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TYPES OF STUDENTS ON PICTURE DAY || Funny Situations At School by 123 GO!

Oh no, I am late again today Everyone must be waiting for me Our school is making fool of us How ? Lockdown happened So I thought we will be away from studies for a while But now they are taking classes online And there are classes for every subject, except games But how can there be online classes for games Why not ? We can play Pubg or even ludo as well over internet Teacher is here now Good Morning Ma'am Sit down I can't able to see anyone's faces What's happening here ? One is having breakfast Another one is doing brush Is it a suitable time for all this ? Can't you all talk something related to studies But no, You guys talking about games By the way ma'am On phone's screen, you look like heroine Oh really ? of which movie ? A witch from horror movie Who said this ? Who was he ? Ma'am I know, Should I tell you ? Yes Pankaj, Tell me Ma'am , The guy who said was…. I couldn't able to hear Say it again Ma'am , the name is….. Whenever you say his name, why your video gets stucked I don't know ma'am Okay leave it We are here for studies So let's study You guys already had so much fun in holidays Ready for questions Yes ma'am ! Am I audible ? No ma'am Then how can you even reply to me ? Trying to be clever huh ? Pankaj you ! Pankaj answer me, 2 multiply 5 minus 10 is how much ? You can't even answer such an easy question When I used to be in your age I used to solve such things in seconds Ma'am you probably got an amazing teacher We aren't that lucky enough yet Who's cooking ? Who's cooking in the lecture time ? Vibhu, Take your camera back Ma'am you carry your lecture I am coming in 2 minutes once I prepare the lentils People can't cook maggi in 2 minutes And you can prepare the lentils ? This is class, not the audition of masterchief Take your camera back Oh god, What you did with yourself ! Ma'am my mom went to myt grand parents for one week Then this lockdown happened And where is your dad ? My dad is bit religious So once my mom went from here He went to Thailand You are not afraid from me and my punishments huh ? How could this be possible ? You are far from him Don't worry Once school will repoen I will punish you first on that day Leave it, Ask the questions ma'am Okay Pankaj, Then you tell me Vibhu visited a place by metro What's the future tense of this sentence Vibhu is stupid Metro is not working these days Then why he went Oh god Okay answer me this Vibhu has Rs 100 One minute ! If He got Rs 100 Then why aren't you replying my Rs 20 You are not even answering my call from yesterday You have Rs 100 and not even returning my Rs 20 Ma'am is not speaking the truth I don't have Rs 100 Ma'am don't lie You are creating misunderstanding between us for no reason I meant to say suppose Oh okay I supposed Suppose Vibhu has Rs 100 He ate ice cream of worth Rs 50 Then how much money left with him ? Rs 30 Wrong, Correct answer is Rs 50 No ma'am Rs 30 How ? Because I took my Rs 20 from his as well You guys ! Urgh And you ! What are you thinking there ? Ma'am I am thinking What if a fan came on the head of Newton, not an apple It would be so good Then we don't need to study gravity You guys are so stupid Wait, Let me bring the book Rahul , poop ! So go and fresh yourself in bathroom Why are you telling me Rahul , poop ! Then why are you telling me all this ? Go and do it all yourself There is poop on your face That's turmeric It's okay, you splashed all over on your face Why are you hiding things from us Your face is not so good But atleast now it's better I ate lentsil earlier So that's the mark of the same I got it on my hands by mistake We are also thinking How can you got poop mark on your face Don't say like this It's poop Come closer See It's lentils I told you already Who's showing this poop on screen Get aside Ma'am it's turmeric Okay but why is your face so close to the camera Concentrate on your studies Oh, I guess I got wrong book by mistake You guys wait, I will come back shortly Why Pankaj's camera and mic is off ? Open the mic as well I said turn on the mic You are peeing Did you asked permission from me ? Ma'am If I gonna wait for your permission then my whole bed gonna be wet I wanted to pee so badly That's why I came Okay come outside fast Students You already know about the crisis happening around us this year Yes ma'am So many things got cancelled due to the same reason Yes ma'am So I have a good news for you all Our exams got cancelled ? Yay ! Stop it ! Good news is… Exams got postponed ? No Your exams will be online right now One sir will be join us here He will ask the questions to you online You all need to answer then you will get your results right now Either pass or fail Ma'am we heard about online test But now online exams ? Hello kids, All good ? Don't ask our condition right now huh Sir I explained everything to them about online exams See kids, That's the new kind of exams Answer them and get pass Simple questions ? Very simple dear ! Sir ask asap And let's end this tension You are topper You won't feel any problem Problem is with us That's the spirit boys Tell me Taj Mahal…. Sir I know Taj Mahal made by Shah Jahan Listen to the question first What does son's of aunt's who made Taj Mahal do ? What kind of question is this ? How can I know ? Fail , you tell me Sir, I am the topper of this class Nothing can happen now You should study more Okay dear, you tell me Yes sir In the song "slowly slowly , coming to the sea" Why she going slow ? Not fast Because her boat works a bit slow Correct ! Amazing ! Thank you sir Thank you so much sir What joke is this ? I am the topper of this class Topper ! But now you are fail Fail ?
Ma'am say something to sir Son Fail Dear It's your turn now Sure sir, I am king of such questions Ask me whatever you wanted to ask What is pythagoras theorem ? What ? I guess you haven't listened carefully I said What is pythagoras theorem ? Umm Sir pythagoras theorem is…. Called pythagoras theorem Dear your video got paused Answer again Pythagoras theorem is…. Called pythagoras theorem Okay answer me the another question What is the SI unit of electric current ? SI unit of electric current is… Called SI unit of electric current Whenever you answer Why your internet got stuck in between ? I don't know Sir I am passed in exam , right ? Answer me one more Then we will decide your result What is photosynthesis ? Photosynthesis is…. Pankaj, breakfast is ready ! Eat it once you done with studies My dear lovely son ! Pankaj ! Yes ma'am Network is good now ? Yes ma'am Result is also out now Sir pass or fail ? Fail ! You all failed the exams One more year with Sweety ma'am Yes ! One more year ! Sweety ma'am NO !!!! Hey guys! If you enjoyed this video then hit the like button Comment down Share If you haven't subscribed the channel yet then press the red button and subcribe to our channel I will post more bloopers on my instagram Follow me there Link is in description Bye guys