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Types of People at the Beach

thank you so are we gonna go to this party tomorrow of course we are it's the end of school could be the last time that whole you gets together why does it have to be a formal mo none of us have really ever been into that sort of thing it's exactly what I told the student council and they agreed so instead of a formal it's a beach party thank you oh you've no excuses we're not going I always wanted to go just not in a tie okay well now it's officially beach chic oh I don't know if I have any of that are you kidding your entire wardrobe that ya survived you twelve why did we deserve to party so what time do I pick you up for the big beach party you gonna let me take you are you back I want us to be friends we were together for most of your last years of school so I think there's something right about us being together fit is I don't you kind of go by yourself says I am what are you going with someone it's actually none of your business seriously who is it no seriously it's delicious so you're gonna help me with these accounts Rick he's taking a date to a party and I bet it's your brother good no it's not what do you think about Zane's has a name for this place it works so does Ricky and she's moving on that's what going on a date means maybe she's just going with him to make me jealous and if you're wrong no I know Ricky she'll make me chase after it for a while and then she'll give it and go with me I can't believe you haven't asked will already I'll be really busy being the organizer plus I'll be singing half the time it's not really fair to ask her gotta go with me Bella this is me that you're talking to what if he says no Oh as if so I should ask him how long have Italy and the what's for each other like a year just asking already sounds an idiot we should know by now that he just want to be left alone you want me to handle it no it's alright I don't need you to fix this one well if it's just about being friends he shouldn't be asking you to the party enough about me what are you doing for the party there's this girl that I'd like to ask we're just friends so I can't let's go come on we'll just ask Villa to the party she's a friend and it gets complicated what if she says no ask her find out that's the wrong thing I'm good at that stuff like anyone is so so why are you looking at me like that I was hoping you can help me it's kind of a guilty weird well yeah one of the guys I can tell you stuff I can't tell her the people I'm I don't want to mess this up okay what is it I need to practice asking around all right you can never ever tell anyone I did this okay thank you I will I'm really looking forward to the party yeah me too and I was wondering if you'd like to go with me you sound really nervous about us you have to convince me how do I know you really care I'm nervous because I like you so much I mean really like I don't want to wreck our friendship but I want to be more than just friends so I'd like you to come to the party with me as you know boyfriend and girlfriend of course Hawker Thanks oh I'm gonna leave for cake you the doorbell hi this was addressed to me and it was just sitting outside sorry open it I don't know I'm just left like got it it could be anything is it ticking it's a telescope Oh must be for Louis it's the world's most we be as present so who else law says it's not from him who else would want to send you something like that just leaving it on my door set without a notice weird and I didn't know anyone that weird everyone that you know is me mate call him and find out I don't think I even want to know everything okay yeah sure really it doesn't look like it to me I don't really want to talk about okay whatever you say all set for the party yep about that as far as I'm going and everything I was always thinking of asking someone yeah me too actually um tonight one second hey the potty you're coming with me yeah okay the night monster strikes again what tell ya you know what I think you should ask someone to babes I'm gonna make some sweet sound okay today's gonna be a day I never knew she even liked him he tried to warn you she wasn't right to you still feels wrong so wrong if you really care about how you should respect you go to the party with someone else yeah right seriously you know lots of other girls there's no one like her no what about Ricky she's just friend who's still pretty down about Zayn as far as I can see I think she'd really like someone to go with since when are you worried about her I'm worried about you I think you can really do with a friend right now and so catchy so why can't the both of you go to a party together unless you're worried about Nikki Bella jealous which she deserves to be I bet babe really what are you doing he knows I told him how you think he's your secret admirer you what hi Jill you know the only tick of the crush on me and there was no need for the whole crazy telescope story if you really wanted to date the night but we had to do was ask me to the party liability Bella do not see to the body don't you worry your pretty little head there's plenty of the night to go around in fact I've got a couple of hours free before I have to pick her up until then it's fine young thing is all yours Nate get out what now okay okay I'll get it you jealous that's cool I'll let myself out she's going with night I guess I brought too except I miss my chance what do you think about you and me going together as friends yeah friends up well I mean you'll be there and when I'll be there sure why not Thanks are you okay yeah oh she's with will I knew it maybe it's time for you to move on to and the first step is to get her name off this place you should start by taking the fan down yeah maybe everyone's gonna see her with will you keep her name on your cafe how pathetic is that gonna look I'll take care of it what happened to asking will I'm already going with someone else I'm sorry Bella it's Ricky Ricky no way I heard him ask and I heard her except he think I've been going with Natan there was any chance of going to will he just he wants to go with her and that's all there is to it well then and I think you should give her a call have a talk with her no I don't want to know the details it's none of my business well then I will I'll get back to you okay therefore you have called is switched off unavailable oh come on Ricky turn it on what do you want there's someone here to say her sacred admira look I've told you once before I'm not going heron Hey sorry doc I think it was here it's my fault so it'll be fun doing the whole secret admirer thing the telescope yes no sorry was I being too mysterious no yes yeah well I just thought you know that rock you showed me had similarities to moon rocks yeah I thought moon telescope that's just my way of saying remember me who could forget you ah look well thank you crying for the telescope but um here about the rock I don't know no I just thought I'd haven't seen you in a while and I would like to do some more tests so um Sam tells me you're having an end of year party today there's a lucky guy uh no one my boyfriend Louis e zone or the C's that's a shame I'm okay with it me now this is a very lucky guy thank you say Louis Louis how's it going busy I told you yeah it can't be how it looks come on let's stop filler and night doing will we're in Liew together because my friends we have no one else to go we ballin' wanted to go with were letting she decided to go with night before I even had the chance no she didn't she overheard him asking me first who's practicing had oscar what you still came with you anyway you think you guys meant to seriously name is nori possibility is interested in me at all hey Ricky Jordan dance okay depends on your three a really right time your Draco what I need right now a friend yeah me too that's why I'm so glad you could come with me today Peter have a question we are a little misunderstanding what do you do Oh busting up going on what are you on about you and Ricky what you've been after the whole time no I haven't I've been after her me yeah no white will medicate with me Bella it's like I'm free after all you've made a bigger fool now yeah I nearly blew it with you because I waited too long I am never doing that again there's nothing going on between me and Ricky no you're the one I want to be me you always were and you know the one I want to be with good timing they've just finished wait till you see the new sign I bought it what happened with will what well it's just that you said he and Ricky was seeing each other how come he ended up with Bella no that's history really cuz he's seemed pretty interested in her at the party we went yeah I did I guess I must have got it wrong well it's not the only thing you got wrong the name of this place is Ricky's okay so maybe she's not with will but she's definitely moved on well this cafe hasn't well what's that going to say to people that I own a cafe called Ricky's sign goes back up now so it's actually official you two are together we're together now is this you and well or you and night I'm sorry I should have spoken to you sooner the important thing is never let a guy come between us again never know it's just the three of us so what are we go three of us kind of told will I'd see well I guess just have to do that then go on we'll be fine you want to easy before I would have one watches for that and we'll take this remember jealous I Oh yeah