wear a bikini. Fair play to you Eh…but.yeah, don't be afraid to wear what you want. I can feel so much air…circulating. It's not natural. # Well east coast girls are hip.
I really dig their baggy ass