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The Coronavirus Explained u0026 What You Should Do

as Koba 19 cases rise in Georgia here's just a snapshot a snapshot of the top five counties were the most confirmed cases Gwinnett in Fulton County is now have more than ten thousand cases each to cap counties close to eight thousand the state now reports sixty seven hundred cases in Cobb County Hall County has 37 hundred cases and it's really important to note here folks that all of these counties besides Hall are in the top five counties when it comes to population so breaking records as you know is not always a good thing today we set another new record for co19 cases in our state of Georgia Jeff Hullinger takes a closer look at some of the more interesting numbers more than 4,400 cases reported by the State Department of Health here is a look at Georgia's cases over time going back in the beginning in march and today spike is not just a one time surge this week's daily average of new cases four times higher than what we were seeing just one month ago one of the Metro counties seeing the biggest spike is to cab and here's how the daily new cases fluctuated over the past two weeks you can see the numbers behind me and and this big surge goes from yesterday to today the cab went from 110 new cases yesterday to five hundred and one today