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Top 10 Strongest Lore Classes in World of Warcraft

And it's that time again. Welcome to CramTime
welcome to another video. Today we're going to be doing a tier ranking of AP
classes and I'm gonna drop a class that you should never take we start right now
this video is gonna be part one of a multi-part series so that being said
let's hop right into it so I'm going to start by ranking classes that are
usually taken in a freshman or sophomore year of high school and we'll go from
there so the first class that I wanted to talk
about is AP Human Geography now as a senior looking back on the class it
seems very very simple but since it's your first AP class the workload is
different the difficulty is something that you're is very fairly new to a
student so I'm gonna go ahead and call it a lots of work easy grades kind of
class because it was not too difficult and in hindsight it was one of the
easiest classes but in the moment it was quite tough lots of work but easy
concepts to understand so all in all a good class to take in your freshman year
the next class is AP psychology I would also put it in the same category lots of
work easy grades because the content is interesting that's a plus point for sure
when the content is very interesting it's much easier to absorb this
knowledge and since it's a lot of work but since it's interesting the grades
come usually and of course this is not including good or bad teachers without
which I have a very big influence on the class so always do your research on
teachers when you're choosing classes but that's how I'd rate it objectively
excluding teachers so the next class is whap which is also it's normally taking
sophomore year and whap is also a lots of work easy grades kind of class but
again these are all these two classes are is central almost every high school
that is taking AP classes will take these classes so just keeping that in
mind it's a very good idea to take these classes and yeah so the next class is I
want to talk about is AP biology now I'm gonna go ahead and tell you to never
ever take ap biology unless you have to if you want to go into medical field if
not avoid it like the plague it's confusing it is it is I can't even get
started and unless you have the most marvelous teacher ever you're gonna
spend most of your time learning from Bozeman science videos instead of
actually learning in class because the content is very difficult there's a lot
to learn and there's so many ways a teacher could be horrible in this kind
of situation and then finally the final freshman sophomore split kind of AP
classes physics Wan lots of people taking their junior year I personally
took it myself for a year and it was a it was a hard class but I would say this
that this was very much cram the night before regurgitated on on to the test
kind of class so I would go ahead and call it a little work tough grades kind
of class and I just want to put a disclaimer this is a video about the AP
class itself so I consider factors like how easy it is to max the class but this
is not speaking to the exam because in that case physics one is a completely
different story and the same thing for bio so keep that in mind stay tuned for
the AP AP test ranking videos that will be coming out soon but this is what we
have for now and again quick review if you are coming into high school now most
every freshman is going to be taking AP Human Geography and that's usually it
and if you do have more options you can take psychology or physics one or bio
and just a pro tip you don't have to buy state law at least in Texas you don't
have to take Human Geography Human Geography and world history to graduate
high school so if you want you can take just human
geography and then skip to a different history class that's required or you can
take just world history and skip to a different class that's required but you
do not have to take AP World History to fulfill any requirement to graduate high
school and that's the part 1 of this video
and let me know if you like the video and I will produce the next two parts
going through the rest of the classes thank you hey guys if you enjoyed this
video and it was useful to you check out the rest of the videos in this series
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