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The ABCD’s of vitamins

Translator: Sabah Kabashor Auditor: Muhammad Samir A, c, e, d, b, k These are not just alphabets scattered They are vitamins and as letters make up words Vitamins are the pillars of ensuring the continued functioning of our bodies Vitamins are organic compounds that we need to eat a little of them Let our bodies continue to function Vitamins are factors that build, defend, and monitor task progress It helps build muscle, bones, utilization of nutrients, In saving and releasing energy and in wound healing And if you want proof of the importance of vitamins You can look at the dilemma of ancient sailors As they lacked a source of vitamins So they got scurvy But vitamin C is found in vegetables and fruits Like the vaccine against this disease Bacteria, fungi, and plants independently produce vitamins Our bodies are not able to do this and we must approach it from other sources However, how can we provide these vitamins to our bodies? This in turn depends on the image that you found it in There are two types of vitamins It is dissolved in fat and again in water The difference between them determines the way the body deals with it They are transported, stored, and discarded Water-soluble vitamins include vitamin C. Vitamin B complex, which includes eight different types Which each is concerned with a specific job These vitamins are found in the water content of vegetables, fruits, and grains Which means the ease of the process of entering our bodies These foods are digested when they enter our bodies The vitamin content is absorbed directly by the blood Because blood and plasma are aqueous media Vitamins C and B have special transporters Therefore, it is able to move freely within our bodies With regard to fat-soluble vitamins They are found in foods such as cheese, butter, and oils But her journey inside the body seems more complicated These vitamins pass through the stomach and intestine Where there is an acidic substance called bile, it is excreted by the liver Which helps break down the fats for later absorption from the intestinal wall And because these vitamins cannot benefit from the blood with its water properties It would need a carrier of another type Certain proteins cleave to these vitamins to transport them Through the blood and to all parts of the body So this is the difference between fat-soluble vitamins or water It will determine the mechanism by which you enter the bloodstream And the way it is stored or even rejected by the body Our bodies have a great capacity to deal with water-soluble vitamins Which is easily found in the blood Large portions of it are eliminated through the kidneys That is why most of the vitamins are dissolved in water You need to replace it daily through the food we eat But the fat-soluble ones stabilize better They are stored inside the liver and fat cells These parts are used to store these vitamins So that it is reused whenever required This means that we do not have to eat them in large quantities Because our bodies keep a good supply of it After completing the transportation and storage operations The vitamins go directly to perform the tasks assigned to them Some types of vitamin B complex are involved in making enzyme catalysts That helps release the energy in food And with the help of other parts of it, the body is able to use that energy Vitamin C helps fight inflammation and manufacture collagen It is a type of tissue that helps build teeth and heal wounds Vitamin A, helps produce white blood cells that are important for our body's immunity, Bone growth, improved vision by continuous monitoring of eye cells Vitamin D provides calcium and phosphorous to build bones While Vitamin E acts as an antioxidant agent As it gets rid of those particles that may harm cells Finally, vitamin K increases our ability to form blood clots It improves the work of the proteins responsible for that process Without that much variety in vitamins Our bodies will be exposed to many dilemmas Exhaustion, nerve damage, and heart disorders Or diseases such as osteoporosis or scurvy On the other hand, too much of it may expose us to the risk of poisoning Therefore, taking a lot of supplements is not a good idea Indeed, we have to act with balance Let's get the most out of these vitamins