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Watch: Republican National Convention Officially Nominates Trump | NBC News

read my lips i don't work for a special interest i don't work for myself i work for you congratulations dad nobody knows the system better than me which is why i alone can fix it [Applause] and a good evening i'm chuck todd and welcome to nbc news's special coverage of week two of the big political conventions which this week it's the 2020 republican national convention right here on nbc news now we are just about 30 minutes from the start of night one of this convention republicans will be starting about a half hour earlier than the democrats did last week the party's already renominated it's already done its actual official business they've renominated their incumbent president donald trump uh and his incumbent running mate vice president mike pence for a second term in the white house it happened this morning due to the pandemic just like the last convention this is going to be another unusual convention now most of the major speeches are going to be delivered not in north carolina not in jacksonville but in washington dc at a venue near the white house the president will formally deliver his convention address at the white house on thursday something no other president has done in the modern era yes fdr accepted nominations not being in person at the convention and while nominees usually wait until the last night of the convention to speak president trump's already addressed delegates he did so earlier today when they voted on his renomination this afternoon we're gonna have more on those remarks in a moment and we expect him to speak every day of this convention in some form expect to see him again tonight the other notable development from today is that republicans are not repeat not adopting a new platform at this convention platforms typically serve as a unifying and foundational set of principles for a political party even when their nominees are running for re-election instead they are adopting a resolution that simply signals that they see the foundation of the party as mr trump himself and supporting everything on his agenda among the notable speakers tonight our south carolina is in the house we've got south carolina senator tim scott and former south carolina governor nikki haley both of whom are prime time speakers and then yes every night they'll be a trump family member and tonight that family member is donald trump jr now as republicans kick off night one of the convention they're also hoping it will kick off a comeback for the trump campaign as polls show them significantly trailing the democratic nominee joe biden which is 71 days until the election the last time an incumbent president trailed this much going into their home convention with george h.w bush in 1992. joining me now from downtown washington the location of several rnc speeches tonight and through the western rest of the weeks my colleague hallie jackson so halle i would say give us a preview tonight but it seems to me and we've already earned a learned an early lesson jason miller told me on air yesterday upbeat and optimistic convention and then president trump's initial remarks were hard to classify as upbeat and optimistic we know what the intention is so tell us what the intention is tonight the intention is just that chuck right aspirational optimism looking at a path forward the reality at least from what we heard from the president on day one so far has been grievances and false claims right that is what we heard from president trump when he visited charlotte north carolina and delivered that no teleprompter you know almost ad-libbed in many parts speech to the limited number of delegates who ended up in charlotte so the president set the tone and set the stage for tonight if you will but i do think there will be some moments tonight and overall the campaign is hoping that tonight people will get a sense of that sort of aspirational message now listen will there be discussions of what officials and sources are telling us are the failures as they describe it of what would be a biden harris ticket of course right it's not all positivity there will be attack lines you'll see some of that come from donald trump jr later on tonight chuck the president's son who often plays that sort of attack dog role on the campaign trail but there will be some emotional moments as well i'll tell you that of the sort of less high profile speakers there's a couple of sort of regular everyday americans that's a big focus for the republicans this week who will give what the campaign believes will be emotional sort of remarks there's one woman natalie harp who will talk about the right to try law she is a cancer survivor i had somebody mentioned to me the mccloskeys as somebody who a couple the st louis couple who pulled guns on black lives matter protesters on their property as a speech that will resonate with people right likely because that is sort of the fanning of the culture war flame that the president likes to do you also have a state democratic representative from georgia a black representative who is a democrat who will be coming out and supporting donald trump that's somebody else highlighted as far as those big names chuck we talked about donald trump jr and listen one of his somebody familiar with the planning of this says people may be surprised by don jr's speech that it is a serious speech yes it's going to in the words of one source nail joe biden right but it will also talk about the sort of populist underpinnings of the trump movement in a way that don jr has talked about in the past you've also got nikki haley of course the former cabinet member for president trump former south carolina governor and this is an interesting one because chuck listen you know this she has long been the subject of rumors and speculation that potentially she could replace vice president mike pence on the ticket as of today and the renomination that officially ain't going to happen right but she did get a prime speaking slot just before senator tim scott of south carolina who will talk about for example how the president has in the eyes of tim scott and republicans lifted people out of poverty done a lot to help the black community that is what tim scott will talk about tonight look hallie um there might be three future presidential candidates speaking tonight donald trump jr yes nikki haley and tim scott so exactly um you know there's quite a few potential 2024's that are not attending this convention but tonight there's three to keep an eye on so definitely watch for those reasons if you want to watch uh those folks as well ali jackson getting us started hallie thank you very much now let's head over to the big board where who else steve kornacki is standing by so steve i mentioned something here no incumbent president has trailed going into their convention by as much as donald trump has really since george h.w bush so tell us uh where things are with incumbent president where does trump stand and is there a path to is there a path to victory does history give us a path to victory recovery here for donald trump yeah you mentioned bush he and of course he did lose there was no path for him as it turned out in 92 but let's take a look at the most recent incumbent presidents where they stood at this exact same point the opening day opening night of their convention what was their approval rating what did the horse race look like i think what you're going to see here six most recent presidents they fit two each into three very distinct categories first up ronald reagan heavy favorite came in rolling 53 approval rating that went up as the campaign went along he was already double digits ahead of his opponent walter mondale and he won by nearly 20 points over mondale so he came in in great shape so did bill clinton in 1996 again that 53 approval rating double digit lead over bob dole it wasn't double digits on election day but that was solid that was an eight point win not a lot of suspense in that race so those were the two heavy favorites going into their conventions the next group here starts off with george w bush in 2004 his approval rating 47 he was in a fight 47-45 over kerry going into that republican convention bush was able to win that fight by three points much closer race very competitive race 47 approval 2012 obama similar approval there 48 48 48 in the horse race and again this was a fight obama wins it by a few points very competitive race and now the third category and you mention it george h.w bush these are the two incumbent presidents in the last 40 years who came into their conventions behind bush's approval rating was just 35 unemployment had gone up five straight months coming into this convention he was 18 points behind bill clinton remember we showed you last week clinton had the biggest modern convention bounce and there you go and then the final one here it was jimmy carter 32 approval down double digits one and lost by 10 points put them all in comparison that is where trump stacks up that's interesting he actually is right in between the two categories of winning and losing you gave us a little suspense there cornell i see what you did look you're proving another point here the job approval number is pretty much your raw vote number if you're a sitting president at the end of the day if you see trump's numbers creeping up towards election day get your calculators out on electoral votes there it is closest he's been so far in the horse races when his approval got to 47 48 percent well there you go steve kornacki great way to get us started for night one of this convention thank you sir joining me now my nbc news colleague as she has done all last week as well casey hunt she's also the host of kcdc sundays on msnbc and stuart stevens he's a former top strategist for mitt romney's 2012 presidential campaign he's author of it was all a lie how the republican party became donald trump uh so casey let me just start with what what we think the republicans want to do this week and what the reality might be because of president trump well i think the big question chuck is at what point and are americans tired of the trump show there have been reports that refer to trump this week as the talent in chief and that seems to be how he has approached this it's how he's approached his reality television career and it seems to be how he's approaching this week they watched joe biden do a very nice job the democrats by all accounts had a basically glitch-free convention in the age of covet it was all brand new and they basically pulled it off and trump of course watches a lot of television and was sitting around saying i want mine to blow that out of the water and now we know we think we're going to hear from him night after night after night so i think the question is does that kill the suspense for thursday is he able to actually keep the program on message i mean how many times chuck have we uh sat here and talked about that very approval rating and if the president was staying on the message that his advisors was were advising that he stick to his approval rating tended to drift upward and then when he decided he was going to be himself it would tend to go in the other direction so it seems as you say like the number one wild card here stuart stevens i i have to say when i woke up this morning and realized they're not passing a platform and that you could say the following phrase the republican party technically has no principles this year i i i thought my goodness it makes it easier for those that want to criticize this party for becoming a cult of personality they basically that's a it appears that that's what they've decided to do look i wrote a pretty bleak book about the republican party i finished a year ago called it was all alive and i think i was overly optimistic um never in my wildest dreams and that the party wouldn't even pretend to have a platform i mean this is extraordinary this has never happened before it happens in you know countries like russia uh north korea that the candidate is the platform belief in that person belief in our dear leader is the platform um i think it's very sad uh there's two threads i think you're gonna hear in this this convention both of which i think are are sad for our country one is the idea that a major political party which has done very positive things in the past for this country um has now abandoned any pretense that it stands for coherent governing philosophy it stands for donald trump the other is you're going to constantly hear a questioning of the legitimacy of this election itself and that serves two purposes for trump one it prepares him uh if he loses to say that he didn't lose fairly because he'll never admit that he lost fairly which is to say that he'll never admit that america had a free and fair election which is a terrible thing for president to say and he's also preparing the way to do anything he can i think to destabilize the election to help him win you know casey hunt i had tom reid uh new york moderate on my show that literally at right after the president finished and i said are you comfortable the party not having a platform and he was like well it does it's really just using the 2016 platform he was choosing to interpret it another way and it's like no when you read this statement it was not meant to recycle a platform it was meant to support what the president is for i guess what i'm curious about casey is what do elected republicans on capitol hill want this convention to do do they hope it just does no harm and and it's forgotten about or do they think it can actually help them well chuck i mean this is this is exactly what i was going to say as i was listening to you and stuart talk about this i mean i have had conversation after conversation after conversation with republican elected officials with campaign strategists with people running for office over the course of the last three years four years now and i've said to them over and over again why are you supporting this president when he says and conducts himself in ways that you know you have either publicly said before or you know privately said to me that you don't believe in don't you have questions about his character and they always say well judges well taxes well all of these principles that he's standing for and they've now come out and said that no actually we're not going to outline any of that we're just going to say that this is all about the person that so many people were saying well we're just swallowing and looking the other way because we're here for the principles i mean it puts them in an absolutely impossible position and i think they all know that and you know we were we were talking um you know strategists that i've talked to in the last week or so have said you know pointed out senate candidates republican senate candidates are running behind the president and that of course underscores the nature of their problem from the other side no and stuart very quickly i i don't know what if you're lindsey graham what you want lindsey graham is actually has to uh perform as well as trump performs in order to win in a place that like south carolina um but a corey gardner needs something different i mean if you're a senate candidate i assume you just wish this convention weren't televised in your state if you're a senate candidate i'll tell you what you want you want this convention to be over um and to move on and try to run your own campaign donald trump is a tremendous weight on the ticket um and there's no reason to believe this is going to change if he was going to make some sort of turn here to save the party he would have to make it about big issues i mean once republicans said they were big ideas he won't do that it'll always be about donald trump and he's going to take all of these people down with him in all likelihood well everybody i always say everybody has their line it just everybody's line is different than the person next to them and some people your line got crossed a long time ago stuart and i'm guessing you'll have people you used to be friends with who you'll be friends with again because the line will cross for them as well uh casey and stuart stick around up ahead what are republican voters looking for on this first night of the convention we're going to check in with our nbc reporters in two hotly contested states but first a memorable moment from night one of past republican conventions let's go back to 1988. that's when outgoing president ronald reagan offered an emotional farewell message to his fellow republicans as he prepared to leave leave office we could never let the fire go out or quit the fight because the battle is never over our freedom must be defended over and over again and then again there's still a lot of brush to clear out at the ranch fences that need repair and horses to ride but i want you to know that if the fire's ever dim i'll leave my phone number and address behind just in case you need a foot soldier [Applause] [Music] this morning across the country what the new normal for schools will look like many teachers left making tough choices between the job they love and their family what am i gonna decide take care of my children or have a job that's an impossible decision you're creating a little community school this is the moment we can just develop ourselves and develop our community let's turn it over to students how do they really feel about returning to school what i miss is my teachers they are [Music] resilient you're watching nbc news now we've got some breaking news we actually saw a large convoy of the national guard come through here it's news made for your streaming world live weekdays starting at 6 a.m eastern a surge in corona virus infection new developments on several fronts the story tonight the u.s shattering the record for most covet cases in a single day from every angle what's your level of concern that the kids who have been told they're going to be home indefinitely won't be able to catch up on the ground do you have faith that this is going to bring about change soon and in depth here in portland more protests expected tonight do you think that police in this country are under attack nbc nightly news with lester holt a country reeling from a pandemic and racial injustice the story changes hourly the president's push to get children back into school is sinking in among families who are debating the safety of it it's the 11th hour [Music] this is a situation where the state continues to struggle to expand its testing capabilities protesters feel that they need to come out in full force and support their community because they feel like they're not getting that support from the portland police another election day coming up against the backdrop of how to keep voters safe amid a pandemic the moment to truly understand who we are and who we say we are is right here at our feet a surge in coronavirus infection his developments on several fronts the story tonight the u.s shattering the record for most coveted cases in a single day from every angle what's your level of concern that the kids who have been told they're gonna be home indefinitely won't be able to catch up on the ground do you have faith that this is gonna bring about change soon and in depth here in portland more protests expected tonight do you think that police in this country are under attack nbc nightly news with lester holt this year's election is going to be a little different instead of one election day we now have a voting season that special time of year when polls can open weeks before election day when your mailbox can become a voting booth when how you vote is just as important as who you vote for how when and where to cast your ballot depends on your state tis the season to be prepared this year plan your vote welcome back as we said earlier the trump campaign tried to set the stage for this convention to be upbeat and optimistic but that isn't the message the president himself delivered earlier today so what are republican voters hoping to hear during this convention that's exactly what nbc's juan hilliard and dasha burns are asking voters in key states vaughn has been talking to farmers in iowa and wisconsin and he joins us uh from he's in blanchardville wisconsin and dasha burns is where the republican national convention was going to be for a while she's been talking to voters in duval county florida which of course encompasses jacksonville so vaughn you're in the northern tier uh one of the northern tier states there's sort of two sets of swing states that we think matter the most three in the north three in the south you're in wisconsin what'd you learn chuck i know we've been focusing a lot on the likes of milwaukee and kent county a lot of these urban cores but if you look at where i'm down right here on dan trutman's farm here in southwest wisconsin and if you go back to 2012 map all of these rural counties uh beyond madison went blue for barack obama but when you look in 2016 they flunked they flipped for donald trump and that is the question here is what number of these farmers in this area are going to say enough is enough you know i went to a lot of these farms for the first time back in 2018 when there was concern over the impact of the tariffs we're now on year three and what you have seen since then are 28 billion billion billion dollars handed out in subsidies across agricultural industry to these farmers to largely keep them afloat because of the impact of lost profit from those very trade wars and there is concern going forward you know i was talking with dan tretman you know he told me over the next 72 days we have anxiety about the next election because we've become accustomed to too much chaos and no doubt that continued at a heightened level the question is to what extent do those sentiments begin to permeate beyond you know i was having a conversation over just across the state line over in iowa with another farmer who was weighing after voting for donald trump in 2016 he acknowledged that there were some gains from the signing of usmca at the same time folks here acknowledge that look we are still in a trade war with china in that even donald trump himself suggested last week he didn't know what the future of that trade deal would look like and also when you look at donald trump just this month again implementing new tariffs on canadian aluminum the question is what would a trump second administration look like would it only continue to cause that financial damage to farms like this you know fascinating von hilliard uh much appreciated there and i've i've heard we heard a lot of those stories in iowa when we were covering the caucuses now dasha you're in a county that encompasses one of the larger cities in america with a republican mayor and and duval county is is a county that republicans have to win to carry the state but it's been trying to turn purple on us what are you finding yeah chuck this may come as a surprise to some of our viewers considering the geographical distance between these two places but what i'm seeing and hearing here in duwalt county has some fascinating parallels to what i was reporting on on your show just last week from kent county michigan these are both areas that have been traditional republican strongholds that have been seeing narrower and narrower margins over recent years here in duval in 2018 the county saw democratic gubernatorial candidate andrew gillum take this county which was a huge surprise so you've seen these shifts here particularly in the suburbs which have been growing they've been getting more diverse and more college educated and there is this contingent of these moderate chamber of commerce type republicans here and chuck i got to tell you what i've heard from them here gave me some deja vu from kent county michigan these are people that say they don't recognize the party that they grew up with particularly now with the rnc not even having a party platform so take a listen to just a little bit of what i've heard here i'm like a a nomad it's sort of out no in no man's land and it's forced me to be more pragmatic to to the credit of the situation because like i said at a certain point when you can't do the ethical moral gymnastics to support the party ticket anymore and it's not the party that it says it is uh because it doesn't resemble uh the party i joined and um i'm hoping that this is a reset kind of election and like many true patriots who have been republicans for a long time uh i'm really questioning um not only the standard bear but more importantly you know trumpism you and chuck both of these gentlemen are planning to vote for joe biden and one of them mike is even uh has been donating to the campaign and making calls uh for the biden campaign which he says he couldn't have imagined doing uh just several years ago now the gop party chair here though did tell me that because the rnc was supposed to be here they built out a pretty significant infrastructure with thousands more volunteers than they would have otherwise so now they're feeling pretty confident with their ground game going into november but it is very clear it's going to be a fight for duval county the question is can the president gain more voters than he has lost here chuck yeah he may not be able to afford losing voters in duvall the way the math works these days in florida but we'll see vaughn hilliard uh in the farm on farmland and uh with wisconsin dasha burns and duval county thank you both casey on and stuart stevens are back with me as we approach the 8th 30 mark in the beginning of the convention so stuart i hope you're i'm sure you just heard those voters there watching what's happening in jacksonville and you heard dasha talk about grand rapids indianapolis we're seeing the same thing it does seem as if the final shoes are falling on these last sort of republican-leaning cities yeah i think that donald trump just has a view of republicans that they're uncomfortable with a lot of republicans when he talks about suburban housewives when uh the week after the mississippi legislature takes down the state flag which is basically confederate battle flag he ends up on the wrong side of a cultural war or the confederate flag with nascar you know trump is locked into this sort of 1978 queens racially divisive politics and i just don't think that people like to see themselves as the sort of person that donald trump is appealing to casey what you heard there from vaughn uh about the ag issues and the ag subsidies you know i assume you've been hearing that from those members of congress that care about this they've been uncomfortable particularly some of these conservative members and how important the subsidies have been for sure and you know i think the prime example of that is joni ernst in iowa which is part of why it's interesting to me she's one of the few people that is speaking at the convention because that is one state that you know we have seen uh close in a way i'm not sure i expected to see the kind of numbers that we're seeing both publicly and then also when you have conversations with operatives privately about where things stand in that state but it's sort of been event after event after event and of course they just uh have been dealing with that terrible storm in cedar rapids right uh in the middle of the state and there there was a sort of lag time from the republican governor and dealing with it if you if you talk to some democrats or some farmer so you know i do think it's it's it's it's causing pain and causing problems and uh you know i i think we haven't quite figured out exactly the extent to which that's going to be true but there is definitely something going on that vaughn hit on hey stuart are you at all concerned that the democrats are trying to run the same campaign against trump just with a candidate that's less disliked nationally no i think that they have a hell to the primary rule of politics in addition uh is what a politics is about not subtraction they're putting together an old-fashioned campaign with coalition building i mean we used to do this um and we used to think that we were good at it um anytime you can get those coalitions together against an incumbent who has high negatives and that high negative of the uh opposition is for sort of a glue that holds these different factions together in the democratic party um i think they're running a very smart campaign casey hunt uh very quickly what have you heard on on the hill where about about the democratic convention from democrats uh democrats were pretty happy with it i mean there's a little bit of discontent on the left aoc for example didn't necessarily have a speaking slot there some people would have liked for her to see but i think stewart's right at the end of the day the only thing that matters is to them is beating donald trump and they know that they all have to be singing out the same hymnal for that so they're willing to swallow it and do it if they can get where it ends and i think it was i think bernie sanders told you november after the election forget it all bets are off assuming we know the winner on on november 4th anyway casey hunt stuart stevens night one uh our little pre-show here thank you for helping us kick it off thank you folks for being with us here on nbc news now the program for night one of the republican national convention starts right now in the future determined by the shining light of our hopes and values and faith a country where we are judged by our character with dignity and respect for all [Music] the belief that all are created equal that lives matter irrespective of race creed or color committed to excelling beyond our dreams limited only by our imaginations where rugged individualism and american exceptionalism inspire the best in each of us and when we see injustice to one we act to fix it for all this is our story we journey together we stand in the breach to preserve a way of life that while imperfect has brought prosperity honor and dignity to generations past and will for generations to come four years ago we faced an historic crossroad career politicians promising change every election but delivering emptiness we chose a different path a man who is not a politician a man who cares a man who loves america and all americans a man who works tirelessly for you even tonight during this nomination the results jobs were created embracing the undeniable greatness of diversity prosperity safe communities protecting and serving caring for one another still politicians spun their deceptions and obstructed progress fanning the flames of lawlessness we all know that it is easy to criticize it takes a true leader to solve problems covet 19 while others criticized without solutions president trump's swift action saved lives and as leading democrats want to keep businesses closed down our president is leading the way for a full economic recovery we are america despite unpredictable events we as americans work together to overcome challenges write our own stories the legends for our posterity america land of promise land of opportunity land of heroes land of greatness join us over the next four nights as we write the next chapter of our journey and share our vision as the greatest country with the greatest citizens that attain the greatest achievements from washington d.c welcome to the 2020 republican national convention tonight celebrating america as the land of promise let us pray and pray we must as grateful citizens of a country we boldly claim to be one nation under god pray we must praising the lord for a country where freedom of religion is so cherished where where both republicans and democrats begin their conventions heads bowed in prayer pray we must conscious of those suffering from covet and those unwearied front-liners who care for them and all of us pray we must that all lives may be protected and respected in our troubled cities and the police who guard them intense world situations where our men and women in uniform keep the peace for the innocent life of the baby in the womb for our elders in nursing care and hospice for our immigrants and refugees those lives threatened by religious persecution throughout the world are by plague hunger drugs human trafficking or war pray we must in thanksgiving in thanksgiving dear god for democracy as we ask your hand almighty father upon this convention and the nominees of both parties and his wisdom upon an electorate so eager to perform its duty of faithful citizenship pray we do for we dare claim in god we trust amen i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america and to the republic for which it stands one nation under god indivisible with liberty and justice for all [Music] good evening it is an honor to be with you tonight my name is charlie kirk i run the largest pro-american student organization in the country turning point usa fighting for the future of our republic speaking to you in my personal capacity tonight as a 26 year old i see the angst of young people as well as the challenges facing new parents i am here tonight to tell you to warn you that this election is a decision between preserving america as we know it and eliminating everything that we love for decades ruling class leaders in both parties sold out our future to china to faceless corporations and to self-serving lobbyists they did it to preserve their own power and enrich themselves all while rigging the system to hold down the good decent middle class patriots striving to build a family and pursue a decent life all of this changed dramatically in 2015 when a billionaire named donald trump put his own life of luxury on the line from that moment he came down that famous escalator he started a movement to reclaim our government from the rotten cartel of insiders that have been destroying our country we may not have realized it at the time but trump is the bodyguard of western civilization trump was elected to protect our families from the vengeful mob that seeks to destroy our way of life our neighborhoods schools churches and values president trump was elected to defend the american way of life the american way of life means you follow the law you work hard you honor god you raise your kids with strong values and you work to create a civil society the american way of life means you speak your mind without retribution without being kicked off social media by a self-righteous censor in silicon valley it means you can freely practice your religion and that church is more essential than a casino and it means that we judge people on their actions not on their immutable characteristics the american way of life is being dismantled by a group of bitter deceitful vengeful activists who have never built anything in their lives they have us locking up pastors while releasing violent criminals from prison we are kicking doctors off of social media yet promoting chinese state-funded propaganda on major tech platforms this election is the most critical since 1860 when a man named lincoln was elected to preserve the union from disintegration this election is not just the most important of our lifetime it is the most important since the preservation of the republic in 1865. by reelecting trump we will ensure that our kids are raised to love our country and respect its founding fathers not taught to hate or be ashamed of them we will build monuments to heroes not burn down our cities we'll be a country that rises to higher heights that dreams big thinks big and achieves the impossible a country that values our remarkable journey the complexities of our past but clearly communicates to the next generation that we have to be grateful not angry that we live in the united states we will be a country that makes it easier to have many children live quiet and peaceable lives and worship your god without a tyrant getting in the way we will be a country that has its best 100 years ahead we will build a future where america remains the greatest country ever to exist in the history of the world all of that is within our grasp if we secure four more years for the defender of western civilization our champion my friend the 45th president of the united states president donald j trump i'm rebecca friedrichs a veteran california public school educator i'm here to give voice to america's great teachers because our voices have been silenced for decades by unions who claim to represent us they do not when other dedicated teachers and i served within the unions we spoke up in defense of children parents scientific fact and american values for our trouble we were brutalized booed off the platform barred from committees shouted down and even spit upon by union leaders this is how unions treat devoted teachers but what's even worse is how their agenda of control deceives americans and our children they've intentionally rewritten american history to perpetuate division pervert the memories of our american founders and disparage our judeo-christian virtues their lenient discipline policies morphed our schools into war zones and they back defunding police and abolishing ice unions collect billions annually from unsuspecting teachers and push this radical agenda into our classrooms against our will why the only way to keep a free republic is with a well-educated moral citizenry that can self-govern unions are subverting our republic so they undermine educational excellence morality law and order that's why they spend hundreds of millions annually to defeat charter schools and school choice trapping so many precious low-income children in dangerous corrupt and performing schools to fight back on behalf of children and america brave teachers brought a lawsuit against unions and do you know who intervened against us the obama biden administration and california attorney general kamala harris they argued against us at the u.s supreme court their comrades labeled us spawns of satan and slandered us in mainstream media no matter their abuse we'll keep fighting for the country and children we love just like president trump he's breaking the union's grip on our schools that's why unions have tried to destroy him since the day he was elected but president trump isn't afraid to fight for what's right he won't back down his courage gives great teachers renewed hope he's even proposed education freedom scholarships to return control to parents protect religious liberties and empower kids to escape dangerous low-performing schools the republican platform supports educational freedom the democrat party does not democrats stand with deceptive teachers unions who pick on loving teachers and little kids president trump stands with america's families great teachers and most importantly our children so america's great teachers let's stand with president trump in protection of the kids and country we love [Music] i am so grateful to speak with you today my name is tanya weinrice i am from montana where i live with my husband my hero a marine and retired police officer my husband and i own mountain mud espresso we are not some multinational corporation our success is not measured by stockholders but by our neighbors the people we see at church and at jiu jitsu school with our son mountain mud espresso is the american story a story not just for entrepreneurs but for millions of hard-working men and women who are building their american dream every day a few months ago like so many businesses we got the crushing news a large event we were serving was cancelled because of the virus our business was on the brink threatened to be shut down from losses that were not our fault i was scared i thought of our 50 employees the mountain mud family and when i thought of their jobs i thought of their rent being due their kids and i felt personally responsible i'm not too proud to admit that i fell on my knees and prayed lord what do i do his words reign clear keep on working it will be okay i had faith and let me tell you you have to have faith when your husband is a marine and a police officer who was shot at on the job and when you run a business a little faith goes a long way faith in jesus and faith in america i'm worried we have a generation of americans who have been told that the american dream doesn't exist that's a lie i know because i live that dream it's why i feel so strongly that we need a president who believes in the american dream like president donald trump now more than ever i am so thankful that my prayers for help were answered my company was one of the first to receive a ppp loan and praise god it has been a lifesaver not only were we able to keep every single employee but we've been hiring weekly ever since i feel for local businesses across america who are under assault from shutdowns from riots and now facing the terrifying prospect of joe biden coming after everything we've built i am so grateful we have leaders like president trump standing up for local businesses like mine thank you president trump it is exciting to be part of the great american comeback story [Music] i'm congressman matt gates i'm speaking to you from an auditorium emptier than joe biden's daily schedule but we are a nation of full hearts and clear minds we see the choice clearly strength or weakness energy or confusion success or failure president trump is the first president since reagan not to start a new war biden has foolishly cheerled decades of war without winning without end president trump knows we are strongest when we fight hardest not in distant deserts but for our fellow americans we must fight to save america now or we may lose her forever joe biden might not even notice settle for biden that's the hashtag promoted by aoc and the socialists the woketopians will settle for biden because they will make him an extra in a movie written produced and directed by others it's a horror film really they'll disarm you empty the prisons lock you in your home and invite ms-13 to live next door and the police aren't coming when you call and democrat run cities they're already being defunded disbanded blaming our best and allowing society's worst that's the story they write in hollywood that's if the lights even stay on in california anymore a state that cannot keep power running for its own people should not send its junior senator to be vice president they used to write only in fiction but nightmares are becoming real cops killed children shot at the democrat convention they say if you vote against trump it will all stop appeasement is never a winning strategy no we won't settle for violence in our neighborhoods or at our border we won't settle for decades of bad decisions by basement dwelling joe biden we settle a continent we know that the frontier the horizon even the stars belong to us donald trump like all builders is a visionary that which is built in the mind is even more powerful than the brick and mortar that holds it together first comes the mind then the making first comes the vision then the work washington lincoln and jefferson are immortal precisely because of the pull they have on our imagination you cannot cancel a culture that loves its heroes the dangerous left need america to be weaker to accomplish their goal of replacing her we know that to make america great again we must first make something of ourselves that is the meaning of true strength my great grandfather was a railroad man as a florida man i watch our rockets routinely send the brightest beyond the heavens with our flag and our hope america is the greatest country that has ever existed don't let any celebrity athlete or politician tell you otherwise president trump sometimes raises his voice and a ruckus he knows that's what it takes to raise an army of patriots who love america and will protect her we must win this election if we cherish our country as much as we should for there is no place to run no refuge for freedom should we fail america is not just an idea or a constitution it is our home we must protect our home with unbreakable made in america strength strength i see every day in president donald trump thank you [Music] my name is kim klasik and i'm running for congress in maryland seventh district and like shirley chisholm i'm unbought and unbossed let me remind you the democrats have controlled this part of baltimore city for over 50 years and they have run this beautiful place right into the ground abandoned buildings liquor stores in every corner drug addicts guns on the street that's now the norm in many neighborhoods you think maryland taxpayers will be getting a whole lot since our taxes are out of control instead we're paying for decades of incompetence and corruption sadly the same cycle of decay exists and many of america's democrat-run cities and yet the democrats still assume that black people will vote for them no matter how much they let us down and take us for granted we're sick of it we're not going to take it anymore the days of blindly supporting the democrats are coming to an end in baltimore we have the highest number of black republicans in the entire country running for office this election cycle joe biden believes we can't think for ourselves but the color of someone's skin dictates their political views we're not buying the lies anymore you and your party have neglected us for far too long we want safety in our neighborhoods we want to make the most of the federal opportunity zone i'm standing in right now in west baltimore we want higher paying jobs and more business opportunities we want lower taxes we want school choice we want a chance to get ahead not just get by that's what president trump promised and that's what president trump delivered i want baltimore to be an example to republicans around the country that we can compete in our inner cities if we reach out to the citizens and deliver real results president trump is bringing this country back roaring he's bringing the american spirit to life for all americans so i'm asking you to help president trump complete this great american comeback and then i'm asking you to help me start this great baltimore comeback thank you and god bless america [Music] good evening i'm ronna mcdaniel chairwoman of the republican national committee and on behalf of everyone in our party and president trump thank you for tuning in as we kick off this historic convention as we speak to you tonight we send our thoughts and prayers to those facing terrible fires in california recovering from storms in iowa and preparing for hurricanes in louisiana and the gulf coast democrats started their convention last week with eva longoria a famous hollywood actress who played a housewife on tv well i'm actually a real housewife and a mom from michigan with two wonderful kids in public school who happens to be the only only the second woman in 164 years to run the republican party and unlike joe biden president trump didn't choose me because i'm a woman he chose me because i was the best person for the job four years ago president trump started a movement unlike any other and over the next four days we will hear from a few of the millions of hard-working everyday americans who have benefited from his leadership if you watched the dnc last week you probably noticed that democrats spent a lot of time talking about how much they despised our president but we heard very little about their actual policies policies that would have been unthinkable a decade ago policies like banning fossil fuels eliminating private health insurance taxpayer-funded health care for people who come here illegally and defunding the police their argument for joe biden boiled down to the fact that they think he's a nice guy well let me tell you raising taxes on 82 percent of americans is not nice eliminating 10 million good paying oil and gas jobs is not nice policies that force jobs to flee our country or allow abortion up until the point of birth are not nice the truth is there's only one person who has empathized with everyday americans and actually been fighting for them over the past four years and that is president donald trump in the nearly four years i've worked on behalf of president trump i've seen up close a man who has a deep love for family a man who has reverence for the office of the presidency a man with an incredible respect for law enforcement in our military i've seen private moments where he comforts americans in times of pain and sadness now everyone knows he can be tough he's tough when he takes on china tough when he works to fix our unfair trade deals tough when he fights to secure our borders president trump is always going to be tough when he is fighting for the american people because nice guys like joe cared more about countries like china and iran than the united states of america tonight begins a new chapter in the great american story a story that has inspired the world for generations and when we reelect president trump this november the best is yet to come this election is the most important in our lifetime your vote counts more than ever if you want to check your voting status secure your ballot or register to vote text vote to 88022 earlier today president trump and vice president pence came to north carolina to thank our delegates for unanimously renominating them to a second term our official roll call and the business of our republican convention was conducted today in charlotte we have created a short video to symbolize the excitement for president trump across all 50 states and territories thank you for watching god bless you and god bless the united states of america the great state of alabama alaska american cyborg arizona arkansas california colorado connecticut delaware district of columbia florida georgia guam hawaii idaho illinois indiana iowa kansas kentucky louisiana maine maryland massachusetts michigan minnesota mississippi missouri montana new hampshire new jersey new mexico new york the north carolina north dakota the northern mariana islands ohio oklahoma oregon pennsylvania south carolina south dakota tennessee states virgin islands utah vermont virginia [Music] west virginia wisconsin wyoming we're excited to nominate donald j trump and vice president mike pence for four more years thank you for all you've done to make america great again it is our privilege to nominate you for four more years and we know the best is yet to come [Applause] four more years four more years four more years four more years [Applause] [Music] [Applause] we will make america great again and ladies and gentlemen of this country the best is yet to come [Music] i didn't back down from my promises and i've kept every single one [Music] this current administration had made hope possible we want this nation to continue to be the beacon of hope for the world how many people said they're going to leave america if donald trump was elected they're all still here and they're not going anywhere because we are in the land of the free we will never ever sign bad trade deals america first again america first america's great usmca trade this is a big win for the united states of america this is a great trade deal we are going to lift the restrictions on the production of american energy we will create millions of more jobs help to me is the belief in a better tomorrow and creating a better future for our children when i look in the eyes of my grandchildren i wanted them to know that their papa was not silent we will rescue kids from failing schools by helping their parents send them to a safe school of their choice [Applause] we will completely rebuild our depleted military the countries that we are protecting at a massive cost to us we'll be asked to pay their fair share we will take care of our great veterans like they have never been taken care of before he saved me thanks to him i'm here to me he's giving people hope what he's doing for the poor people what he's doing for everybody we are going to appoint justices of the united states supreme court who will uphold our lords and our constitution why supporting law enforcement is so important for keeping america great as long as i'm president i will never defund your police that i promise you it's time to deliver a victory for the american people we are going to start winning again [Applause] it's called promises made promises [Music] my name is amy ford i've been a registered nurse for 17 years i'm from the small town of williamson west virginia where i've lived my entire life the daughter of a nurse and a coal miner even though i was the youngest of four children i was always somewhat of a caretaker it came natural for me so it felt right to follow in my mother's footsteps and become a nurse and this march when covered 19 sent our country into crisis i knew i had to help any way that i could i deployed to new york in april and then to san antonio texas working as a covert relief nurse in both states as i contended with the challenges of treating our patients who had their worlds turned upside down i noticed a positive change in our health care system president trump recognized the threat this virus presented for all americans early on and made rapid policy changes and as a result telehealth services are now accessible to more than 71 million americans including 35 million children prior to covid telehealth was not covered or reimbursed under medicare medicaid or chip this left our most vulnerable populations with no other choice but to have an in-person office visit with their physicians increasing their risk of exposure to coven 19 exponentially the expansion of telehealth services has also resulted in the integration of video visits between patients and their families allowing loved ones to have contact and visualization as well as a better understanding of care telehealth has been essential during this pandemic i don't want the media taking my personal story and twisting it so let me be clear as a healthcare professional i can tell you without hesitation donald trump's quick action and leadership saved thousands of lives during coven 19. and the benefits of that response extend far beyond coronavirus telehealth will continue to aid many that are just unable to find transportation or way to the doctor for regular checkups this is especially true in rural america i live in a town of about 2 000 people we do not have buses trains trolleys or ubers available to us in addition the unavailability of services can also hinder treatment for many so increased access to telehealth for millions of americans has truly been life-saving and we have president trump to thank from the very beginning democrats the media and the world health organization got coronavirus wrong the world health organization said authorities have found no clear evidence of human to human transmission overall most people should not be terribly concerned about it everything is fine here we do want to say to people come to chinatown here we are come join us we don't even think it's going to be as bad as it was in other countries go about your lives go about your business one leader took decisive action to save lives president donald trump banning travel from china and coronavirus epicenters biden charged xenophobia but president trump was right signing the cares act providing immediate relief to american families workers and businesses declaring a national emergency tapping into 42 billion in existing emergency funding quickly getting crucial personal protective equipment to the states signing the family's first coronavirus response act ensuring that american families and businesses impacted by the virus receive the strong support they need launching operation wharf speed to fast track the vaccine in record time he said everything that i could have hoped before promise made promise kept he is ready willing and able to help he has been responsive he's done a lot of good things what the federal government did was a phenomenal accomplishment in our hour of need and you all literally are helping us in a big way we were at the edge and this is life or death stuff and we're forever thankful for that soon we will emerge safer stronger and greater than ever [Music] i am dr g e golly an oral and maxillofacial surgeon and chancellor of a large academic medical and research center in louisiana i feel uniquely positioned to share how president trump's decisive leadership led to a rapid and efficient response to the coronavirus pandemic i know this as a health professional and as someone who has recovered from covet himself the covet 19 pandemic exploded into our great nation with an intensity unparalleled in history but our medical investigation and drug development systems were not designed for a pandemic the devastating effects of the coronavirus demanded immediate changes at the regulatory level a prompt response led by president trump cleared away the red tape that usually makes drug approvals a long and drawn out process by harnessing the resources the federal government in the private sector president trump's operation warp speed is accelerating the testing supply development and distribution of therapeutics diagnostics and very shortly effective vaccines to counter covet 19. let me give you three clear examples of how president trump's leadership removed regulatory barriers so covet patients could have faster access to effective therapies and diagnostics first on february 26 two phase three clinical trials studying rem desevere were initiated just two months later the fda approved room desevere for emergency use to treat covet 19. normally this is a three to five year process the amazing speed with which this happened in a safe but efficient manner is unheard of second the fda granted expanded access to covet 19 convalescent plasma within 24 hours of this approval we were administering convalescent plasma in room desevere to a critically ill patient a former army ranger and physician had it not been for the rapid deployment of these medicines this patient who is my colleague and friend would have surely died and third at the end of july i developed a fever and cough i reached out to our testing team and received one of the abbot rapid tests yet another tool quickly approved by this administration within 15 minutes my test came back positive and within four hours i was receiving my room desevere doses followed by an infusion of convalescent plasma as a physician i've seen firsthand how these breakthroughs have saved countless lives as a patient i've benefited from the expedited therapies made possible by the swift action of this administration president trump truly moved mountains to save lives and he deserves credit thank you president trump for providing timely access to critical diagnostics and therapeutics during this pandemic thank you mr president for your strong leadership in these challenging times [Music] when the china virus invaded our country we launched the greatest mobilization of american society since world war ii patriots of every race color and creed rallied together to defeat the invisible enemy and save the lives of their fellow citizens today our hearts overflow with appreciation for the incredible front line workers who risked their own health and safety to keep america strong and safe when crisis came millions of everyday americans rose to the challenge in their actions we see true greatness of the american character we always find a way to victory history will remember and celebrate the heroes of 2020 for as long as our great american flag waves over the land that we love to every front-line worker i offer the salute of a nation that is forever in your debt thank you god bless you and god bless america these are my friends these are the incredible workers that helped us so much with the kovid we can call it many different things from china virus i don't want to go through all the names because some people may get insulted but that's the way it is these are great great people doctors nurses firemen policemen we want to thank you all you have been incredible and we want to thank you and all of the millions of people that you represent thank you all very much great job thank you thank you thank you all very much so tell me a little about your stories how about we'll start with you i'm the postal worker delivered to the senior community during coca-19 good and we're taking good care of our postal workers that i can tell you believe me we're not getting rid of our postal workers you know they'd like to sort of put that out there if anyone does it's the democrats not the republicans i want to thank you very much and thank everybody in that whole beautiful post office system we appreciate it how about you i'm a trucker good owned a small business in ohio great holland steel mostly um you know some of our customers actually made hospital beds with uh material that's fantastic well congratulations i love the truckers you know they're on my side thank you i think all of them frankly i think pretty much all of them how about you i'm a custodian at the post office as well what do you do exactly clean up everybody's mess and everybody's germs and all that that that world that profession will never be out of business you know that right thank you very much for being here thank you thank you and how about you um i'm a registered nurse president trump i work at a new jersey hospital it's called virtual willing borough hospital right um i also represent an organization of professional nurses it's called the national association of catholic nurses but i want to tell you sir as a nursing supervisor i am so in awe of your leadership honestly i know many people have said often interesting things but it takes a true leader to be able to ignore all that stuff and do what is right and not be offended by all the words being said and you really do show that positive spirit to us and as nurses i appreciate that but just as an individual i'm grateful for that well i'm for the nurses i'm for the doctors i'm for everybody we just have to make this china virus go away and it's happening please go ahead i'm also a nurse i represent genesis healthcare which is a skill nursing facility company um i want to thank you and your administration for all the supplies and support and funding that you've given the skilled nursing units without that we couldn't do as well as we have done i spent some time in new jersey i live in west virginia went to new jersey and did some work there and we finally started to see things change and turn around i appreciate what you said because we have delivered billions of dollars of equipment that governors were supposed to give and in many cases they didn't get so the federal government had to help them and all of the people that did this incredible work they never got credit for it but you understand where it came from thank you very much thank you both it's really nice please go ahead i'm a police officer in englewood colorado and i contracted covid in late march and recovered that means we don't have to be afraid of you at all once you're recovered you know we have the whole thing with plasma happening that means your blood is very valuable you know that right thank you very much great please i'm a detention deputy the kern county sheriff's department out in california great and i also contracted coven um into march and recovered from that also how long was your problem um i was sick about 10 days really bad i got everything besides the cough but recovered i was off work for a month and a half and i work in our local county jails did they do anything specifically to help you recover they gave me zpax medication cough syrup okay and i won't even ask you about the hydroxychloroquine because it's a shame what they've done to that one but i took it i took the z-pack also and zinc i want to thank you all very much it's an honor to have you in the white house you're fantastic people and the people you represent you represent an incredible group of people and uh we love you all thank you very much thank you very much appreciate it good evening i'm congressman jim jordan representing the fourth district of ohio the republican party is the pro-america party president trump is the pro-america candidate this election is about who can preserve the values principles and institutions that make america great don't believe me look at what's happening in american cities cities all run by democrats crime violence and mob rule democrats refuse to denounce the mob and their response to the chaos defund the police defund border patrol and defund our military and while they're doing all this they're also trying to take away your guns look at the positions they've taken the past few months democrats won't let you go to church but they'll let you protest democrats won't let you go to work but they'll let you riot and democrats won't let you go to school but they'll let you go loot president trump has fought against each of their crazy ideas he's taken on the swamp all of the swamp the democrats the press and the never trumpers and when you take on the swamp the swamp fights back they tried the russia hoax the mueller investigation and the fake impeachment but in spite of this unbelievable opposition this president has done what he said he would do taxes cut regulations reduced economy growing lowest unemployment 50 years out of the iran deal embassy in jerusalem hostages home from north korea a new u.s mca agreement and of course he's building the wall and rebuilding our economy as we speak i love the president's intensity and his willingness to fight every day in washington for our families but what i also appreciate about the president is something most americans never get to see how much he truly cares about people our family has seen it two years ago our nephew eli was killed in a car accident he lived a mile up the road from us grew up wrestling and training with our boys was a high school state champion varsity athlete for the university of wisconsin it's a saturday morning three days after the accident i walked to the car to head up to eli's parents home when the president called we talked about a few issues and then he asked how the family was doing i said they're doing okay mr president but it's tough the president said yeah losing a loved one is always difficult and it's really tough when they're so young i then said mr president i'm actually walking into their house right now obviously they don't know that i'm talking to you but if you'd be willing to say hello to eli's dad you'd make a terrible day a little less terrible what's his name the president asked i walked through the door and said todd the president wants to talk to you for the next five minutes family and friends sat in complete silence as the president of the united states took time to talk to a dad who was hurting that's the president i've gotten to know the last four years the president who shared private moments like this with soldiers victims of violent crime and people who've had businesses destroyed by the mob that's the individual who's made america great again and who knows america's best days are still in front of us and that's why i'm busting my tail to help him get reelected i'm asking you to do the same thank you and god bless our country i'm not an actor a singer or a politician i'm hershel walker most of you know me as a football player but i'm also a father a man of faith and a very good judge of character i've known donald trump for 37 years and i don't mean just casual ranting to him from time to time i'm talking about a deep personal friendship i watched him as an owner of a professional football team right after he bought the team he set out to learn he learned about the history of the team the players the coaches every detail then he used what he learned to make the team better i watched him in the board room he can be in the middle of a big meeting but if one of the kids was on the phone he dropped everything to take the call he taught me that the family should be your top priority i watched him treat janitors security guards and waiters the same way he retreated vip he made them feel special because he knew they were he understands that they are the people who make this country run they clean they cook they build they drive they deliver he told me herschel make an effort to get to know people remember the names that stuck with me one time i planned to take his kids to disney world with my family at the last minute donald said he'd like to join us so there he was in a business suit on uh it's a small world ride that was something to see it just showed you what a care and loving father he is it hurt my soul to hear the terrible names that people call donald the worst one is racist i take it as a personal insult that people would think i've had a 37 year friendship with the races people think they don't know what they're talking about growing up in the deep south i've seen racism up close i know what it is and it isn't donald trump just because someone loves and respects the flag our national anthem and our country doesn't mean they don't care about social justice i care about all those things so does donald trump he shows how much he cares about social justice in the black community through his actions and his actions speaks louder than stickers or slogans on the jersey he keeps right on fighting to improve the lives of black americans and all americans he works night and day he never stops he leaves nothing on the field some people don't like his style the way he knocks down obstacles that get in the way of his goals people on an opposing team that like when i ran over them either but that's how you get the job done i pray every night that god gives him more time give him four more years he has accomplished so much almost all by himself on a constant attack but there's still more work to be done if you love america and want to make it better donald trump is your president he's my president and i'm blessed to call him friend [Music] [Applause] good evening i'm natalie harp a formerly forgotten american from california in the classic jimmy stewart film it's a wonderful life george bailey is given a great gift the chance to see what the world would be like without him tonight mr president we'd like to give you that same gift because without you we'd all be living in pottersville sold out to a crooked mister or i should say a crooked mrs potter with no hope of escape except death itself i should know because i wouldn't be alive today if it wasn't for you about five years ago i was a victim of a notoriously deadly medical error i survived but only to be diagnosed with a rare and terminal bone cancer you know the democrats love to talk about health care being a human right but a right to what well i'll tell you to them it's a right to marijuana opioids and the right to die with dignity a politically correct way of saying assisted suicide i was told i was a burden to my family and to my country and that by choosing to die early i'd actually be saving the lives of others by preserving resources for them rather than wasting them on a lost cause like myself and when i failed the chemotherapies that were on the market no one wanted me in their clinical trials i'd make them look bad they didn't give me the right to try experimental treatments mr president you did and without you i'd have died waiting for them to be approved now with the coronavirus everyone knows what that feels like to be waiting for a cure but we've only been waiting a few months just imagine what 2020 would have looked like fighting for your life without donald trump fighting for it too in january there would have been no china travel ban millions would have died millions more would have been infected for there be no record levels of testing no right to try treatments no fast track for a vaccine nor operation warp speed ready to deliver it and without donald trump as our patient advocate for the past four years well the opioid epidemic would have stolen even more lives from even more families kidney patients would have no future except dying on wait lists for there be known initiative to increase donations there'd still be no accountability at the va and our brave veterans would still be suffering long wait times with no choice nor access to faster care insulin and other drug prices would have continued to rise while a record number of generic drugs would still be stuck in the pipeline there'd be no price transparency we wouldn't have health plans up to 60 cheaper than obamacare and we'd still be stuck with that infamous individual mandate and god forbid what the next four years would look like for in joe biden's america china would control our drug production we'd be one step closer to government-run health care we wouldn't just be unable to keep our doctors we'd be lucky if we could see any doctor and even then some of us would be denied care for in socialized medicine you don't beat the odds you become the odds and i would lose my right to try just like charlie gard that terminally ill british baby whose government-run health care system decided it was too expensive and too cruel to keep him alive you see mr president you've done so much more than your promises made and promises kept for numbers only tell part of the story we are the rest of it facts with faces of americans who would still be forgotten if you and our favorite first lady hadn't given up your own wonderful life so we could have the chance at one george bailey's father was right all you can take with you is that what you've given away and mr president that makes you the richest man in the world for you have used your strength to make america strong again sacrifice the life you built to make america proud again and you risked everything to make america safe again it's a wonderful life you made america great again and on november 3rd we are going to keep america great hello america my name is vernon jones and i'm a state representative from the great state of georgia as you can see i'm a man of color and i'm a lifelong democrat too you may be wondering why is a lifelong democrat speaking at the republican national convention and that's a fair question and here's your answer the democratic party does not want black people to leave their mental plantation we've been forced to be there for decades and generations but i have news for joe biden we are free we are free people with free minds and i'm part of a large and growing segment of the black community who are independent thinkers and we believe that donald trump is the president that america needs to lead us forward this is no time for sleeping in the basement joe biden has had 47 years to produce results but he's been all talk and no action just like so many of the democrats who've been making promises to the black voters for decades we've been their captive audience when president trump sought to earn the black vote the democratic party leaders went crazy nancy pelosi and chuck schumer literally started wearing kente cloths around the u.s capitol as if pandering were enough to keep us satisfied let me tell you why i'm supporting our president i grew up in the south in laurel hill north carolina scotland county the green pond community to be exact my parents robin and roofer jones built with their own hands a four-room cinderblock home with no indoor plumbing they had very limited education but they instilled in us a strong work ethic that drove me from those tobacco fields of north carolina to those hallowed halls of the georgia general assembly my parents taught me if i believed in god worked hard and treated every person fairly there was no limit to what we could achieve i attended north carolina central university in historical black college for generations hbcus have been the incubators that develop black scholars in math and science and religion engineering and politics they have been imported springboards for the black success but democrats haven't treated them that way when president trump took office he changed everything he delivered historic funding to hbcus and he guaranteed it for 10 years something that has never happened in the history of this country that gave our hbcus stability the chance to grow and produce the next generation of black leaders that's right donald trump did that he's also supported school choice to ensure that no child no matter their race or zip code is left behind every child should have access to a quality education but education is just the beginning the president also built the most inclusive economy ever with record low unemployment for african americans and record high participation in the workforce he put opportunity zones in the trump tax bill that would drive investment into our communities for decades to come he put the interests of american workers and especially black workers first that's right donald trump did that he delivered historic criminal justice reform he ended once and for all the policy of incarceration of black people which has decimated our communities caused by no other than joe biden democrats wouldn't do it obama didn't want to do it and joe biden and kamala harris definitely wouldn't do it but donald trump did it he's also working every day to make our community safer as a former executive of dekalb county georgia i directed one of the largest public safety departments in the southeast i seen tragic shootings on both sides officers killing citizens and citizens killing officers in the line of duty police officers are fellow citizens they live in our country they have families too they live in our communities unfortunately democrats have turned their backs on our brave police officers they call it defunding and it's a danger to our cities our neighborhoods and our children isn't it ironic that democrat politicians have personal security to protect them so why don't they forego their security and replace them with social workers especially since that's what they want for you and me our police need more funding not less for frequent psychological examinations for non-lethal remote restraint technology and for more de-escalation and use of force training these are the common sense solutions that president trump supports true sincere police reform that's right donald trump did that too education jobs safety security on issue after issue and in just a single term he destroyed these negative forces that have victimized the black community for decades he gave us the opportunity to rise now you know when i made the public announcement of my support for president trump all hell broke loose i was threatened called an embarrassment and asked to resign by my own party unfortunately that's consistent with the democratic party and how they view independent thinking black men and women but i'm here to tell you that black voices are becoming more woke and louder than ever the democratic party has become infected with a pandemic of intolerance bigotry socialism anti-law enforcement bias and a dangerous tolerance for people who attack others destroy their property and terrorize our own communities that's what this election is all about and that's why right now more than ever more than ever before america needs donald trump in the oval office for another four years god bless you and vote donald j trump thank you [Music] in 2018 a gunman walked into marjory stoneman douglas high school in parkland florida and changed my life forever my name is andrew pollock his name isn't worth saying one of the seniors walking in the hallways that day was my beautiful daughter meadow she was just months away from graduating and beginning a new life we were so proud of the woman she had become but in the hallway on that third floor the gunman saw meadow and shot her down the hallway hitting her four times after she was shot and on the floor she crawled over to another student a freshman girl to protect her she draped her body over her and then the scumbag gunman shot my daughter at point blank range five more times killing meadow and the girl she was shielding she had a whole life ahead of her and in that life she could have done anything and been anything so many moments that i waited so long for were taken from me i didn't get to drop her off at college i didn't get to walk her down the aisle but every moment was taken from her and for what i never wanted this to become a political spectacle but it did i never wanted to meet the president like this but i did i was invited to the white house the truth is i just buried my daughter that week i really wasn't interested in public events like a tour or a photo op i was interested in answers and solutions so if the president wanted to meet me personally i said i'd go they said of course that was his plan at the white house my family and i sat with the president in the oval office and told him about meadow i told him what we knew i told him that his administration needed to take a closer look at what went wrong and why and i got to see who president trump really is he's a good man and a great listener and he cuts through the bs then the president did what he said he would do he took action he formed the school safety commission that issued dozens of recommendations to make schools safer but i'll bet you never heard about that instead the media turned my daughter's murder went to a coordinated attack on president trump republicans and our second amendment in fact when president trump asked me and other parents of children that were murdered in school shootings to join him as he announced the commission's findings the media's first question wasn't about protecting kids shockingly they asked about the government shutdown president trump turned to me appalled and said andy can you believe these people we're trying to talk about school safety and this is what they do but i could believe it after my daughter's murder the media didn't seem interested in the facts so i found them myself i learned that gun control laws didn't fail my daughter people did the gunman had threatened to kill his classmates before he had threatened to rape them he had threatened to shoot up to school every red flag you can imagine but the school didn't just miss these red flags they knowingly ignored them far left democrats in our school district made this shooting possible because they implemented something they called restorative justice this policy which really just blames teachers for students failures puts kids and teachers at risk and makes shootings more likely but it was billed as a pioneering approach to discipline and safety i was just fine with the old approach to discipline and safety it was called discipline and safety but the obama biden administration took parkland's bad policies and forced them into schools across america when president trump rescinded obama's guidance on restorative justice policies he put an end to that and that meant the world to me it's hard to tell how much mr biden understands about what happened at parkland mr biden has campaigned on bringing back restorative justice as part of as part of his unity platform with bernie sanders and has pledged to implement in school districts across america but he doesn't even seem to know when the shooting happened he said that he was vice president when it happened but he wasn't mr biden may not know when my daughter was murdered but i do february 14 2018 mr biden may not know that these policies make shootings more likely but i do mr biden may not know who was vice president that day but i do it wasn't joe biden it was mike pence thank god and i know who the president was too it wasn't barack obama it was president donald j trump and he took action i truly believe the safety of our kids depends on whether this man is re-elected i hope you'll join me in helping to make that happen mr president myself and millions of americans appreciate you and love you god bless america and god bless our president donald j trump thank you [Music] a curfew effect for the city of saint louis protests in saint louis turned violent [Music] [Music] mark mccloskey says he and his family have been threatened with violence under missouri law you have a right to defend your home and the lives of your family a search warrant has been executed at the home of mark and patricia mccleskey husband and wife attorneys charged with pointing guns at protesters they were simply trying to protect their home good evening america we are mark and patty mccloskey we're speaking to you tonight from st louis missouri where just weeks ago you may have seen us defending our home as a mob of protesters descended on our neighborhood america is such a great country that not only do you have the right to own a gun and use it to defend yourself but thousands of americans will offer you free advice on how to use it at least that's what we experienced what you saw happen to us could just as easily happen to any of you who are watching from quiet neighborhoods around our country and that's what we want to speak to you about tonight that's exactly right whether it's the defunding of police ending cash bail so criminals can be released back out on the streets the same day to riot again or encouraging anarchy and chaos on our streets it seems as if the democrats no longer view the government's job as protecting honest citizens from criminals but rather protecting criminals from honest citizens not a single person in the out of control mob you saw at our house was charged with a crime but you know who was we were they've actually charged us with felonies for daring to defend our home on top of that consider this the marxist liberal activist leading the mob to our neighborhood stood outside our home with a ball horn screaming you can't stop the revolution just weeks later that same marxist activist won the democrat nomination to hold a seat in the u.s house of representatives in the city of saint louis that's the same as winning the general election that marxist revolutionary is now going to be the congresswoman from the first district of missouri these radicals are not content with marching in the streets they want to walk the halls of congress they want to take over they want power this is joe biden's party these are the people who will be in charge of your future and the future of your children they're not satisfied with spreading the chaos and violence into our communities they want to abolish the suburbs altogether by ending single-family home zoning this forestry zoning would bring crime lawlessness and low-quality apartments into now thriving suburban neighborhoods president trump smartly ended this government overreach but joe biden wants to bring it back these are the policies that are coming to a neighborhood near you so make no mistake no matter where you live your family will not be safe in the radical democrats america at this moment in history if you stand up for yourself and for the values our country was founded on the mob spurred on by their allies in the media will try to destroy you you've seen us on your tv screens and twitter feeds you know that we're not the kind of people who back down thankfully neither is donald trump president trump will defend the god-given right of every american to protect their homes and their families but more than that trump's vision for america is a country where you have an opportunity to work hard and build the life you dream of with a job you love with your children being educated in great schools in a community where your family can play in the backyard without fear worship in a church without shame and express your beliefs without retribution trump brought us the greatest economy our country had ever seen the democrats have brought us nothing but destruction when we don't have basic safety and security in our communities we'll never be free to build a brighter future for ourselves for our children or for our country that's what's at stake in this election and that's why we must re-elect donald trump god bless you god bless the president and god bless you the united states [Music] good evening america i'm kimberly guilfoyle i speak to you tonight as a mother a former prosecutor a latina and a proud american and yes a proud supporter of president donald j trump why because he is the president who delivers for america he built the greatest economy the world has ever known for the strivers the working class and middle class as commander-in-chief he always puts america first president trump is the law and order president now presidential leadership is not guaranteed it is a choice biden harris and the rest of the socialists will fundamentally change this nation they want open borders closed schools dangerous amnesty and will selfishly send your jobs back to china while they get rich they will defund dismantle and destroy america's law enforcement when you are in trouble and need police don't count on the democrats as a first generation american i know how dangerous their socialist agenda is my mother mercedes was a special education teacher from aguadilla puerto rico my father also an immigrant came to this nation in pursuit of the american dream now i consider it my duty to fight to protect that dream rioters must not be allowed to destroy our cities human sex drug traffickers should not be allowed to cross our border the same socialist policies which destroyed places like cuba and venezuela must not take root in our cities and our schools if you want to see the socialist biden harris future for our country just take a look at california it is a place of immense wealth immeasurable innovation an immaculate environment and the democrats turned it into a land of discarded heroin needles and parks riots and streets and blackouts and homes in president trump's america we light things up we don't dim them down we build things up we don't burn them down we kneel in prayer and we stand for our flag this election is a battle for the soul of america your choice is clear do you support the cancel culture the cosmopolitan elites of nancy pelosi chuck schumer and joe biden who blame america first do you think america is to blame or do you believe in american greatness believe in yourself in president trump in individual and personal responsibility they want to destroy this country and everything that we have fought for and hold dear they want to steal your liberty your freedom they want to control what you see and think and believe so that they can control how you live they want to enslave you to the weak dependent liberal victim ideology to the point that you will not recognize this country or yourself from the beginning when president trump spoke about making america great again he was speaking about that shining city on a hill and restoring the beacon of light that once shined so bright his promise was to put america first and he has when president trump cut middle-class taxes putting tens of thousands of dollars back in the pockets of working-class americans that beacon began to flicker once again when president trump commanded the defeat of isis took out al-baghdadi and solemnani and paved the way for peace in the middle east that beacon started to glow when he negotiated historic trade deals with canada mexico japan and china bringing back thousands of manufacturing jobs to america that beacon shined bright once again for the world to see america it's all on the line president trump believes in you he emancipates and lifts you up to live your american dream you are capable you are qualified you are powerful and you have the ability to choose your life and determine your destiny don't let the democrats take you for granted don't let them step on you don't let them destroy your families your lives and your future don't let them kill future generations because they told you and brainwash you and fed you lies that you weren't good enough like my parents you can achieve your american dream you can be that shiny example to the world manifest and be the change in this country that you dream that you hope that you believe in stand for an american president who is fearless who believes in you and who loves this country and will fight for her president trump is the leader who will rebuild the promise of america and ensure that every citizen can realize their american dream ladies and gentlemen leaders and fighters for freedom and liberty and the american dream the best is yet to come i'm congressman steve scalise we're facing some tough challenges in america this isn't the first time we've been here i've worked closely with donald trump over the last few years and if there's one constant theme to how he approaches problems it's how much he cares about the hardworking people that washington left behind i've seen this firsthand after i was shot on a baseball field by a leftist gunman first responders rushed me to a hospital where i battled for my life that same night donald trump came to the hospital along with first lady melania trump they consoled my wife jennifer they were there for my family in my darkest hours donald trump would call to check on me throughout the following weeks just to see how i was doing that's the kind of person he is that's the side of donald trump that the media will never show you look there's a lot at stake this is an election between a party that wants to burn down the foundations of our country to the ground and a party that wants to rebuild and protect our great nation the left wants to defund the police this is personal to me i wouldn't be here without the bravery and heroism of the men and women in law enforcement who saved my life president trump stands with those brave men and women joe biden has embraced the left's insane mission to defund them there won't be an america to leave to our children and grandchildren without those brave law enforcement officers and first responders joe biden's made a career in washington for 47 years promising things he's never delivered in just three short years president trump has delivered huge wins for american families while joe biden made hollow promises when he chaired the senate judiciary committee donald trump took action and delivered criminal justice reform joe biden claims to care about the working man but millions of good manufacturing jobs were shipped overseas during the obama-biden years to countries like china donald trump brought those jobs back i've seen how deeply president trump cares about rebuilding our evaporating middle class president trump pledged to give the forgotten men and women of america a real shot at the american dream and again he delivered the lowest unemployment rate in over 50 years women creating small businesses at record pace wages rising the fastest by the way for lowest income levels what can joe biden say to that what has joe biden done in his 47 years in washington that can compare to that president trump has delivered for the hard-working people of this great nation it's going to take that kind of bold leadership to get us out of this coveted crisis after president trump saved lives by shutting down flights from china and europe he's now focusing the full weight of the government on a revolutionary plan to cure this virus by cutting red tape and empowering scientists to create a vaccine this is visionary leadership and action at a time when we can't afford another 47 years of hollow promises america's been through tough times before who better to lead us out of these times than the president who already built the strongest economy our country has ever seen donald trump did it before donald trump will deliver for us again god bless you and god bless these united states of america [Music] i'm sean parnell and it is an honor to be here in 2006 the army sent me to afghanistan as a young platoon leader placed in command of americans from every corner of our planet our platoon reflected the diversity of our nation every race creed and religion despite those differences we were bound together as brothers from the same american family on june 10 2006 our platoon was attacked just after dawn outnumbered ten to one we endured mortar and machine gun fire as hundreds of taliban charged us from three sides we had 24 men that day wave after wave of taliban advances up the hill i was wounded three times in the fighting nearly all of my platoon was wounded within the first minute but the enemy kept coming we fought to our last rounds of ammunition and when it was over we held the hill in the face of death i saw ordinary americans become heroes in our darkest hour when our survival depended on each other my men and i learned an important lesson we all bleed red our differences did not define us united we were unbeatable after 485 days of combat i came home eager to enjoy the freedoms i risked my life to defend but i watched with alarm as the party of my grandfather a lifelong union democrat turned against the very people it professed to represent i watched as joe biden spit venom at an auto worker who dared to question joe's intent to dismantle the second amendment and take your guns where democrats once stood for hard-working law-abiding americans who displayed our flag with pride this new democrat party considers these people uneducated racists clinging to guns and bibles the party of harry truman became the party of hedge fund managers hollywood celebrities tech moguls and university professors all bloated with contempt for middle america i look across the aisle and i do not see a party that wants you to pursue your dreams i see a democrat party that wants to dictate what those dreams are i don't see a party that wants you to be free i see a party that wants to chain you to conformity and will destroy anyone they deem a heretic i swore an oath to defend my country and its constitution president trump has sworn to do the same that's why he's advanced freedom despite savage political attacks to overcome the agenda of the radical left president trump has unleashed the economic might of this nation like no other president in our history he triggered the rising tide of working families brought us energy independence reclaimed jobs from overseas that you know democrats said would never return he has fiercely defended the besieged first and second amendments that is just a start with four more years imagine what we can achieve by simply working with our president i believe in our president's vision for the future i stand here tonight calling on all americans to join us it doesn't matter what you look like who you love how you worship your gender or your job if you're a traditional democrat who's become disillusioned with how radical your party has become then stand with us you are most welcome america needs all her patriots to rush to her defense my fellow americans i promise you this in our tent you are free free to speak the truth choose your journey define your life you have the power to go as far as you aim then aim higher and keep going because that is what americans do we are idealists and dreamers lovers of adventure we're rugged and independent we don't make excuses we make the impossible a reality think about it in a century we went from ground-bound dreamers gazing to the stars to doers who created the means to reach them this is not the time to stand on the sidelines if you love our country as we do as our president does join the chorus of patriot voices that will preserve this exceptional union mr president lead the way millions in our american family believe in this path to destiny guide us to that horizon thank you and may god bless the united states of america we come together to imagine a future [Music] determined by the shining light of our hopes and values and faith a country where we are judged by our character with dignity and respect for all [Music] the belief that all are created equal that lives matter irrespective of race creed or color committed to excelling beyond our dreams four years ago we faced an historic crossroad career politicians promising change every election but delivering emptiness we chose a different path a man who is not a politician a man who cares a man who works tirelessly for you still politicians spun their deceptions and obstructed progress fanning the flames of lawlessness we all know that it is easy to criticize it takes a true leader to solve problems covet 19 while others criticize without solutions president trump's swift action saved lives and as leading democrats want to keep businesses closed down our president is leading the way for a full economic recovery we are america we as americans work together to overcome challenges and write our own stories america land of promise land of opportunity land of heroes i thought i had been forgotten i nearly gave up hope i was so afraid i believed i would die here american hostages forgotten and wasting away in far-off prisons wrongfully detained by foreign governments americans were beaten abused starved and left for dead until president donald trump stepped in the three american hostages are finally back on u.s soil after being held captive in north korea we're following some breaking news in turkey where an american pastor andrew brunson has been released an american jailed in egypt is back in the u.s this morning after an intervention by the trump administration a tough and skilled negotiator president trump successfully won the release of detainees and prisoners among the most of any president in american history while families waited in despair for news of their loved ones president trump provided a new spark of hope by bringing our hostages home we have danny burch back home where he should be he was in yemen in a very horrible situation yesterday the united states government secured the release of caitlyn coleman joshua boyle and their three children today we are bringing home another american citizen we just had news that turkey released a prisoner that we were trying to get to the united states under this administration america has not and will not turn its back on our people president trump will bring them home [Music] diplomacy negotiation skills perseverance faith the ingredients of hope when there is no hope no american should ever be left behind priority freeing american hostages we have six incredible people who were held hostage by various countries and i'm very pleased to let everybody know that we brought back over 50 hostages from 22 different countries we worked very hard on it ambassador o'brien and others and i will tell you we uh we're very proud of the job we did but i'd like to ask maybe pastor brunson to say a few words so we can go through and just give us a little history of what happened and how is life treating you i was held in turkey for two years and you took unprecedented steps actually to secure my release and your administration really fought for me and i don't i think if you hadn't done that i may still be in turkey i'm very grateful for 28 years right they had you there they had you scheduled for a long time andrew we had to get you back and i have to say that to me president erdogan was very good and i know they had you scheduled for a long time and you were a very innocent person and he ultimately after we had a few conversations he agreed so we appreciate that and we appreciate the people of turkey and you still appreciate the people of turkey i understand right we love the turkish people that's grace it's great to have you back andrew thank you please mr president thank you for having me my name is sam goodwin i'm from st louis missouri i was held in syria for 63 days and i'm i think i speak for my fellow former hostages and detainees here when i say i'm as grateful as i've ever been for anything to be home safely and thank you for the information and opportunity to be here particularly ambassador o'brien was incredibly supportive and helpful to my family and i can't say enough nice things about him thank you for promoting him and uh just really happy to be here so thank you we got your back you got me back yeah we got you all back and we have some more that we're working on right now to get back that we better do please go ahead my name is michael white mr president i do once again it's an honor to be here honored to meet you in person basically what had happened with me is i went traveled over to the country of iran it turned out there was a major major trap and i was apprehended there i went through a lot in their injustice system in iranian justice doesn't iran is an oppressive extortionist terrorist regime you know what i'm talking about but what you did sir is you were able to get me out of that prison in record time it was amazing thank you very much well thank you please yeah my name is josh holt this is my wife tammy yes we were held hostage in venezuela for two years i know very well and you you helped us get out and senator hatch worked with you very well on that as well and it was a a great honor to be able to meet you right when we got back i remember a lot of people ask me what was it like meeting president trump and i just said i was i was blown away i just got released after two years then i'm shaking the hand of the president in the oval office i don't really remember a whole lot of it so it's nice to meet you again and it's been great it's been great to be back helping people through situations that they've gone through and now we have started our family well the great people of utah really wanted me to do something about the two of you and we were able to do it and a little bit of a miracle i think frankly it was because it was a very hostile period and we appreciate everybody working so hard with us but we're able to get you both back and are you living in utah now i hope we're sold that's good we'll say hello to the folks in utah because they're great people thank you very much congratulations thank you please brian spent an unexpected trip there in india i was not going to india i was going through india to nepal i've been working for the last 18 years but on behalf of my family myself thank you president trump for getting us out and getting us home the darkest moment of our whole time together uh your letter to my wife came and it really gave her the hope and the peace and from that time forward as more people got involved especially the ambassador there in india things became more peaceful and the hope was there for the last four months that we really would get to come home because they had planned on keeping me for three to five years the original charge thing was three to five years right and that was cleared and then they came up with new charges to do a seven year uh terminal responded very well to my request so we appreciate that and appreciate everything y'all did thank you all for being with us we have a few more people we want to get back and we will get them back and they'll be back very soon thank you very much appreciate it great stories an idea of how we'll be seeing the president used throughout this convention period in this case interviewing people who had been released who had been detained or held hostage overseas i want to bring in our chief foreign correspondent richard anglin of the conversation richard joins us in belarus he's been covering the mass protests that have followed that country's disputed election richard part of the conversation we just heard centered on syria and iran talk about things have been overshadowed by kovid and the election tell us about the president's record in that part of the world where things stand well here in belarus for example people believe that president trump is not doing much to support their movement not doing much to support democracy and let's be frank around the world since president trump has taken office the united states position as a global superpower has declined he's not trusted by our allies our allies generally try to avoid him the adversaries think they can flatter and manipulate him and he's seen as someone who's trying to tear down the very institutions that the united states helped create after world war ii with attacks on nato attacks on climate agreements and it leads to in general a lack of respect for the united states and that is something president trump says that under his leadership the us would be respected more but uh a recent opinion poll found that the uh under under president trump the united states isn't seen as as much as a world power as it used to be all right richard engel in belarus tonight thanks as mentioned the lineup tonight includes nikki haley who served as u.n ambassador during the first two years of the trump administration and we also expect to hear from senator tim scott as well let's go to hallie jackson uh donald trump jr by the way so it's going to be all in the family and halle you know it has been very notable so far how many black voices have been included in the rnc presentation so far can you talk about the strategy there yeah including for example a young woman who is running a young black republican woman running to for a house seat in baltimore who quoted shirley chisholm in the remarks prior to the prime time speech a state democratic representative from georgia a democrat looking to build support in his community for president trump and savannah this is a theme that we're going to see in several of the speeches tonight including former u.n ambassador nikki haley who will talk about her upbringing as a child of immigrants and of course senator tim scott the only black republican in the senate who will talk about ways in which he worked at the president on issues like opportunity zones trying to make the case to americans that president trump has worked to lift black americans out of poverty and into success savannah all right holly thank you and as we await nikki haley and tonight's other speakers we will take a quick break here so please stay with us [Music] this morning across the country what the new normal for schools will look like many teachers left making tough choices between the job they love and their family when i get aside take care of my children or have a job that's an impossible decision you're creating a little community school this is the moment we can just develop ourselves and develop our community let's turn it over to students how do they really feel about returning to school what i miss is my teachers they are resilient [Music] you're watching nbc news now we've got some breaking news we actually saw a large convoy of the national guard come through here it's news made for your streaming world live weekdays starting at 6 a.m eastern a surge in corona virus infection his developments on several fronts the story tonight the u.s shattering the record for most coveted cases in a single day from every angle what's your level of concern that the kids who have been told they're going to be home indefinitely won't be able to catch up on the ground you have faith that this is going to bring about change soon and in depth here in portland more protests expected tonight do you think that police in this country are under attack nbc nightly news with lester holt a country reeling from a pandemic and racial injustice the story changes hourly the president's push to get children back into school is sinking in among families who are debating the safety of it it's the 11th hour this is a situation where the state continues to struggle to expand its testing capabilities protesters feel that they need to come out in full force and support their community because they feel like they're not getting that support from the fulton police another election day coming up against the backdrop of how to keep voters safe amid a pandemic the moment to truly understand who we are and who we say we are is right here at our feet a surge in coronavirus infection his developments on several fronts the story tonight the u.s shattering the record for most coveted cases in a single day from every angle what's your level of concern that the kids who have been told they're going to be home indefinitely won't be able to catch up on the ground do you have faith that this is going to bring about change soon and in depth here in portland more protests expected tonight do you think that police in this country are under attack nbc nightly news with lester holt this year's election is going to be a little different instead of one election day we now have a voting season that special time of year when polls can open weeks before election day when your mailbox can become a voting booth when how you vote is just as important as who you vote for how when and where to cast your ballot depends on your state tis the season to be prepared this year plan your vote for breaking news in our changing world download the nbc news app we're just a couple of minutes away from the first big speech of the night ambassador nikki haley who of course served in the early years of the trump administration followed directly by donald trump jr the president's oldest son let's turn to white house correspondent kristen welker who has been reporting on what to expect hi kristen good evening hi savannah and lester good evening to both of you all eyes will be on nikki haley of course she is someone who has gotten buzz as a potential candidate in 2024 she's going to speak to president trump's foreign policy bonafides expect her to try to paint the picture of a strong leader someone who's taken tough action on north korea taken action to stomp out isis but of course it is a checkered record particularly when you think about north korea president trump met with kim jong-un a number of times and yet still no deal for nuclear disarmament but she is going to make the case that he is a strong leader and that's the type of argument that appeals to president trump's base we've talked a lot about who the president is trying to reach out to through this convention and particularly on this first night it is a convention that is largely aimed at trying to energize the president's base trying to make sure that he's not losing any of those key republican voters including in the suburbs so issues like foreign policy matter a whole lot and of course nikki haley a former un ambassador here one of the females serving in his administration so she helps energize female voters as well and many would argue position in this in this convention because she is a rising star and as you noted seen as a potential candidate the next time of round all right governor of south carolina in 2010 reelected in 2014 named u.n ambassador by donald trump two weeks after he was selected in 2016. we expect to see nikki haley now as she makes her way in front of the camera at one of the major speeches of the [Music] night good evening i'm nikki haley and it's great to be back at the republican national convention i'll start with a little story it's about an american ambassador to the united nations and it's about a speech she gave to this convention she called for the reelection of the republican president she served and she called out his democratic opponent a former vice president from a failed administration that ambassador said and i quote democrats always blame america first the year was 1984. the president was ronald reagan and ambassador gene kirkpatrick's words are just as true today joe biden and the democrats are still blaming america first donald trump has always put america first and he has earned four more years as president it was an honor of a lifetime to serve as the united states ambassador to the united nations now the u.n is not for the faint of heart it's a place where dictators murderers and thieves denounce america and then put their hands out and demand that we pay their bills well president trump put an end to all of that with his leadership we did what barack obama and joe biden refused to do we stood up for america and we stood against our enemies obama and biden let north korea threaten america president trump rejected that weakness and we passed the toughest sanctions on north korea in history obama and biden let iran get away with murder and literally sent them a plane full of cash president trump did the right thing and ripped up the iran nuclear deal obama and biden led the united nations to denounce our friend and ally israel president trump moved our embassy to jerusalem and when the u.n tried to condemn us i was proud to cast the american veto this president has a record of strength and success the former vice president has a record of weakness and failure joe biden is good for iran and isis great for communist china and he's a godsend to everyone who wants america to apologize abstain and abandon our values donald trump takes a different approach he's tough on china and he took on isis and won and he tells the world what it needs to hear at home the president is the clear choice on jobs in the economy he's moved america forward while joe biden has held america back when joe was vp i was governor of the great state of south carolina we had a pretty good run manufacturers of all kinds flocked to our state from overseas creating tens of thousands of american jobs people were referring to south carolina as the beast of the southeast which i loved everything we did happened in spite of joe biden and his old boss we cut taxes they raised them we slashed red tape they piled on more mandates and when we brought in good paying jobs biden and obama sued us i fought back and they gave up a biden harris administration would be much much worse last time joe's boss was obama this time it would be pelosi sanders and the squad their vision for america is socialism and we know that socialism has failed everywhere they want to tell americans how to live what to think they want a government takeover of health care they want to ban fracking and kill millions of jobs they want massive tax hikes on working families joe biden and the socialists left would be a disaster for our economy but president trump is leading a new era of opportunity before communist china gave us the coronavirus we were breaking economic records left and right the pandemic has set us back but not for long president trump brought our economy back before and he will bring it back again there's one more important area where our president is right he knows that political correctness and cancel culture are dangerous and just plain wrong in much of the democratic party it's now fashionable to say that america is racist that is a lie america is not a racist country this is personal for me i am the proud daughter of indian immigrants they came to america and settled in a small southern town my father wore a turban my mother wore a sari i was a brown girl in a black and white world we faced discrimination and hardship but my parents never gave in to grievance and hate my mom built a successful business my dad taught 30 years at a historically black college and the people of south carolina chose me as their first minority and first female governor america is a story that's a work in progress now is the time to build on that progress and make america even freer fairer and better for everyone that's why it's so tragic to see so much of the democratic party turning a blind eye towards riots and rage the american people know we can do better and of course we value and respect every black life the black cops who've been shot in the line of duty they matter the black small business owners who've watched their lives work go up in flames they matter the black kids who've been gunned down on the playground their lives matter too and their lives are being ruined and stolen by the violence on our streets it doesn't have to be like this it wasn't like this in south carolina five years ago our state came face to face with evil a white supremacist walked into mother emanuel church during bible study twelve african americans pulled up a chair and prayed with him for an hour then he began to shoot after that horrific tragedy we didn't turn against each other we came together black and white democrat and republican together we made the hard choices needed to heal and removed a divisive symbol peacefully and respectfully what happened then should give us hope now america isn't perfect but the principles we hold dear are perfect there's one thing i've learned it's that even on our worst day we are blessed to live in america it's time to keep that blessing alive for the next generation this president and this party are committed to that noble task we seek a nation that rises together not falls apart in anarchy and anger we know that the only way to overcome america's challenges is to embrace america's strengths we are striving to reach a brighter future where every child goes to a world-class school chosen by their parents where every family lives in a safe community with good jobs where every entrepreneur has the freedom to achieve and inspire where every believer can worship without fear and every life is protected where every girl and boy every woman and man of every race and religion has the best shot at the best life in this election we must choose the only candidate who has and who will continue delivering on that vision president trump and vice president pence have my support and america has our promise we will build on the progress of our past and unlock the promise of our future that future starts when the american people re-elect president donald trump thank you good night and may god always bless america good evening america i'm donald trump jr we're here tonight to talk about the great american story to talk about this country we all love this land of promise and opportunity of heroes and greatness just a few short months ago we were seeing the american dream become a reality for more of our citizens than ever before the greatest prolonged economic expansion in american history the lowest unemployment rate in nearly 50 years the lowest unemployment rates ever for black americans hispanic americans women and pretty much every other demographic group and then courtesy of the chinese communist party the virus struck the president quickly took action and shut down travel from china joe biden and his democrat allies called my father a racist and a xenophobe for doing it they put political correctness ahead of the safety and security of the american people fortunately as the virus began to spread the president acted quickly and insured ventilators got to hospitals that needed them most he delivered pp e to our brave front line workers and he rallied the mighty american private sector to tackle this new challenge there's more work to do but there is a light at the end of the tunnel job gains are outpacing what the so-called experts expected but biden's radical left-wing policies would stop our economic recovery cold he's already talking about shutting the country down again it's madness democrats claim to be for workers but they've spent the entire pandemic trying to sneak a tax break for millionaires and democrat states into the covid relief bill then they attacked my father for suspending the payroll tax for middle class workers in fact if you think about it joe biden's entire economic platform seems designed to crush the working man and woman he supported the worst trade deals in the history of the planet he voted for the nafta nightmare down the tubes went our auto industry he pushed for tpp goodbye manufacturing jobs beijing biden is so weak on china that the intelligence community recently assessed that the chinese communist party favors biden they know he'll weaken us both economically and on a world stage biden also wants to bring in more illegal immigrants to take jobs from american citizens his open border policies would drive wages down for americans at a time when low-income workers were getting real wage increases for the first time in modern history he's pledged to repeal the trump tax cuts which were the biggest in our country after eight years of obama and biden slow growth trump's policies have been like rocket fuel to the economy and especially to the middle class biden has promised to take that money back out of your pocket and keep it in the swamp that makes sense though considering joe biden is basically the loch ness monster of the swamp for the past half century he's been lurking around in there he sticks his head up every now and then to run for president then he disappears and doesn't do much in between so if you're looking for hope look to the man who did what the failed obama biden administration never could do and built the greatest economy our country has ever seen and president trump will do it again we will be stronger than ever because when we put our mind to it there is no obstacle that america can't surmount except there's a difference this time in the past both parties believed in the goodness of america we agreed on where we wanted to go we just disagreed on how to get there this time the other party is attacking the very principles on which our nation was founded freedom of thought freedom of speech freedom of religion the rule of law thomas jefferson famously said i have sworn upon the altar of god eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man our founders believed there was nothing more important than protecting our god-given right to think for ourselves now the left they're trying to cancel all of those founders they don't seem to understand this important principle in order to improve in the future we must learn from our past not erase it so we're not going to tear down monuments and forget the people who built our great nation instead we will learn from our past so we don't repeat any mistakes and we will work tirelessly to improve the lives of all americans joe biden and the radical left are now coming for our freedom of speech they want to bully us into submission if they get their way it will no longer be the silent majority it will be the silenced majority this has to stop freedom of expression used to be a liberal value at least before the radical left took over now the republican party is the home of free speech the place where anyone from any background can speak their mind and may the best ideas win people of faith are under attack you're not allowed to go to church but mass chaos in the streets gets a pass it's almost like this election is shaping up to be church work in school versus rioting looting and vandalism or in the words of biden and the democrats peaceful protesting anarchists have been flooding our streets and democrat mayors are ordering the police to stand down small businesses across america many of the minority owned are being torched by mobs the democrat mayors pretend it's not happening they actually called it a summer of love and that brings me to another important principle every american must be free to live without fear of violence in your country in your communities and in your homes all men and women are created equal and must be treated equally under the law that's why we must put an end to racism and we must ensure that any police officer who abuses their powers is held accountable what happened to george floyd is a disgrace and if you know a police officer you know they agree with that too but we cannot lose sight of the fact that our police are american heroes they deserve our deepest appreciation because no matter what the democrats say you and i both know when we dial 9-1-1 we don't want it going to voicemail so defunding the police is not an option everything starts with safety and security you can't have anything else without it you can't focus on building a better future for your children without the peace of mind that they can study safely in their classrooms play safely in their neighborhoods and sleep safely in their beds but safety is only the beginning trump's america is a land of opportunity a place of promise i was fortunate enough to grow up in a family that could afford the best schools and the finest universities but a great education cannot be the exclusive right of the rich and powerful it must be accessible to all and that's why my dad is pro school choice that's why he's called education access the civil rights issue not just of our time but of all time it is unacceptable that too many african-american and hispanic american children are stuck in bad schools just because of their zip code donald trump will not stand for it if democrats really wanted to help minorities and underserved communities instead of bowing to big money union bosses they'd let parents choose what school is best for their kids they'd limit immigration to protect american workers they'd support the police who protect our neighborhoods they'd learn how to negotiate trade deals that prioritize america's interests for a change they'd end the endless wars and quit sending our young people to solve problems in foreign lands they'd cut taxes for families and workers they'd create opportunity zones that drive investment into inner cities in other words if democrats cared for the forgotten men and women of our country they'd do exactly what president trump is doing america is the greatest country on earth but my father's entire world view revolves around the idea that we can always do even better imagine the life you want to have one with a great job a beautiful home a perfect family you can have it imagine the country you want to live in one with true equal opportunity where hard work pays off and justice is served with compassion and without partiality you can have it imagine a world where the evils of communism and radical islamic terrorism are not given a chance to spread where heroes are celebrated and the good guys win you can have it that is the life that is the country that is the world that donald trump and the republican party are after and yes you can have it because unlike joe biden and the radical left democrats our party is open to everyone it starts by rejecting radicals who want to drag us into the dark and embracing the man who represents a bright and beautiful future for all it starts by re-electing donald j trump president of the united states thank you and god bless america so we've just heard back-to-back speeches at the republican national convention on night one nikki haley rising star in republican politics former u.s ambassador to the u.n and then donald trump jr obviously the president's eldest son let's go to andrea mitchell and what we've been listening to tonight andrea your thoughts well two very different speeches in tone you had nikki haley talking about being the proud daughter of an immigrant a brown girl in a black and white country of black and white world and celebrating those values and then you had donald trump jr in a really tough speech he talked to joe biden as being the loch ness monster of the swamp i could not have been more aggressive i don't know how many times he used the term radical left but that is the trump that is defined by at least a lot of the speakers for this convention we'll see how the tone goes as days progress but donald trump really this is the trump republican party they have no platform other than a resolution endorsing the trump agenda and there really is no place here for a lot of the elected officials who are not showing up there are very few of them on the on the podium tonight or in the nights to come especially some of the vulnerable senators who are facing tough reelections so this really is the trump convention and the party is appealing to the base let me bring in chuck todd about that and talk about whether it's extending to the base or even beyond that a lot of these speeches we've heard in this prime time hour and even before talk about the violence in the streets making no differentiation uh between true violence and people who are you know protesting some of these things is is that a message that potentially broadens the base finds an ear that maybe they wouldn't have had well i want to go back to and it all depends on how you define what what when we say base there's the donald trump base which is the core of this republican party right now um and and i think everybody's getting a taste of it but there's another aspect of the republican base that actually has been shrinking under donald trump when i say the republican-based sort of more traditional suburban voters you know in our demographic world we call them the college-educated white guys or the chamber of commerce type of republicans these are the people that have been fleeing the party right now this is the reason why democrats look to be in such a strong position right now that slice of voter and what i've watched all tonight is i've watched in systematic ways their strategy to try to win back those voters they're just trying to win back former republicans they're trying to win back former you know romney voters former even perhaps trump first-term voters that to me is about the best i can tell for instance all of this appeal you've seen quite a few african-americans speak already at this convention a lot of this is about trying to get back those suburban white voters back who have not liked the president's tone so i see their strategy but it is a strategy just to win back former republicans i have not seen a strategy yet that gets into the 50 column or things like that he's just trying to get back the the voters he got in 2016. well it didn't take long for you to get to some percents there chuck so which which actually brings me to my question because we might as well do a reset it's monday night this is the start of the republican convention we had the democratic convention last week did biden get a bounce and what is the state of the race tonight state of the race is still about where it was i mean nothing and we didn't expect it to move in fairness convention bounces went away when conventions stopped being separated by one month each when they when they're compacted like this it's basically we're in the middle of convention season look what we've seen is the bounce has been more for joe biden's personal rating among democrats democrats feeling more positive about him than they did before but the numbers really haven't changed and you know i don't expect biden's numbers to go up any further he's about at his ceiling the real question is going to be can donald trump get back to his approval rating number his approval rating number is in the 44 45 percent range but his raw vote number against bidens is sitting at 40 41. a successful convention for him will be simply getting back to 45 in these ballot tests which shouldn't be that hard because you're just trying to win back former republicans but i do wonder about the tone of this so far of this convention but he doesn't he also has some of the economy still wind at his back even as bad as things have gotten yes and no it is the perception there is peop people that still think they feel the win there i mean the problem is the numbers are are moving fast and we know that without this additional relief i mean the amount of consumer spending has been going down rapidly as that 600 is gone all right chuck todd thanks very much and up next senator tim scott he's got the big final speech of the primetime hour that's right let's listen to senator scott of south carolina as he takes the podium good evening i'm senator tim scott from the great state of south carolina to all of you tuning in and participating in the political process god bless you this isn't how i picture tonight but our country is experiencing something none of us envisioned from a global pandemic to the deaths of george floyd and brianna taylor 2020 has tested our nation in ways we haven't seen for decades but regardless of the challenges presented to us every four years americans come together to vote to share stories of what makes our nation strong and the lessons we have learned that can strengthen it for further generations because while this election is between donald trump and joe biden it is not solely about donald trump and joe biden it's about the promise of america it's about you and me our challenges and heartbreaks hopes and dreams it's about how we respond when tackling critical issues like police reform when democrats called our work a token effort and walked out of the room during negotiations because they wanted the issue more than they wanted a solution do we want a society that breeds success or a culture that cancels everything it even slightly disagrees with i know where i stand because you see i am living my mother's american dream my parents divorced when i was seven years old and we moved in with my grandparents into a two-bedroom home with me my mom and my brother sharing a room and one bed my mom worked 16 hours a day to keep food on the table and a roof over our heads she knew that if we could find the opportunity bigger things would come i thought i had to use football to succeed in life and my focus on academics faded away my freshman year i failed out i felt four subjects spanish english world geography and even civics trust me though after seven years in the senate i know i'm not the only one in congress who failed civics but even while i was failing the ninth grade my mother always said to me timmy if you would just shoot for the moon even if you miss you'll be among the stars she never lost faith in me even when i lost faith in myself because of her encouragement i went to summer school and caught up the next year i met my mentor john moniz a chick-fil-a operator john saw something in me that i could not see in myself and started teaching me valuable life lessons like having a job would be a good thing but creating jobs would be even better that having an income could change my lifestyle but creating a profit could change my community he planted the seeds of what would become opportunity zones this initiative that the president and i worked together on is now bringing more than 75 billion dollars of private sector investment into distressed communities i took those lessons to heart and started putting the pieces of my life back together i realized a quality education is the closest thing to magic in america that's why i fight to this day for school choice to make sure every child in every neighborhood has a quality education i don't care if it's a public private charter virtual or a home school when a parent has a choice their kid has a better chance and the president has fought alongside me on that later in life i started my own small business that's why i know it is critical for us to have a tax code that encourages growth we actually saw revenues to the treasury increase after we lowered taxes in 2017. rest assured the democrats do not want you to know that after starting my small business and spending some time in local government i decided to run for congress in 2010. the district is based in charleston south carolina where the civil war started against a son of our legendary senator strom thurman you may be asking yourself how does a poor black kid from a single parent household run and win in a race crowded with republicans against the thurman because of the evolution of the southern heart in an overwhelmingly white district the voters judged me not on the color of my skin but on the content of my character we live in a world that only wants you to believe in the bad news racially economically and culturally polarizing news the truth is our nation's ark always bends back towards fairness we are not fully where we want to be but i thank god almighty we are not where we used to be we are always striving to be better when we stumble and we will we pick ourselves back up and try again we don't give in to cancel culture or the radical and factually baseless belief that things are worse today than in the 1860s or the 1960s we have work to do but i believe in the goodness of america the promise that all men and all women are created equal and if you're watching tonight i'm betting you do too over the past four years we have made tremendous progress towards that promise president trump built the most inclusive economy ever seven million jobs created pre-coveted 19 and two-thirds of them went to women african-americans and hispanics the first new major effort to tackle poverty in a generation opportunity zones we put hard earned tax dollars back in people's pockets by cutting their taxes especially for single parent households like the one i grew up in cutting single mothers taxes 70 percent on average president trump supported these tax cuts for those single moms and other working families and signed these policies into law and our nation is better off for it so i'm going to ask you the american people not to simply look at what the candidates say but to look back at what they've done this election is about your future and it is critical to paint a full picture of the records of donald trump and joe biden joe biden said if a black man didn't vote for him he wasn't truly black joe biden said black people are a monolithic community it was joe biden who said poor kids can be just as smart as white kids and while his words are one thing his actions take it to a whole new level in 1994 biden led the charge on a crime bill that put millions of black americans behind bars president trump's criminal justice reform law fixed many of the disparities biden created and made our system more fair and just for all americans joe biden also failed our nations historically black colleges and universities keeping blame on them as they fought to ensure our young folks had access to higher education once again to clean up joe biden's mess president trump signed into law historically high funding for hbcus as well as a bill to give them permanent funding for the first time ever and now joe biden wants to come for your pocketbooks unless of course you're a blue state millionaire i'm serious that's one of their solutions for the pandemic they want to take more money from your pocket and give it to manhattan elites and hollywood moguls so they get a tax break republicans however passed president trump's once in a generation tax reform bill that lowered taxes for single moms working families and those in need so when it comes to what joe biden says he'll do look at his actions look at his policies look at what he already did and what he didn't do while he's been in washington for 47 years ladies and gentlemen people don't always see those failures because they think we're having a policy debate on two sides of an issue that is not what is happening our side is working on policy while joe biden's radical democrats are trying to permanently transform what it means to be an american make no mistake joe biden and kamala harris want a cultural revolution a fundamentally different america if we let them they will turn our country into a socialist utopia and history has taught us that path only leads to pain and misery especially for hard working people hoping to rise instead we must focus on the promise of the american journey i know that journey well my grandfather's 99th birthday would have been tomorrow growing up he had to cross the street if a white person was coming he suffered the indignity of being forced out of school as a third grader to pick cotton and he never learned to read or write yet he lived long enough to see his grandson become the first african-american to be elected to both the united states house and the united states senate in the history of this country our family went from cotton to congress in one lifetime and that's why i believe the next american century can be better than the last there are millions of families just like mine all across this nation full of potential seeking to live the american dream and i'm here tonight to tell you that supporting the republican ticket gives you the best chance of making that dream a reality god bless you and father please continue blessing the united states of america god bless from the state of south carolina senator tim scott there let me bring in if i can kristen walker right now christian he seemed to be trying to change the narrative about race in this country he was lester i think that's absolutely right and i thought it was notable he was making the broader argument of this convention that joe biden and kamala harris will turn the united states into a socialist country through the prism of race though and looking back at joe biden's policies notable that he raised the 1994 crime bill i can tell you that a lot of the president's allies think that he should be spending more time talking about joe biden's record look joe biden would say that crime bill was passed by with bipartisan support and of course there are pieces of it that we would do differently now but he also hit biden on some of the flubs that he has had in recent weeks on the issue of race that biden himself has apologized for of course tim scott is such a significant voice he's the only black gop senator he's someone who's chosen his words on race quite carefully when it comes to the president he will speak out when he thinks the president has done something that is offensive he could help win over a few african-american voters but broader context here right now joe biden leaves with african-american voters more than 80 percent president trump right now registering in the single digits lester all right kristin and let's turn to hallie jackson our white house correspondent for a look ahead tomorrow as we're about to wrap up tonight's events we have the first lady who will speak from the rose garden tomorrow night savannah this will be the first event on white house grounds which has raised questions about frankly the extraordinary nature of holding such a political event like these convention speeches on campus at the white house you also will see an audience in the rose garden sources familiar with the planning tell me it'll be about 50 or so people and this will be the first time that at a convention event we will see people there they will be socially distanced we're told covet precautions will be taken but that is something you'll see for the next couple of nights on wednesday with the vice president up at fort mchenry in baltimore and on thursday when the president delivers his acceptance speech in front of what we're told will be roughly a thousand people on the south lawn of the white house tomorrow night you'll also hear from secretary of state mike pompeo who has made some waves and received some criticism for delivering his speech while on an official visit overseas to the middle east savannah lester all right hallie thank you take a quick break right here come back with some final thoughts i'll look ahead in just a moment [Music] this morning across the country what the new normal for schools will look like many teachers left making tough choices between the job they love and their family what am i gonna decide take care of my children or have a job that's an impossible decision you're creating a little community school this is the moment we can just develop ourselves and develop our community let's turn it over to students how do they really feel about returning to school what i miss is my teachers they are resilient [Music] you're watching nbc news now we've got some breaking news we actually saw a large convoy of the national guard come through here it's news made for your streaming world live weekdays starting at 6 a.m eastern a surge in corona virus infection his developments on several fronts the story tonight the u.s shattering the record for most coveted cases in a single day from every angle what's your level of concern that the kids who have been told they're going to be home indefinitely won't be able to catch up on the ground you have faith that this is going to bring about change soon and in depth here in portland more protests expected tonight do you think that police in this country are under attack nbc nightly news with lester holt a country reeling from a pandemic and racial injustice the story changes hourly the president's push to get children back into school is sinking in among families who are debating the safety of it it's the 11th hour this is a situation where the state continues to struggle to expand its testing capabilities protesters feel that they need to come out in full force and support their community because they feel like they're not getting that support from the portland police another election day coming up against the backdrop of how to keep voters safe amid a pandemic the moment to truly understand who we are and who we say we are is right here at our feet this year's election is going to be a little different instead of one election day we now have a voting season that special time of year when polls can open weeks before election day when your mailbox can become a voting booth when how you vote is just as important as who you vote for how when and where to cast your ballot depends on your state tis the season to be prepared this year plan your vote for breaking news in our changing world download the nbc news app chuck we'll give you the last word on tone and how you think this convention will play out this week well i think we learned something tonight i mean we know they said it was going to be updated and optimistic and i think that's how they want to portray the president individually but i think if night one is any hint this is a convention that is going to be about joe biden they are going to paint quite the portrait of him let's see what he looks like at the end of this convention season chuck todd chuck thanks coming up tomorrow night tonight two of the republican convention speakers will include two more of the president's children son eric and daughter tiffany as well as his wife first lady melania trump who will be speaking from the newly renovated white house rose garden all right and i'll see you tomorrow morning on today actually tonight speaker senator tim scott will be up early too he'll be our live guest and we'll be right back here tomorrow night 10 o'clock eastern time until then for lester chuck andrea and all of us here at nbc news thank you for joining us good night everybody you