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Toxic culture of education: Joshua Katz at TEDxUniversityofAkron

I don't know if you should do this in high school, but at my school you had to take physical education classes to graduate. So normally, to get it out of the way, all the boys went to gym in the last year. and all the girls signed up for dance. However, sometimes very white boys also signed up for dance. And you could always point them out, during the dance rehearsals. I actually registered for gym in the second to last year. In my last year I went to a preparatory school for higher education. But that was fine, because I fitted well with all the other thin, white guys. And the first ten minutes of the lesson, there's kind of a long moment, where you're just waiting in the locker room for the coach to say, "OK, LET'S DO THIS!" So one day we got bored and went to throw water bottle caps back and forth. You know, just the caps in a .. WA-PA! We started throwing them back and forth like little frisbees. We took caps from the trash, and then WIP-POO! shoot at each other, you know? WA-POW! It was all great fun and no one was injured. I'm pretty sure I started it, but anyway. And when we had our gym class, it was extra difficult. We had to run two laps instead of one. And we had to do exercises against the wall and hold a heavy ball at the same time. And afterwards, when we were tired and sweating, the teacher says, "Do you want to know why today was extra difficult?" "Because you were throwing bottle caps at each other." WHAT? A few … I don't know, a month later there were two children who had the idea of ​​playing a game called bodies. If you are not familiar with that game, it's a game where you punch someone .. …that is it. It is not allowed to punch someone in the face, only the body. That is why it is called Bodies. And you would think at least one of us would say, "Er, boys" – " Oh wait, their voices must be squeaky. "Uh, hey guys. The coach didn't like us throwing bottle caps before." Uh … maybe we shouldn't do this. " So, you know, of course I couldn't let this happen … … without watching. And two kids started playing, and one child, does not even strike back. That's a strategy I wouldn't use, in such a game. And then suddenly, the boy who didn't hit, who falls and hits the hard tiles with his head, and no longer stands up. "Did I win?" We are a few young guys, so we were like Hey bro, Bro! BRO! BRO? So we had to tell the teacher, and the teacher told the nurse, after a short while he woke up a bit. And the coach asked him, "What happened?" And he knew he would get in trouble if he told the truth. So he lied and said: "Oh … I don't know? I suddenly … passed out … and got those blunt marks on me. " Although it is quite possible that he had really forgotten. And then the coach asked the class, "What happened?" And everyone was like … "Oh, yes, very man, yes. He just passed out." "Yes, I saw him. He just fell down like that." And we almost got away with it, until ONE BOY, I forgot his first name, but his last name was Ferilikins or something. Ugh, and he had the stupidest flowerpot haircut ever. Ugh, so stupid! He tells the coach, "They were playing-" * Cough * "They played Bodies, And person A Falcon, beats person B. " And then we already knew we were in big trouble. But the nurse called the gym teacher and said: "The boy needs his things." And then the coach said to the class, "Someone has to get the boy's stuff." "I- I'm doing it! I'll get his things. " And I heard the class had to do lunges on the race track. but I wouldn't know, because I used my precious time to bring him his things. And a year later I heard that our gym teacher had been fired. For other reasons.