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TYPES OF STUDENTS IN CLASS ||Funny Back to School Students by 123 GO!

i don't care what happened to you last semester i don't care if you failed your last class i don't care if you struggled just to get a c because today it changes because today you no longer negotiate with procrastination laziness is not in your vocabulary you have 100 control of yourself your mind and your life your happiness is your decision trust me i understand you are dealing with stress you have the pressure of your family from your professors from yourself you have these expectations staring you in the face but i need you to understand that stress does not come from facts stress comes from perception we give those facts in this moment what do you need to focus on is there a test tomorrow is there some reading you need to get caught up on are you worried that your professor will give you a pop quiz be in this moment and even though you can't control what your professor will do you can control how you respond you can control how you will prepare because in this life if you stay ready you never have to get ready this comes down to the power of choice you need to place your focus on today and who you want to become because deep down you know that you can pass this class you know that you have what it takes to be one of the top students and it is time that you prove it and that needs to start now how much time do you waste every day how much time do you spend on the things that are gonna not help you achieve your goals netflix isn't going to get you ready for these exams netflix is not going to do the studying for you so you need to figure out how serious you are about your dreams and make the decision to reach the next level let's be honest the grades you get is because of the effort you put into it the week before you are the problem but i'm telling you if you make the decision to commit to yourself you can change this write down your goals this semester what do you want to achieve what grades do you want to have successful people make a plan and stick to it it is time that you show the world how successful you can become this is for everyone who ever doubted you this is for every teacher who said you couldn't do it this is for them make the best decision you can today eat better sleep more study more achieve what can be achieved you will begin to see how capable you are and i leave you with this five hacks to becoming the best student today study your previous lessons just because you moved on to a new chapter does not mean you can forget about the previous one make a to-do list know exactly what you need to accomplish today and every day take care of your health eight hours of sleep and one gallon of water every day is the starting point know how to manage your time know what activities you have every day and plan your studying around it be inspired you are in control of your future be motivated be inspired be great i ran up a check i might do it again enemies closed had me thinking now friends ten toes down i'll be freeing to the end crib outside the city i don't feel sleep in my ass took so many years i'm just waiting for the winds