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hi guys it's Audrey and welcome to back to school our favorite time of the year not well today I'm going to make your back-to-school experience a little bit better by showing you 20 different types of students and back-to-school season number one the Baker hey Andre um do a pencil I can borrow are you sure you need one yeah yeah Vanessa sorry Cass and Lunn sure you don't even need less than that pencil why would you imply it why seven please there you go based on [Music] pantry what scares gum wait why am I even giving you this thanks number two the massager okay is there an earthquake in here oh my gosh stop it's due number three the tapper number four the stretcher [Music] number five the sloppy joe ooh gross number six the head bobber [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] number seven the Crammer okay students I hope you had a great weekend your homework is now do hand it in your lifesaver right here right right right number eight the talker okay students so today we were working on our mouth we have our eight plus three minus six plus two what would this be how do we solve this any guesses okay so we want to first take our eight plus three and add those together we're going to work in our parentheses so we have our leaven six plus six equals re and you're going here and you want to and then the answer was what time three no I'm trying to go answer is three so if you guys understood that step that will be easy for your homework now you guys can complete I can't talk probably 150 and I want that do by the end of class let's get this done let's come project no no hey here's something to do by the end of class I hope you understood how to do it number nine the be obese [Music] [Music] [Music] number 10 the poker high tide hi good evening yeah yeah you only have gum in your mouth no do you know my bag number 11 for Hermione Granger okay thank you oh you stop watching blob apples oh you're the bear of course okay so are we all on page 56 what is condensation okay contents signature did you you guys should read the chapter conversation okay conversation is part of the water cycle you're right again Audrey good job you did all your homework number 12 this buffer babe roll damn babe Jordan here Jake here time here laundry here Davis yo okay guys today we are going to be working on biology does anybody know what biology is okay Audrey biology is the science of life good job I was gonna say that but she always raises her hand number 13 is the class clown hey guys I was number one a fortnight and while I was playing for tonight my dog ate my homework what yeah finally a real shooting star completing your diet your Lord and you were number one for me and they're so cool tie number 14 the silent one Jen did you hear my item s right Jake yeah you have time for hydrating o cure David Oh Oh because it we really know like yes for rule number 15 the stinky one [Music] number 16 the cheater [Music] [Music] number 17 the Staller okay guys so today we are going to open up our books 250 what teacher um um how was your weekend before we start lesson I thought that just goes my weekend you would not believe what happened to it what happened yes it's alright so I was driving along and then here this thing on the side of the road there's this little cutie is so cute so I decided to adopt a new kitty today and home with me yes okay miss Katie but yeah here's a licensed calico cat it's me was calico can you believe that what's your cat's name oh I haven't named it yet it should be calibrated oh yeah number 18 the true gamer this is not my phone number 19 the jock and the cheerleader so ty has to begin it yeah I wonder how watching kinda went my way that was great I thought this we thought was so you were so awesome the game last night yeah all the touchdowns yeah wait four touchdowns in like one game that's the last thing we could do we're like the best right yeah number 20 the blurry vision this student is the one that needs glasses and probably – but doesn't wear them so they can sit the front of the class and most the time if you're sitting there with your friends they have to let you just move you so the person that needs glasses could sit in the fly so they separate you and your friends so if you need glasses bring them to class or get a prescription dance it's probably really hard to read the board when you're squinting okay you guys so that's it for today's video that's 20 types of different students at school if you like this video give it a big thumbs up and comment down below who you are what student are you I also remember to subscribe if you haven't already turn red to grey and hit the bell icon to be notified whenever I post a new video I'll see you guys next time bye [Music] you [Music]