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Unemployment Benefits $600 Weekly | What is EXTENDED vs What is EXPIRING | PEUC versus PUA EXPLAINED

people receiving unemployment should expect to see the additional $600 weekly payment they have been getting in the week of July 25th and for a Sacramento man Lewis Morton he was relying on receiving the extra money after being out of work due to the pandemic Warren says he has not received an unemployment check since May has been trying to get through the tied up phone lines to receive his additional funds ETD says they are working on relieving busy phone lines by hiring more staff and that after the $600 payment is no longer available those eligible will still receive state and federal unemployment benefits EDD also implemented a new extension program giving 20 additional weeks of unemployment benefits to longer term unemployed workers in California what we've done recently is with some state legislation we've been able to maximize the federal funding support available so now there is this additional 20 extra weeks of benefits in a Senate extension and it's paid for a hundred percent by the federal government and it's now 20 weeks rather than the normal thirteen weeks if a claim has been delayed for some reason during the week someone was out of work between March 29th and July 25th they will still receive the $600 payment for each week certified aspirin Morton he says he still calls daily in hopes of getting his unemployment check and receive some type of economic relief