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The Beach – Geronimo | Mahogany Session

You in the white and the khakis, could you move to your left? (together)
Which one?? Oh man! I forgot to heat this up before we came out here! Oh, it's ok! I brought this. Oh, good! Yeah, just put it in there for about a minute. That was fun! Oh no! Hey, you know what we haven't done yet? The beach! Nice! Ok, let's go play some putt-putt! I promise there are no jellyfish in this pool. And you need to relax. There's no sand out here. You can't guarantee that! It's everywhere! Why are there so many people here? The best time to come down is right after Summer break and just before the snowbirds migrate down. Yeah… September 22nd. Wanna go squeeze in over there? Ok. Alright. Can you help me put on this aloe? On my way… You're not moving… Nope… I burnt the bottom of my feet. I think I see a cloud… You think it might rain soon? Absolutely! We should… …definitely make new plans. Can I get y'all anything else? Yeah, I think we're gonna need to see those menus again. Sure! Brought to you by Gulf Shores & Orange Beach Tourism. Create your perfect beach vacation on Alabama's Gulf Coast. Hope you enjoyed our video filmed entirely in beautiful Gulf Shores and Orange Beach, Alabama. And if you like this video, check out our other videos here. And make sure to subscribe using that button right there. You're not pointing at anything. It feels like I am…