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‘This Is As Real As It Gets’: FL Hospital CEO On COVID-19 Crisis | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

[Music] tear gas fired at protesters squaring off with police on bastille day friends celebrating its independence today president Emmanuel macron presiding over a parade mask on kovat 19 crisis cases are on the rise in at least 39 states triggering calls for a new round of shutdowns hard-hit Florida now with a record number of deaths in a day the state now inundated with more cases than most countries more than 4,200 cases in Arizona as one in five people now test positive new images inside a University Medical Center as its ICU fills up the new suggestion from dr. Anthony found you as the Trump campaign disses the doctor the battle over reopening schools who fears tonight after one teacher in Arizona is dead and two others were infected working out of a classroom protesters blocked school buses in Detroit claiming summer schools aren't safe for students internal CDC documents warning reopening schools and universities would create the highest risk of spreading the virus and while the debate rages here in the states but take an in-depth look at how school reopening czar being handled overseas fanning the flames president Trump's defensive response during a sit-down interview when asked about George Floyd's death why are African Americans still dying at the hands of law enforcement and so are white people I didn't do it the last words of a man convicted of killing a family of three as the u.s. carried out its first federal execution in 17 years the victim's family opposed the execution health care crisis tens of millions of Americans losing their coverage during a public health crisis a closer look at the numbers unladylike the country super stars formerly known as Lady Antebellum the rip now renaming itself in this time of racial reckoning but in a legal dispute with a black artist in the process they just wanted me to go do a song with them make them look Lok and I would disappear how the original 88 feels about it good evening everyone I'm Lindsay Davis thanks so much for streaming with us we begin tonight with the grave warning coming from the director of the Centers for Disease Control he is declaring this coming fall and winter will probably be and I quote one of the most difficult times that we will experience in American public health but CDC director dr. Robert Redfield also said that he believes we could bring this epidemic under control if big f here the American public all embraces masking and does so rigorously over the next several weeks but then there are scenes like this playing out in Miami and across the country where people are fighting over masks orders reluctant to cover their faces our Matt Gutman leads us off tonight with the very latest tonight doctors waging a war on the virus in room after room at the University of Mississippi Medical Center in Jackson the state's only level one trauma hospital we are full the vacancy light is off there have been patients in the last week that we have actually had to refuse and transfer tonight 29 patients here just waiting for a bed as soon as the bed comes open there's another patient that's ready to fill it one of that empties it's not just because we're able to send that person home or to get them out of the intensive care unit it's because they might have passed for medical staff no wind in sight when you're running full-speed all the time and the outcomes are not always what you want it's exhausting and the CDC director saying today there will be no respite I do think the fall in the winter of 2020 and 2021 are going to be the probably one of the most difficult times that we've experienced in American Public Health in California indoor dining and bars shuttered and for most of the nation's most populous state indoor malls gyms and salons closed down too some businesses had just reopened before being told to shut back down we're back to square one works left out here one minute you can open one minute you can't and then you can and now you can again it's just like back and forth back and forth it's so hard Los Angeles now teetering on the edge of a stay at home order we are on the border of going to red it is up to all of us to make sure that we don't and tonight with temperatures feeling like triple digits across the south and west the battle against the virus growing more brutal more people are escaping the heat indoors where the risk of spread is higher and some testing site hours now changed after painfully long waits there is not a single appointment available in the entire city of LA at any one of these testing sites and now California public health officials are admitting that the results are taking so long that it has made contact tracing impossible Dallas Texas taking over one testing site from the federal government after results were taking 8 to 10 days that's way too long people cannot not work for nearly two weeks waiting around for answers in Florida frustration boiling over as the state hits its deadliest day one resident challenging the governor and a press conference and you're doing nothing in Oklahoma today which hit a record number of cases thirteen year old Anna Carter who suffered from an immune disorder dying just an hour after arriving at the hospital and his mother saying I want to honor her memory every day of my life and late tonight a sobering prediction about when Americans can stop worrying about getting infected with this virus I hope that that time will be reasonably soon and when I say soon I say within the next year to a year and a half this has been just so devastating for so many families Matt Gutman joins us now and Matt there's news tonight about one of the first vaccines to move into human trials tell us what you know moderna is the company now it gave that trial vaccine to 45 patients all of them develop some level of antibodies but the question that nobody has an answer to right now is what is the level of immunity those antibodies provide and how long do they last moderna says that it is still on track to produce and have that vaccine ready for the public at some point in early 2021 along with several others that are also on track to have a vaccine ready by that time but again the question is we know that antibodies have an effect at some point to stop the virus but how long do they last in the system and would this require booster shots and how many of them so lots of questions still out there about the vaccines Lindsay and one of those questions I'm not sure if we know just yet the answer Matt but do we have a sense of who would be the first in line to get those potential vaccines we believe that it would be first responders doctors nurses medical staff people on the front lines fighting this disease most exposed to it firefighters Fire Rescue people like that and then of course the people who are most ill or most likely to get it with the highest comorbidities again all of that has yet to be decided we don't even know how many doses will be ready to go when they say we'll have the vaccine ready to go by some point in 2021 so this has never been done at such a fast pace in the history of medicine and we are simply in uncharted territory right still very fluid okay Matt Gutman thank you as always for your reporting yep and we are just weeks away from back-to-school season except now we're battling over how and if to reopen our schools from the White House to school board meetings across the country and teachers caught in the crossfire are now sounding the alarm ABC's victory kendo reports in from Florida tonight teachers are raising fears about returning to schools too soon in Pinellas County Florida they're protesting in the gravest of terms the governor of the state calling for schools to open but in this school board debate emotions were running high when I signed up to teach I didn't sign up for hazardous duty folks I served eight and a half years in the military I never once feared for my life I do now what in the hell are we doing the Trump administration has threatened to pull funding from schools that don't open American investment in education is a promise to students and their families if schools aren't going to reopen and not fulfill that promise they shouldn't get the funds today coronavirus Task Force member Admiral Brett you are saying data suggests small children have very little chance to spread Cove in 19 among themselves or others but the data on small children is limited and unproven the CDC guidelines state that opening schools without distancing presents the highest risk but in Orange County California a school board voted to recommend just that no social distancing no masks this in a hot spot we're reopening czar being ruled back even though they're not my kids to know that if one of them were to pass away because I got sick because they just want to come into school – atrocious on a EurAsEC is a Florida mother of ten-year-old twins who was overwhelmed when the schools closed in the spring teachers have an amazing skill and I could not be that replacement and so it was impossible and my number one ask for the school district is to really have the teachers teaching whether it's virtually or physically strange times and EDA for more now let's bring in Viktor a kendo and Viktor of course we've been dealing with covered 19 for several months now but still it doesn't appear that there's any kind of national strategy for schooling this fall Lindsay there are guidelines from the CDC but there's no one-size-fits-all approach here to get schools back open it so mostly up to the local level it depends on how bad the spread is in certain areas and we're likely looking at different rules depending on what part of the country you're in take miami-dade County for example here if schools were to reopen students and staff would have to wear masks at all times and does president Trump have the power can he order schools to open even if local officials want them to stay closed he has been very outspoken on this issue he wants schools to reopen but ultimately that falls on either the States or individual school districts many of them already announcing in the hardest-hit areas that they'll be moving forward with online learning all the way this fall Lindsay Victor kendo thanks so much and for more now on the government response to the pandemic we bring in Texas congressman Joaquin Castro we want to start by offering our deepest condolences for the loss of your stepmother who passed away last week due to kovat and we also wish your father also battling this disease a speedy recovery so thank you for joining us especially during this difficult time congressman no well thank you for those words and I appreciate it very much Texas in your district which includes part of San Antonio are now kovin hotspots as you're well aware after reopening the state Texas governor Greg Abbott has shut down some businesses and mandated mask-wearing will this be enough in your opinion to bring down infections and what does your community need most right now from the state and federal government well the governor very early on follow of Donald Trump's model of see no evil hear no evil so the governor in the state slow-walked testing tracing and treatment and we still need a heavy dose of all of those things as you mentioned coronavirus cases are surging in Texas and right now there's no end in sight for the surge and I'm glad that the governor did put in place a mask order but he's also allowed for large holes and exemptions that mean that right now there are 70 counties in Texas out of the 254 where there is no mass Porter in place and ultimately I think we're going to have to do more and do better to get this under control and what is it about Texans that make them so resistant to wearing masks oh look I mean there are some folks who feel like it's an infringement upon their rights or they feel like they're being muzzled if they put a mask on but that's a minority of people I think what's been missing is strong leadership from the top giving the people of Texas good advice and when necessary mandating that mask to be worn and also giving control to the local governments to you know come up with their own policies that strengthen what the state is doing I think when you combine all of that you see why we're in the situation that we're in and you of course co-founded momento Latino an organization that addresses the disproportionate impact of kovat on Latino communities how can Congress best help well the love you community during this pandemic has been incredibly in fact affected in fact the most infective community in many parts in the country when it comes to the number of cases and also the number of deaths because of the corona virus and so the Latino community just like all Americans need Congress to step up and pay for more testing tracing and treatment of combat 19 but also to handle the economic part there's so many people that are lost their apartments now despite the freeze on evictions people that have had to leave their apartments small businesses that are never going to be able to reopen their doors that have gone under and families who are drowning financially so you need a strong federal government to come in there and help the people in a way that you know that still has not quite happened from the Congress the Senate needs to pass the heroes act and then we get to continue to do more and Texas of course held voting to and runoff primaries but several states the conducted primary voting weeks ago are still waiting on final results due to the high number of absentee ballots so if we're seeing that now how concerned are you about this happening on a massive scale in November and is there anything that should be done now to help prevent that potential chaos looking at the experience over the last few months with people going to vote in different states including in Texas today I'm very concerned about how our elections are going to run in November Texas got rid of straight ticket voting for example so it means that people will be taking longer to vote many folks are fearful about going in person and standing next to someone when you still have the virus and all these infections that we have and so the best thing that we can do is provide an alternative to people to having to show up in person that's why I believe a strong mail ballot effort it's necessary to allow as many people as possible to vote by mail and to pressure the different states to make that happen and finally polls are showing Joe Biden in striking distance of Trump in your state of Texas and Biden is starting to advertise in your state so let's hear your prediction Tuesday July 14th will Biden be able to carry Texas is this in the year that Texas turns blue I believe it can be yeah I believe that Vice President Biden can carry Texas in November I think Donald Trump has failed the country he's the reason that this corona virus is still around and lingering and it's costing people their lives their businesses and their livelihoods and you know in Texans more and more are beginning to see that so yeah I think Joe Biden can win Texas this year congressman we thank you so much for your time and coming on the show tonight thank you now to Washington where President Trump is again making headlines on the coronavirus on race in America and also the 2020 race the president made his remarks in the Rose Garden just moments ago focusing his attention on China and his 2020 opponent Joe Biden as he faces questions over Doutzen he's raised about his own medical experts on kovat 19 including dr. Anthony Fauci ABC's Mayor Bruce was monitoring at all and has the very latest with cases soaring the president tonight defensive in a rambling Rose Garden address that sounded like a campaign speech Trump attacking Joe Biden and touting his own record it's a different world but we're coming out on top but Trump is facing growing backlash as the virus explodes the White House is trying to discredit and sideline the nation's top authority on infectious diseases dr. Anthony foutch II speaking with medical students today foutch II was asked who should Americans trust you can trust respected medical authorities you know I believe I'm one of them so I think you can trust me but I would stick with respected medical authorities who have a track record of telling the truth the president is also taking shots at the medical experts at the CDC retweeting former game show host Chuck Woolery who said the CDC is lying today Trump's own testing czar said that's not true we're learning every day but nobody lies the American people we're completely transparent and honest four former heads of the CDC warning in the Washington Post sound science is being challenged with partisan potshots sowing confusion and mistrust at a time when the American people need leadership expertise and clarity and Biden's message today follow the science mr. president please listen to your public health experts instead of denigrating them do your job mr. president Mary Bruce joins us now from Washington Mary first I just want you to give us a sense of this press conference and did the president address his handling of the coronavirus and questions about him undermining his medical experts this was a very freewheeling rambling speech by the president in the Rose Garden what really stands out is that in many ways it sounded a lot more like a campaign speech within a presidential address from the White House the president aired many grievances he also was very defensive he touted his record in hand this pandemic and he repeatedly bashed Joe Biden he was not though asked directly about his administration's efforts to undermine doctor foul Chi and other medical experts but the president made it very clear that as far as he's concerned his White House is doing a great job in handling this crisis I marry the president also trying to handle the debate over race I want to play the president responding in an interview with CBS News today on black Americans killed by police take a listen why are African Americans still dying at the hands of law enforcement in this country and so are white people some are white people what a terrible question to ask so are white people more might be able by the way more white people a remarkable answer there does it seem like the president is doubling down on these racial divides heading into the election it certainly does Lindsey and look the timing cannot be ignored the president often sort of makes comments that that are quite stunning and remarkable especially on the issue of race when he is trying to detract attention away from other issues perhaps like his handling of this pandemic but this is clearly a message that is aimed at his political base and the president here is simply dismissing the fact that African Americans suffer disproportionately from police brutality we know from studies and looking at the data that the facts are that African Americans are more than twice as likely to be shot and killed in this country by police than white Americans Lindsey Mary Bruce thanks so much for your reporting and out of that exclusive interview with President trump's niece Mary Trump her book is an inside look at the Trump family just out today and already topping Amazon's bestseller list the president's brother tried to stop its publication the final legal hurdle cleared just yesterday allowing Mary Trump to speak out and she sat down for her first interview with ABC's chief anchor George Stephanopoulos take a listen boil it down what's the single most important thing you think the country needs to know about your uncle he's utterly incapable of leading this country and it's dangerous to allow him to do so based on what you see now or what you saw then based on what I've seen my entire adult life and you can see more of George's exclusive interview with Mary Trump tomorrow morning on Good Morning America and we're learning tonight that Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has once again been hospitalized let's bring in our Devin Dwyer with more Devin what can you tell us yeah let's see another health scare for the courts oldest justice also a cancer survivor as you know this afternoon in a statement the Supreme Court said that Justice Ginsburg was experiencing fever and chills last night and she was admitted early this morning to Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore for what they say is a possible infection just a few hours ago in fact the court said she received an endoscopic procedure to clear out a bile duct stent she's now getting antibiotics by IV she's expected to be in there just a few days but Lindsey this comes two months after Ginsburg was hospitalized for another infection that one caused by a benign gallbladder condition Justice Ginsburg said she plans to stay on the court as long as she's mentally fit she's declared in January that she's cancer-free the court just completed their business as you know for the year they're back in October typically the time of year we see and hear about justice retirements from the bench so far none of the nine though have headed for the exits Lindsey Ann RBG still works out everyday apparently – she did in the pandemic as well with her trainer at a special space at the courts Steen fit despite the health scares all right Devin Dwyer thanks so much for your reporting and thanks Lindsey wishing the best of health – the Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg today in Indiana the first federal execution in 17 years the former white supremacist was put to death for the gruesome murders of a gun dealer his wife and their eight-year-old a crime that until the end he said he did not commit Stephanie Ramos has more tonight Daniel Lewis Leigh a convicted killer and former white supremacist is dead after being executed in an Indiana prison it's the first federal execution in 17 years Li was convicted in 1999 for the murders of William and Nancy and Mueller and her eight-year-old daughter Sarah Elizabeth Powell according to court documents Lee and accomplice Chevy Kehoe robbed the family before they placed plastic bags over the victims heads weighed their bodies down with rocks and threw them into the Illinois Bayou Kehoe received life in prison for years the victim's family asked for lead to receive the same sentence this situation has only compounded our grief and so continuing to say that this is something done in our family's name is just not in to intrude in a last-minute legal challenge the Supreme Court ruled around 2:30 this morning to allow the execution after several court delays Lee's final words said to be you're killing an innocent man Lindsay Lee's attorney called the execution shameful for the timing adding that the judges in the case and the victim's family urged against it Lindsay Stephanie thanks so much and when we come back the seven foot one Good Samaritan who pulled over after seeing a crash might you be able to guess who it is Heelan Matz Landers a plea in court and asks for bond what the judge decided and what an alleged victim called her and you've heard about the struggles about what to do with schools here in the US up next see how the crisis is being handled around the globe [Music] [Music] [Music] welcome back as we reported earlier schools in the United States are struggling about what to do when classes begin in just weeks but across the globe there is no template just yet as nations take their own road using various approaches to reopen it our James Longman has this look okay so we've just gone out the wrong way into this door you've got all the way around one of the many hurdles of returning to school in the age of kovat around the world millions of children's education interrupted and now getting kids back into the classroom safely is a top priority my mom was like how was it and I was like it was really fun cuz it was all good because I had no idea what to say I haven't been socializing enough but while the world may be fighting one virus responses to it have varied considerably and the question of how to get schools back up and running is no exception all the teachers have can choose to wear PPA or not okay kovat has thrown everything off and this Elementary School in London has now reopened its doors but to only half of its roughly 300 students a learning curve ahead of the mandatory return to school planned in the UK for the Fall they've put all kinds of measures in place spaced out desks sanitizers at every classroom they're even using new spaces like the gym to teach but it's not been easy so have you found the reopening stressful I think the the preparation was incredibly stressful largely because of the guidance being very unclear early advice about children being asymptomatic didn't calm nerves here because of the lives children lead away from school a lot of our children live with with four generations in one household two rooms with eight people so they may be passing on to their grandparents but there was very very little talk about well what about my teachers and how are they going to will they catch it and they'd be okay back in April we saw that at a Danish school when it reopened its doors is it nice to be back at school all the measures we've come to expect we're in place hand-washing spread-out classes and staggered start times but you just can't stop kids from being kids Denmark decided to reopen to the younger children first as they were thought to be less risky at the time since then some of the advice may have changed but the country's infection rates have not spiked considerably this London school is hoping for the same but confidence can only go as far as the playground walls it's only with lower infection rates in the city that this head feels he can open up we're keeping a very close eye on local infection rates local death rates as well as the de London picture as well the children are tested for the temperature every morning any signs of illness then they are withdrawn these kids are wise beyond their years they know what's happening around them [Music] from the news as all people since the pub's reopen there's all like festivals and everything going on but schools are trying to make students experiences as normal as possible and adapting in creative ways this school in France teachers use games and hula hoops to keep children apart and lunchtime is a whole different affair children must wait to be served by kitchen aides and nothing can be brought in from home unlike the London School teachers here do wear masks which makes interacting with the children that much harder they compulsively sanitize after they touch anything belonging to the kids and they tell their students to do the same [Music] Asia whose pandemic curve peaked before Europe may once again provide a glimpse of the future South Korea a country with one of the most successful responses to the crisis has taken some of the most drastic action not only students but also teachers and actually all of the Koreans should wear a mask is in all the time any place in school like you know classroom in the hallway you know West room even in the playground you can play soccer with everything a mask but even massive diligence can't totally avoid breakouts of this invisible disease Hong Kong was widely seen to have contained the virus but now isolated outbreaks and schools are closed once again as the world struggles to find a united response Donald Trump is clear on what he wants to happen well what you have schools open it's going to be a much better climate than it is right now we're on the right side of things but like their colleagues in other countries some teachers in the u.s. say there's no national plan in place to reopen safely for the kids or the teachers teachers are not going to take any orders that put our children at risk we're gonna do it right we're going to open schools with an intentional plan to make sure it's safe with millions working from home parents around the world voiced their newfound respect for the teachers they'd longed for during lockdown now as schools reopen their jobs are getting that much more complex I think before Kobe 19 we had teachers or social workers where you were accountants or educators and now we're medics as well James London ABC News London medics and teachers are thanks to James and still ahead here on Prime the Sun flare up onboard that u.s. Navy ship that caught fire over the weekend more on the fight to save it and millions are now using healthcare in the middle of this pandemic will drill down on why but first our tweet-of-the-day Burger King was unique way of highlighting the climate crisis caused by our consumption of livestock they claim they're now changing the diets of their cows [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] and welcome back everyone as covered 19 cases continue to spike throughout the country millions of newly unemployed Americans are now facing another crisis the loss of health insurance we take a closer look by the numbers a record-shattering 5.4 million laid off workers became uninsured between February and May of this year according to an estimate by families USA which is a consumer advocacy group this increase is 39% higher than any annual increase ever recorded according to the study 49 percent of this rise in the uninsured took place in just five states California Texas Florida New York and also North Carolina and now in eight states 20% or more of adults are now uninsured and in Texas nearly 30% of all adults under the age of 65 now have no health insurance that's according to families USA and when you include dependents an estimated 27 million Americans have lost employer-sponsored health care since the pandemic began according to a study by the Kaiser Family Foundation still a lot to get into here on Prime the fight over the name Lady a the country music trio that claims their fans call them that after they dropped the word Antebellum from their name as protests swept the country and the blues singer they are now suing we speak with that singer lady a coming up the remarkable grandfather to granddaughter connection that helped bring the Ford Bronco back to life and later being recognized 50 years later the story of how one high school football team finally is getting its due but first here's some of the trending stories on ABC News calm [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] researchers say the first kovat 19 vaccine tested in the US developed by moderna boosted volunteers immune systems researchers say all 45 people given the vaccine also developed Kovan 19 antibodies according to Johns Hopkins Florida now has more new cases of corona virus daily than most countries in the world Miami is now the epicenter this virus is not going away anytime soon the Los Angeles School District the second biggest in the country now announcing schools will not return to in-person learning this August but in nearby Orange County the Board of Education has voted to reopen schools in the fall without masks or social distancing rules while in Detroit protesters tried to block buses as students returned for in-person summer school and dr. Anthony Fauci warning this once-in-a-century pandemic is nowhere near over it's happened you know your worst nightmare the perfect storm this is a really serious problem it is truly historic we haven't even begun to see the end of it yet a fire on the USS BONHOMME Rashard is proving a challenge for crews battling the blaze since Sunday the Navy ship caught fire while undergoing repairs docked at Naval Base San Diego now to the book the president tried to block from his niece Mary Trump the final hurdle cleared in just the last 24 hours allowing Mary Trump to speak out and she did so today with our George Stephanopoulos and here's the first look tonight boil it down what's the single most important thing you think the country needs to know about your uncle he's utterly incapable of leading this country and it's dangerous to allow him to do so based on what you see now or what you saw then based on what I've seen my entire adult life the White House calls Mary Trump's book a book of falsehoods but there is a lot to unpack from this interview doors will have much more first thing in the morning on Good Morning America a big boost from a familiar face that's former NBA superstar Shaquille O'Neal helping a woman stranded on a Florida interstate after her tire blew out near Gainesville Shaq pulled over and stayed nearby until help arrived according to the Alachua County Sheriff's Office deputies think Shaq with this bumps before he went on his way a squirrel has tested positive for the bubonic plague a type of infectious disease the latest unsettling news to come this year came courtesy of health officials near Denver that squirrel was one of 15 found dead all are assumed to have had it people can become infected with the plague by flea bites or the COFF of an infected animal before antibiotics the plague was deadly killing millions in the Middle Ages however today bubonic plague is rare and we now have effective antibiotic treatments officials say the best precaution is to keep away from wild animals today New York lawyers for Jeffrey Epstein's alleged co-conspirator Galen Maxwell argue that she should be free on bail until her trial but two of her alleged victims argued against it and the shocking news in court today from federal prosecutors in New York who say guila and Maxwell is currently married though they she said they said that she declined to reveal her spouses identity eva pilgrim has more on what the judge ultimately decided tonight gelinda max will deny bail a judge ruling that because of her unknown but substantial wealth and international connections she poses a substantial actual risk of flight hearing from two of her alleged victims that Maxwell should stay behind bars they were very gratifying felt vindicated they've been fighting this for years Maxwell appeared via videoconference in a brown shirt removing her glasses as pleaded not-guilty the government's case maxwell conspired and participated in an ongoing scheme to abuse multiple victims for years enticing girls who were as young as 14 for abuse by convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein in the 1990s the prosecutor read one of the alleged victims statement in court without Gulen Jeffery could have not done what he did she was a predator and a monster a second victim annie farmer chose to speak publicly identifying herself as a victim in this case for the first time reading this statement to the judge she has never shown any remorse for her heinous crimes or from the devastating lasting impact her actions have caused Maxwell's defense attorney telling the judge our client is not Jeffrey Epstein and she has been the target of essentially endless media spin shooting down the prosecutors dramatic description of her arrest claiming instead that she was in her pajamas when the FBI arrived following her safety protocol when she moved rooms her attorney saying she would have surrendered the prosecutor today presented a woman skilled at concealing her identity intent to flee saying Maxwell gave the realtor that sold her that massive New Hampshire home a fake name Janet Marshall accusing Maxwell of masking her assets and those of her previously unreported spouse whose identity she declined to provide telling the judge their case is not dirt it's not spin that is the evidence now Maxwell could appeal this decision for now her attorney says she's basically being held in solitary confinement her trial has been scheduled for July 2021 Lindsey thanks Eva and now to the battle over a name as protests over racial injustice exploded across the country this summer there's been a reason of our popular culture from sports to film to television to music and whether certain names images and symbols should be cast aside as antiquated or just downright racist the country music band Lady Antebellum has been part of that sweeping movement the group is best known for their 2010 mega-hit I'm sure you've heard it before need you now yes [Music] but as symbols of the Confederacy came down across the nation the band announced in June that they would be dropping the word Antebellum from their names saying quote we are regretful and embarrassed to say that we did not take into account the associations that way down this word referring to the period of history before the Civil War which includes slavery instead they said there would just be going by the name lady a as they say many of their fans had referred to them already for years but just one problem blues and soul singer Anita White has been performing under the name Lady a for decades here's the Pacific Northwest singer performing the title track of her 2018 album doing fine [Music] now the two sides spoke soon after the connection was realized and seemed to be on their way to an amicable agreement to potentially share the name but the discussions have now turned into a legal dispute with the band formerly known as Lady Antebellum now turning to a judge to settle the matter and Anita white also known as Lady a she joins us now thanks so much for your time lady a we appreciate you coming on thank you so much for having me so you released a powerful statement last week saying black lives names experiences work aren't they all matter and you said quote I want to be able to freely use my brand that I spent decades building I do not want to part with it it is particularly painful to me as a black woman to lose my name in this time and place so Lady Antebellum can use it as shorthand to celebrate a time and place connected to and very heavily reliant upon slavery so just make your case for why this name change would be so damaging to you and your musical career well not only is it damaging to me but if Lady Antebellum clearly believes that black lives matter and want to disassociate themselves from the from the stigma of the name shortening it to a doesn't change anything I have built this name for decades before they were born and I've been building it and I'm an independent artist there's a lot of independent artists out there and we grind every day to do what we do and black folks indigenous people in color of is land we grind even harder so sometimes all we have is our name don't want to have that taken from us our culture gets taken our music it's taken this is more important for those that come behind me and you've also called out the brand as being insincere in their rebranding ever it's saying that they should have realized the harm of their name well before this moment you've also accused them of trying to bully and intimidate you the band for its part in a statement when we learned that Miss white had also been performing under the name Lady a we had heartfelt discussions with her about how we can all come together and make something special and beautiful out of this moment we never even entertained the idea that she shouldn't also be able to use the name Lady a and never will so they say that they wanted to work with you so that you could both use the name and even collaborate on music out of this so explain in your view where the communication broke down my question was always from the very beginning I did not want to coexist I didn't see what coexistence would look like and when I asked the question of lawyers their management team the artists themselves I asked him in threes on purpose what does coexistence look like and Lindsey they disregarded me as if I had never asked the question when we were on the phones with the lawyers every time I would ask nobody had a response they would move on to something else so then when we have the zinc call with the actual artists I asked again what does coexistence look like because right now well at that time Lady Antebellum was on the top and Google search and I was always under them I always knew that they were there I put out 5 CDs under Lady egg they did not put out one CD under Lady a that's their nickname this is my professional name and so the the talks kind of broke down when I could see the insincerity because I was what privilege allows you to do is think that what you're doing is right and you don't have to explain yourself I wanted an explanation like I said I work in racing social justice and I'm going to make people accountable I didn't say you know I didn't say that that black lives matter they did they brought this up they brought this to the American public they put it in the newspapers they talked about their eyes were opened they had seen the biases and that I want to quote them now blind spots we didn't even know existed have been revealed if that is true you need to put power behind your words and being an ally sometimes required that you give up something in your sincerity if you're sincere I never thought that they were sincere they wanted to do a song together you know I was excited about it I'm willing to try but I'm not going to be your token person so that you look well that's not what to do well I am curious and this is really like a two-part of question legally are you concerned because they're saying that they had trademarked this name lady a going back 10 years ago and so do you think that they were going to have that aspect of this on their side and also you would ask for five million dollars for yourself as compensation for having to rebrand and also five million dollars donated to charity how did you come up with that figure and how do you respond to critics who say that you're trying to unfairly squeeze the band for millions of dollars the five million dollars I came up with that because every agreement they had coming back void it had no substance to it did it wasn't backing their words of what they were saying about the fact that black lives matter to them that they wanted to get rid of his racist connotation that was attached to their name and again I didn't say that they said that so I decided that I have a life to get back to you and if I'm gonna have to read brand myself as something else because I can't share a name with you I'm not going to do that I decided well maybe rebranding would be the thing to do even though I would have to explain that to my community I'd have to explain it to the kids that I mentor and I thought well you know what I can take five million dollars rebrand myself change all my CDs me nobody knows what goes into rebranding the other five million I had asked my learner's they could be broken into three charities one would be black lives matter because Lady Antebellum said so the other would be to seniors and young adults that work that I work with in my community here in the Seattle area and the other charity would be for these musicians all over the country that run into these types of problems into legal problems I am blessed to have cuy LLP whose representing me pro bono and I thank God for them and all the wonderful people have been sending me amazing messages of hope and support I really do appreciate it this is not easy but I have to stand up and say enough of taking color and black phones lady AIDS we thank you so much for your time tonight we hope that you get the desired outcome thank you so much Lindsay god bless you bye-bye and you may have heard about the return of the Ford Bronco but did you know about the grandfather and grand daughter duo who helped bring a backroad Gio Benitez reports it's the long-awaited Ford Bronco the future of offroad finally unveiled after 24 years off the market and while just about everything has gone digital in the two decades since we last saw the Bronco Ford is holding on tightly to an old tradition in the design process life-size clay modeling 25 year old Molly Gillis is one of the modelers behind the Broncos new look a car is a three-dimensional object so you can't see what the services are actually gonna do if you don't have a physical property in front of you that allows you to make quick changes to it those changes take just minutes something you just couldn't do with a full metal model but this automotive artist isn't just passionate about her work she's passionate about the person who inspired her another Ford clay modeler who designed the original Bronco logo her grandfather everything seems like it's kind of meant to be you know he was there then I'm here now her grandfather Frank de Buono became a manager at Ford and quite literally passed on the family business in my sophomore year of college he gave me all of his automotive clay modeling tools that he had a hand made it just makes me so like proud happy to be doing what I'm doing but all throughout grandpa Frank was battling dementia I want him to see it you know he he'll smile you know my mom showed pictures of me and stuff and he got put in hospice unfortunately last week but I came in hoping his eyes smile a little bit so if he's I know he's he's there you know he's in there and as if waiting to see his granddaughter's work on Monday the very same day the new Bronco was released de Buono passed away it's a legacy living on through an iconic vehicle and two generations of play modelers doing the work the old fashioned way Gio Benitez ABC News New York our thanks to Gio and still to come they want championship but there was no fanfare in the once segregated town their trophies were literally thrown into the trash but now they are finally getting the recognition they rightly deserve way after the fact that the story you don't want to miss stay with us [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] and finally tonight the heartwarming emotional afternoon a half century in the making a team of black football players getting the recognition that they earned years ago but are just getting now our Deborah Roberts has this story which is near and dear to her heart an untold story in small-town Georgia at long last be revealed in 1969 a journey that began with a group of team boys on this grass 50 years ago pieces Gran's idea the team players actually planted it by hand and watered it about him the story was never told hot ham and what happened and the reasons today the welcome sign in Harry Reid's where Georgia comes together but in 1969 this little town was divided I know because I grew up here a child of segregation neighborhoods schools and sports teams separated by race Dargis day we go Laurance Clarington remembers well because that division denied him and his former teammates a special honor the idea that you all were overlooked all this time was this just about kind of finally righting a wrong or what did it feel like for you the wrong was that we was not recognized by the school by the Board of Education by the city of Perry in eighth grade at Houston high he and his football team became state champions a first for Perry but the victory for the all-black school in the Jim Crow South was only a footnote in the local paper it was just a regular game to to the community but it was boarding it to the playoffs no ceremony no championship rings the Barry history causing pain and anger for decades to a hotter community in a school system treated us that year a month after that victory on the field the students at Houston high were integrated into Perry high the town's white school we went back after Christmas break just for a couple of weeks and the judge finally said you have to integrate the schools they closed our school the sudden closure wiping away years of history the trophies and everything that was in that school was thrown away where the fellows decided to go in the dumpster to get the trophy it was almost lost forever for years the trophy was the enduring symbol of that sweet and largely ignored moment of triumph until keep the love that key are strong what was once an old story passed down to children and grandchildren we were just trying to look for the opportunity for everything to be happiness I mean I just can see it on your face what about the rest of the team they are they are excited as well they can believe this was happening today because they have been looking for this day for years and they finally got it is finally big news in Perry all these years later not every teammate could bask in the long-awaited moment of silence on a hot summer day 50 years later recognition for the Houston high champs a ring and a drawing presented to the widow of the late coach elijah Witherspoon in order to get along in this world you got to love one another you got to respect one another this moment special for me and my family – Lawrence is my brother-in-law he met his first love my sister Tina that very year I had to join the event virtually owing to the pandemic [Music] but the virus couldn't stop this long-awaited day decades in the making you guys have the most perseverance that I've ever seen in my life mayor Randall Walker honored to be in the audience in a community he says has changed this is a reflection of Perry we work very very closely with all of the citizens this is a reflection of what's important that everyone here is treated equitably finally those championship rings carrying extra meaning as communities across the country reckon with their pasts championship more than about didn't ring and struggle to confront racism and inequality 51 years later we're here seeking many of the same changes and challenges but for the old teammates now reunited on this field of dreams old wounds are beginning to heal the ones that as sweet as you had hoped it would be it was sweet sweet but nothing bit about it it was just sweet and humble tears of joy and hope this is about brothers working together as one and a community coming together that's 150 years later his grass is steer here this is our grass grass this band of brothers hope their children and grandchildren will keep watering so it can thrive long after they're gone never give up indeed our congratulations belatedly to the Houston high champions and we so appreciate Deborah for making sure that their story was told before we go tonight the image of the day take a look at these images as residents in Houston went out to vote despite cases surging there despite this pandemic crisis democracy indoors and that is our show for this hour be sure to stay tuned to ABC News live for more context and analysis of the day's top stories I'm Lindsay Davis thanks so much for streaming with us and good night [Music]