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Trump’s Embarrassingly WRONG Biden Attack

good evening once again i'm steve kornacki in for brian williams who has the night off day 1323 of the trump administration and 61 days to go now until the presidential election tonight donald trump and joe biden are exactly two months out from november third that means they're about to hit that critical stretch of the campaign that kicks off this labor day weekend and the messaging is becoming more intense as these two candidates try to frame the key issues and arguments against each other today biden traveled to kenosha wisconsin one of the cities at the center of a renewed push for racial justice and police reforms and where there was also violence and unrest in the immediate wake of the shooting of jacob blake biden's trip came two days after the president's visit the former vice president met with jacob blake's family he described a conversation he had with blake himself had an opportunity to spend some time with jacob on the phone he's out of icu he talked about how nothing was going to defeat him how whether he walked again or not he was not going to give up my wife asked to say a prayer and and his mom said a prayer she said i'm praying for jacob and i'm praying for the policeman as well biden also met with kenosha residents and community leaders and called for an end to violence during protests and he criticized some of what donald trump has had to say the words of a president matter no matter their good bad or indifferent they matter i made a mistake about something i thought you could defeat hate it only hides it only hides and when someone in authority breathes oxygen under that rock it legitimizes those folks to come on out regardless how angry you are if you lose or you burn you should be held accountable as someone who does anything else period violence in any form is wrong the idea that this president continues to try to divide us gives succour to the white supremacist talks in ways that are just absolutely i i've never used this regard to president before not only incorrect but immoral they're just simply wrong simply wrong hours later the president held a lengthy rally-like event on the tarmac in latrobe pennsylvania and he went after biden before the china virus this election was over now i had to go back to work and we've done a great job on it we don't get the credit biden will never be able to protect your jobs or your family he is a puppet of the socialists marxists and the cop-hating extremists and they are cop-heading so joe hayden we have a new one joe hayden we call him joe hayden and they want to blow up mount rushmore they want to ban straws but did you ever see a man that likes a mask as much as him and then he makes a speech and he always has it not always but a lot of times he has it hanging down because you know what it gives him a feeling of security and then yesterday i read that i had strokes many strokes i called them i don't know what a mini stroke is but it's not good these mail-in ballots are a disgrace and they know it the lists are inaccurate and people are dead and dogs have gotten balanced they have dogs have gotten balanced if russia or china or these other countries want to cheat all they have to do is forge ballots you better elect me now when it comes to the coronavirus the rate of infection has indeed slowed of late with new case counts this week reaching their lowest levels in two months at the same time the u.s is still recording around 40 000 new cases a day that level is four times what dr anthony fauci says we should be aiming for overall there have been 6.2 million cases so far with nearly 188 000 people lost the chief scientific advisor to the administration's vaccine development program known as operation warp speed tells npr it's unlikely any effective vaccine will be ready before the end of october and that it will take months longer to begin distribution trump tonight also seemed to repeat advice to supporters in north carolina to stress test the security of their election systems by trying to vote by mail and then in person in the same election this morning he tweeted quote go to your polling place to see whether or not your mail-in vote has been tabulated counted if it has you will not be able to vote at the mail-ins and the mail-in system worked properly if it has not been counted vote north carolina's board of elections stated today that quote it is illegal to vote twice in an election tonight trump again raised the topic these mail-in ballots are a disgrace and they know it [Applause] sign your mail-in ballot okay you sign it and send it in and then you have to follow it and if on election day or early voting that is not tabulated and counted you go vote north carolina will be the first state to begin mailing ballots they are going to start going out tomorrow and the latest monmouth poll in that battleground state has biden leading trump by two points this is a state that trump won by three in 2016. and new quinnipiac polls show biden leading trump 52-44 in pennsylvania and 48 to 45 in florida again those were trump states in 2016. bring in the joe biden and his strategy here wisconsin is is complicated political terrain to put it mildly for democrats it had been not since 1984 that a republican had carried that state but trump picked it off in 2016. you saw that surge support for trump in wisconsin from blue-collar white voters a lot of rural parts of the state you also saw much lower african-american turnout particularly in milwaukee than democrats had become accustomed to created a situation where trump could carry the state as john mentions you've got two very different messages that seemed aimed at in many ways different audiences here in terms of the biden campaign trying to get wisconsin back do you think their message is going to sufficiently appeal to who they needed to appeal to and not alienate who they can't afford to alienate yeah i mean wisconsin's very complicated my family is from michigan uh just down the way also very complicated swing state i think the reality is that this is really an election about whether america is for everybody and can be a democracy that is shared by everybody or whether this is uh that's really not acceptable to a minority of americans who don't want to share a democracy with black and brown people and frankly i don't think most white americans feel that way and i think that the biden campaign is a real opportunity as barack obama did in 2008 he was very successful in this to bring the country together back together or much of it at least by reminding americans what we have in common and that there is a place at the table for everybody so for example you know doing things like talking to african-american police officers and having them as surrogates as well just reminding americans that actually there is a place to table for everybody is very important i think what donald trump has unleashed unfortunately over the past four years is a very old american racism that kind of comes up whenever it is emboldened just as joe biden said and donald trump has done exactly that it's very hard to put back in the bottle it's it's very ugly it's very toxic and i don't believe that's the sentiment of most americans but that's really what joe biden is up against and i think it should be taken extremely seriously i think this is an election that's going to be fought by every you know every vote is going to have to be fought for by these democrats hey there i'm chris hayes from msnbc thanks for watching msnbc on youtube if you want to keep up to date with the videos we're putting out you can click subscribe just below me or click over on this list to see lots of other great videos