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The Liberal Rednecks Go To A Gay Naturist Gathering

(jaunty music) – [Trae] I'm Trae Crowder, and these ass-nekkid fellers, well, that's a long story. Let me rewind. (squeaky zipping) 'Bout a year ago, I shot a video about that bass-ackwards
transgender bathroom bill they had in North Carolina. I been seeing all these Facebook posts about transgender bathrooms. You do know that transgender people have existed forever, right? What bathrooms you think they been using? The video went viral, and then this liberal redneck became fam- well, not famous,
internet famous, kind of. As a comedian, I appeared on a number of television and radio shows. And hell, they even gave
me and my writing partners, Corey and Drew, a book deal. And then one day, we got a call about doing a show in the Poconos. And it all started with a nice little ride through the woods. (harmonica music) – [Drew] This is gorgeous out here. – Yeah, it's very pretty.
– What is this again? – What are we doing? – Comedy at a–
– It's like a campsite, or something like that. – [Drew] We're doing comedy at a campsite? – [Trae] I think it's like
an environmental thing. I mean it's gay, it's gay dudes
that do it, but ah, I dunno. – [Drew] Gay conservationists. – My dad thinks those are the same thing. (all laugh) – Conservationists and gays? – Just the same, interchangeable. (twangy picturesque acoustic guitar music) The fuck is this place? This is huge. – [Trae] It looks like
teenagers get murdered here. – [Drew] It does. – It's pretty, though. – [Corey] It is very pretty. – [Trae] Teenagers often get murdered– – [Drew] Where it's pretty. – [Corey] And the
teenagers often have drugs. (twangy banjo music) – [Guide] Welcome to the Poconos! Isn't this a beautiful place? – It is, this country–
– It is absolutely amazing. – Almost looks like Tennessee. – Yeah?
– Yeah! – [Trae] A little, few things different. – Your show, people are just buzzing. What is he gonna say this time? – I have no idea! – Oh, okay! – Have to think on it. – [Guide] Are you ready for this? – Yeah!
– Yeah! – [Trae] Ready as we can be, yeah! – [Guide] Here's home away from home! – Alright! – This is cabin K1.
– K1, I like it. – How many people are here? – 500 people! – Okay, that's a lot, thank you so much. – We appreciate ya. – Oh, and there are no locks. – What do you mean, there's
no lock, like on the door? – No lock on your, no no. – Seems to be an open door type situation going on, for sure. – Come and go as we please?
– Yeah, yeah. We'll try to keep others out. – Okay?
(men laugh) – So glad to have you. – Absolutely.
– See ya later! – Good to see ya, man. – Well this is rustic. You hungry, Corey? – Trae? – What? – What does GNI stand for? – Gay Naturists, International or Incorporated something like that. – You told this was some
gay environmentalists. – Well I mean, it has nature in the name. It's in the mountains! – (giggling) Naturists means nudists, that's why everyone's got their dick out! – I thought nudist meant nudist! – Okay, first off, I didn't
know what naturist meant either. – To be fair, what did you
think when we pulled up, all the trees and all this
stuff, you know, I mean. Was you expecting wieners? Clearly not.
– No, that's my point. I wasn't expecting wieners, now we gotta do comedy to wieners! – What's wrong with that?! – I don't have a problem with it. – I just, it's just shocking! – What if–
– I don't have a problem with hot tubs, but if
you just throw me in one in my clothes, I'm gonna be
like, what the fuck is going on? – It's different. – Yeah.
– It is quite different. – Yeah.
– Yeah, it's extremely different. – Anyways, this is fine, this is fine. This is fine.
– I feel good about it. – My whole point is this is fine. (folksy music) (men shouting) I'm just saying like, you know,
dip our toes in the water. The nekkid wiener water. Look here, look at this. – [Drew] What is it? – This is what they've got going on. Leatherworks, celebrating the body erotic, lunch, nekkid tennis– – Hold on, go back to that one. – Is there, is it a nekkid lunch? – Sloppy joes, very sloppy
joes I would imagine. (Corey laughs) Volleyball, tennis, yoga. – I ain't playing volleyball nekkid. The balls going everywhere. – They do have ping pong tables, though. That seems, that's less high impact. – Way more my speed. – Are we doing a show naked? – I'm just, we talk a lot
of shit about being liberals and we're openminded
and all of that stuff, so I mean, you know. How liberal are we really? How comfortable are we really? You know what I mean?
– Well, look– – It's an opportunity,
fellas, but, you know. – Put your wieners where the mouth is. – Yes, put our wieners
where our mouths are. – How that old phrase goes. (Trae chuckles) (steel guitar music) – Even as a straight dude, it takes about three minutes before all the sudden, you just don't eve see dicks anymore. You're just like yeah, wah, whatever. It's like how you can
always see your nose, but your brain tunes it out because you see it all the goddamn time? That's how your dicks are to me, they're like noses, they're
like very smelly noses. – I heard this is a nudist retreat. I come here, half of y'all
got nine piece outfits on, ah. We're nudists, that means your dick is out to you guys,
that's what that means? – You wanna get rid of the
Confederate flag forever, all that needs to happen
is the LGBT movement needs to formally adopt
the flag as their logo. One of, one of my sons
will come home one day. "Dad, we need to talk." No.
(laughter) No son of mine's gonna be an Alabama fan. S'all I'm saying. "What, dad, no! "Dad, I'm gay." Oh thank God! I thought it was gonna
be something serious! – Where I come from, there's like this whole debate on whether or not a woman should be able
to breastfeed in public, so like our, the whole
Southern thing on nudity is a little bit "Aaaah, I don't know!" And then, so, coming from a
Southern guy's perspective, I come up here and there's just, I'll say it, ding-dongs all about. Which is fine, and I didn't sincerely know how comfortable I was gonna be. – Ten minutes off the bus, um, clothes are off, and it's just… We are connecting to each other,
like right, you and I are. – Right.
– I'm watching your expressions, I'm listening
to what you're saying– – And I haven't looked
at your wiener once. (nudist laughs)
I just did, but I hadn't, this is the first time! – In the gay community, we've
dealt with so many struggles– – Right. – That we've become much
more in tuned with ourselves. – Right. – And we are comfortable with ourselves. Since I was a kid, I'd like,
(men talking over each other) I would go out in the woods, (whoosh) off come the clothes,
– But see, I think– – and off I go.
– You'd just run in the woods nekkid–
– Yeah, I'd just like, you know, wander around and, you know. – No, I do get that.
– Yeah! (chuckles) See, yeah. – When I'm in the South, even though I am a self-proclaimed liberal redneck, of course people oppose my views and those are not the most
popular things in the red state. Looking the way I do, sounding
the way I do, I blend in. So like I can still "be myself" as long as I don't talk about how much I think abortion clinics should be funded. For somebody like you, do you feel like when you come out here for the 10 days, this is the most you that you can be? – It… you, you've nailed it.
– Yeah. – This is it. Um, when I'm here, I am more accepted, um, more cared about, um, not judged. – Before you heard of Trae Crowder, the Liberal Redneck, and before
you were familiar with us, what did the word redneck mean to you? – Oh, gosh. – Be as honest, please. – Um, ultra-conservative,
it is close-minded, it is um, stuck. I have loved Trae's videos. You can have an amazing accent, southern-grade accent, and, um, and represent a different point of view. Exactly.
– So, man, thank you so much for talking to me, Bryan, I appreciate ya. – See, told y'all. Fun, good time. – I am having a blast. I've literally, I don't think I've ever felt more comfortable
around a group of people. – Right.
– They've been so nice to me. – We didn't get nekkid though, I mean. Everybody's made us very comfortable, everybody's been very
sweet and accommodating. – It's not, it's not them, it's me. – I know, it's you–
– Yeah, it turns out you can be liberal and ashamed
of yourself at the same time. – Right, right.
– Well, yeah. – Anyway, it's about 5 o'clock, right? We know what that means. (can seals cracking)
Chug-a-lug. (bluesy rock-influenced music) – (burp) Y'all wanna get nekkid and play ping-pong? – Hell yeah. – Imma ref.