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Types of People at the Beach

Alright guys, I gonna show you how to scavenge for your own bait You don't need to go to the bait shop if you know how to catch your own bait Right now, I'm here with Chip He's gonna show us how he likes to catch sand fleas I know a lot of people have some trouble identifying where sand fleas would be They're not in every spot and they're not always there So, how do you go about finding it and how do you go about catching it? Hopefully, you'll be able to learn a thing or two [Chip:] When we look this way down the beach you- you can see all of the different spots Now you can see that they're coming up to the surface If you walk towards them, they will go away. They will scurry, so You gotta understand that, too so When- when using a sand flea rake, it's easy to do it Let the water come in go attack the sand flea, open up and pull on top of 'em [Erin:] Oh yea Look at those puppies [Chip:] Let's put 'em in there [Brendon:] Alright [Chip:] Sand Fleas Galore! [Brendon:] We ended up catching a whole bucket full of sand fleas yesterday but we didn't get a chance to use 'em So we're here now at the sunrise, fishing with my Dad, Jack, My friend Loi and my friend Mike Let's see whatw we can catch! Alright, so yesterday we got a bunch of bait. Now, we're at Jacksonville beach, it's the next day and uh we're gonna throw 'em out and see what we can catch I'm hoping for Pompano, but really anything will bite a sand flea So I'll just throw these sand fleas out and see what bites [Loi:] Oh! [Brendon:] Get that! on? Yea buddy! It's something! [Loi:] If it is, that's your first pompano, huh? [Brendon:] Yea I don't know if it is I'm not sure, not much head shakes Pullin' I don't know what it is, bro. I don't think it's a pompano A stingray? you see it? [Erin:] Yea [Loi:] Stingray? [Erin:] Yea Watch out when it turns around! [Brendon:] We're good That was kinda tiring on my arm. I thought it was like a I kinda figured it was a ray after it didn't wanna give up Pompano would've given up by then Pompano! Yes! I'm pretty sure this is a keeper Earlier, we caught some pretty big sand fleas But we also had a lot of little sand fleas in the mix and that's what- that's what the fish are really- keyed in on right now is these smaller ones for whatever reason These fish are picky Y'know, they- They will sometimes be keyed in on one bait and they won't touch anything else. Like the other day, they wouldn't- they wouldn't hit blue crabs But sometimes, that's all they hit I simply put One on just like this that's it and I'm casting it out as far as I can crossing my fingers [Erin:] How does it feel? [Brendon:] It's a pompano, I'm pretty sure not a ray That's a nice one! on the little tiny flea Hi [Erin:] Hi, baby [Brendon:] Did you make sandwiches? [Erin:] I did [Brendon:] Let me cast this out and I'm ready soon MMMM [Erin:] Give me your sandwich! [Brendon:] Two Bluefish! that was crazy! [Erin:] Your dad's on, too [Brendon:] Woah! Whatcha using? [Mr. Mike:] Sand flea [Brendon:] Oh my gosh, that's a big one! [Mr. Mike] Woah! My arm [Erin:] You arm? Are you tired? [Mr. Mike] Yea, this is a- oh my god! [Erin:] That's a nice pompano! [Mr. Mike:] Yo! [Erin:] Yoooo [Mr. Mike:] It's a HUGE one! [Erin:] That is a pretty hefty one He's hefty [Brendon:] Ok So Under here, you see that tail right here? That- right here First of all, under here, usually, there's- there's
orange eggs, right? And, you wanna keep that in there So, you wanna hook it through this triangle part right here just like this and through the head and it keeps the eggs in a little bit better than usual There was a fish hooked here the whole time! [Erin:] Wow, Brendon! [Brendon:] Yea, buddy! *laughing* I have good luck today! [Erin:] Yea, look at you! [Brendon:] I haven't seen it yet. Oh! There we go Look at that board! Nice! [Loi:] Hey, let's move our stuff down here! [Loi:] How big is he? [Erin:] Mmm, I'm not sure [Brendon:] That's a big one! That's a biiig one! I got a fish on! Woah! AMERICA! Pomp! Pompano! Let's see if it's too short 1/4 inch short it's a little short [Erin:] So I didn't just film this catch because I just reeled this in and caught it myself, but look [Brendon:] I just saw my line way over there And then I- look at that! That looks like a 12 right there [Erin:] Could be! And a flounder! Look at the teeth That's both keeper? [Brendon:] Yea, that's litterally best case scenario right there good job! There are swimmers out- there are swimmers out there! I don't wanna catch a human! oh my god! [Erin:] Are they on your line? [Brendon:] Hey! oh my god! I almost caught a swimming person! [Erin:] Loi! [Loi:] Which one!? Which one!? [Erin:] Red! [Loi:] Sometimes- sometimes I think there will be two in there, you know? yea- and and and one pops off, you know what I mean? cuz I was wondering why it was so heavy But it's small Hey look, I hooked him in the eye That's- aw. Poor pompano [Erin:] That's a nice one! [Jack:] Yea, that's a big one, baby [Brendon:] That rod right there [Erin:] On a sand flea? [Brenodn:] Yea [Erin:] Woah! [Brendon:] That's a big ass lady fish! That was two lady fish in a row and that one- that's a BIG lady fish oh my gosh! [Erin:] That's a big one! Brendon:] Here's our limit, guys. We got 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 pompano Between Jack, Erin, me, my dad, That was awesome! [Erin:] How was your day? You limited out! [Brendon:] I limited out On pompano One of my favorite fishes to eat It seemed like the pompano really liked sand fleas I hope that these tips can help you guys get on some fish yourself We're out here, trying to teach trying to explain how wed do things And hopefully, it'll inspire some of you guys to go outside and do something about it If you wanna learn how to catch pompano for yourself or you just want to learn how to fish in the Florida area, we have written lots on ebooks about how to do so Most recently, I put out a book on um The float rig- how to use the float rig Um, how to catch pompano All the gear that you need for the beach And we have a sur- an entire crash course on surf fishing as well And I put these books to- to really help you guys get on some fish Um… We just recently put out a free article on big entire packing lists of everything I bring to the beach with me to get on whatever fish are really running I encourage you guys to check that out in the link in the description below Give it a read and comment below! Tell me what you think! The sand fleas worked so well today I wanna thank Chip for showing us how to find it I wanna thank Loi for taking us out fishing Thank you guys for showing us an awesome time and I'll see you guys next week!