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Trump’s Legally SCREWED After Leaving Office

>> As soon as Donald Trump started talking
about how he wants his followers to try to vote twice, and he said it now multiple times
in a one day period, that would seem to undercut his argument of being against voter fraud
as a general stance. But some people are paid to try to make sense of all of this one such
as Kayleigh McEnany lets listen. >> Obviously, if that's the suggestion be
against the law Kayleigh, why did the President say that?
>> The President is not suggesting anyone do anything unlawful. What he said very clearly
there is make sure your vote is tabulated and if it is not, then vote. Basically when
you get an absentee ballot and you send it in there are poll books and it is recorded
that you have tried to vote that you have in fact voted. And if you show up at a polling site they
look at the poll book and say your votes been counted he wants verification of Democrats
are saying is we want a system full of fraud and we want zero accountability and zero verification
that you >> Okay, so Kayleigh McEnany started her job
as press secretary telling the press, I will never lie to you ever, you can trust me. And so she turns from Donald Trump literally
committing a crime telling his followers to commit a crime, that is proof that the Democrats
want voter fraud and no accountability. That's our job and look to the extent that she did
a good job there. I guess maybe it was a good choice of Trump to hire her but she is 100%
lying there 100% about what actually happened >> Absolutely she's like Kellyanne Conway,
which is better highlights, like just the amount of lies and gas lighting is wild. And
even the fact that he said these things in North Carolina you know it's North Carolina
is not proactively sending out valid to all registered voters. You know that there are
nine states in the district of Columbia that are doing things like that but North Carolina
isn't, so it's like why even raise this but then also North Carolina is not sending out
absentee ballot applications to voters either. So the fact that you're almost trying to get
people to vote twice in a place where they really even don't have that many options and
opportunities, it just speaks to the fact that he can't even do crime right? You know,
but now this is on the North Carolina voting commission and everyone to step forward and
say okay guys, this is how it works. This is how you check to make sure your vote
counted and it just he's always creating more problems for everyone and then having his
little spokes people come up behind him and say things like this. It just it's the new
it's a new world we live in and it's absolutely wild. >> Yeah. And I want people to be well armed
for the continuing spin of this. So what she just said, right there was no Trump was saying
vote by mail and then go and check to see if it counted and if it didn't, then you vote.
Which in another video we didn't show you, he did say something like that. But you already saw the actual video. He said
go and try to vote. And if the system works, they'll stop you because they've already registered
your vote. That is not what Kayleigh McEnany tried to spin it into. He encouraged you to
attempt to violate the law. And hopefully the system will catch it before it happens. She pretended it was just about checking to
see if your vote has already been logged, you can do that online if you want to. There's
no reason to actually go on election day, if that's what you're trying to do, because
she shouldn't it's just, there's really no point in trying to break it down but understand
that that's what's actually going on. And but and by the way, if the larger point
that Donald Trump theoretically was trying to make which he wasn't and failing is that
you need to go make sure that your vote was counted, because we can't be sure you know,
maybe it won't get there in time. Maybe they won't read it in time, all of that.
That would be consistent with funding the post office not trying to grind its operations
to a halt and make sure that it doesn't have the resources to do its job. I would say that
you get to do one of those two things, you get to burn the post office down, or you get
to complain that mail and ballots might not make it on time. If you're doing both of those things there's
an issue there and I think the issue is the state of our democracy.