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TYPES OF STUDENTS ON PICTURE DAY || Funny Situations At School by 123 GO!

well Fiat School District has just released its plans for reopening schools in the fall and the safety measures that will be in place good afternoon I'm Janelle Burrell Jim Donovan is off welcome to cbs3 Eyewitness News at Noon now streaming live on CBS n Philly the school districts fall plan includes a split schedule two days in the classroom learning and three days of a virtual learning schedule now the plan includes masks as well as social distancing and for those who are not comfortable sending their kids back to the classroom an entirely virtual program will be offered as well we have team coverage of the reopening plan this noon with Natasha Brown and Stephanie Stahl let's begin with Natasha who is live this afternoon at school district headquarters Natasha well good afternoon to you Janelle we know that the School District of Philadelphia just laid out this extensive and very detailed plan on how they're going to reopen schools come this fall it is based on health and science experts both at the federal state and local level now here is what we know so far students will return on September 2nd to a hybrid form of learning that will entail two days a week of in-person classes Mondays and Wednesdays and three days of virtual learning Tuesdays Thursdays and Fridays all schools will undergo thorough cleaning throughout the day and signage will detail social distancing guidelines within the school buildings also there will be no cafeteria setting for lunches students will receive a grab-and-go meal in the morning and afternoon to be eaten in their classrooms and everyone will be fired to wear a mask Koba 19 has taught us that we must be willing to adopt practices that we might not be used to but practices that will be absolutely necessary to prevent the spread of this virus that means everyone will be required to wear face coverings practice social distancing and frequently wash our hands or use hand sanitizer we will also implement CDC recommended cleaning protocols to ensure that hot touch areas throughout all buildings are clean multiple times a day well we can tell you that parents who do want the option of 100% virtual learning for their child they will be able to opt into that there will also be no daily kovat 19 routine testing for students or staff before they enter the building it is not going to be required on asymptomatic students and staff they will however be required just to ultimately self care in a sense and make sure that they are asymptomatic and not feeling any symptoms that they are they will certainly need to stay home now this is again a very extensive plan that has been laid out by the School District of Philadelphia we have much more information for you that will be coming up in our later newscast today at 4 5 & 6 reporting live here at school district headquarters Natasha Brown cbs3 Eyewitness News all right Natasha with the big announcement from school district officials this morning thanks Natasha