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Watch live: World Health Organization gives coronavirus update

I'm United States Surgeon General Jerome Adams America's doctor and all across our nation we've taken steps together to slow the spread of coronavirus now we must continue to take personal responsibility to protect ourselves and our loved ones because even though not all of us risk a severe case of corona virus we all risk getting it and spreading it to others maybe without even realizing that we're sick so if we want to get back to school back to work back to worship and back to overall health there are things our country needs to do we need to follow state and local guidelines take extra precautions if at higher risk wash our hands frequently stay six feet from others when we can and when we can't stay six feet from others please I'm begging you wear a face covering these small actions will make a big difference so I'm asking you to say it with me America coronavirus stops with me you can learn more at corona virus gov produced by the US Department of Health and Human Services at taxpayer expense