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What Actually Happens If You Get Coronavirus?

I'd like to also touch on a subject that I think many doctors and health organizations are avoiding talking about and that's how protests are affecting Cova 19 numbers if you know me at all I am NOT a fan of fear-mongering you've heard me call out the media time and time again about the fact that they're only after clicks and viewership with the type of fear-mongering they put out but I think it's about time that I fear monger you a little bit I gave us so much credit as a nation in the beginning I would go on nationwide TV shows and say there's so much unity around kovat and now I don't know what happened over these last few weeks what we through social distancing out the window we through masks out the window and we're no longer being alert we're no longer being proactive and what's happening Kovac cases are spiking people are dying and the second wave isn't even here yet 18 states are experiencing new highs of kovat 19 cases six states have a spike greater than 50% in their cases this is a huge problem folks because the way we control Kovan right now is by being responsible both you and me and that means keeping six feet away from others that means wearing a mask at all times where you're encountering other people recently I took a walk around New York City and I saw bars open I saw people standing next to each other talking with no masks in groups of 50 we can't do this because the more we do it the more people are gonna suffer especially because we don't have a vaccine if you think it's bad now it can get a lot worse for the fall many people have asked me if vaccines are the answer to Cova 19 and while I have high hopes for the vaccine I also have a few reservations doctor pouchy NIH CDC have said that the proposed timeline if everything goes well early 2021 and that's the fastest we've ever had a vaccine so I'm hopeful it comes out then it's very easy for something to go wrong the vaccine not get created we see some harmful effects and the timeline gets pushed second we don't know yet the efficacy of this vaccine because while there are several companies several trials and several different vaccines in play we don't know yet what percentage of the time do these vaccines actually work that is why I'm still urging you to socially distance to wear a mask to wash your hands because you could be standing next to someone who looks completely healthy and they could potentially be getting you sick and going even further this topic I want to discuss something that the w-h-o has said which has made my blood boil the w-h-o issued this statement last week and it confused a lot of people take a listen from the data we have it still seems to be rare that an asymptomatic person actually transmits onward to a secondary individual this confused everybody even doctors we were all confused as to which research they were talking about most people like Joe Rogan took it this way now this comes out today it was it basically said if you're asymptomatic you can't transfer it as easily as they thought it's almost impossible right so all that worry that we worry about kids giving it to their grandmothers they're not gonna that was the only reason why stores are shut down this is a prime example of poor scientific communication let me explain asymptomatic means something different in technical terms that it does to you or I this researcher was trying to explain that those who are asymptomatic meaning aren't showing symptoms right now and will never show symptoms don't usually spread kovat but pre symptomatic patients those who are asymptomatic right now but will get sick later can spread Kovac quite quickly to scientists pre symptomatic and asymptomatic are two different terms – you and I – the same thing the w-h-o quickly corrected this statement and I understood the mistake that they made it happens as a large organization that is general public facing they need to do a better job at clarifying these things we need to be able to trust a wh oh I've consistently said on this channel to trust the WHL YouTube pushes you to the w-h-o anything that would go against World Health Organization recommendations would be a violation of our policy so we need to not lose trust in them and the way that we do that is for them to avoid mistakes like this in the future and speaking of mistakes let's talk about my advice on masks early on in this pandemic here's a clip of me from mid-february talking about masks and pay close attention to the words that I use the CDC has been firm on this most people the ones that are healthy and not sick do not need a mask at this time notice that I approach that subject with a level of humility I wasn't certain that masks wouldn't help the best evidence at the time told us that masks wouldn't help and it was true that however now we know something different and that something different is just because someone healthy doesn't mean they can't be spreading the virus in the beginning of this pandemic people thought by wearing masks they'd protect themselves so we said no that's wrong but now we recommend masks not to protect you the person wearing the mask but to limit you as a person who looks healthy from spreading the virus into the environment so by everyone wearing a mask were protecting the community not the wearer in addition in the beginning of the pandemic we had a huge shortage of surgical masks and 95 masks in the hospital setting where we were working directly with kovat 19 patients and medical providers were dying as a result of that I still stand by my guidance at the time even though it wasn't accurate it was based off the best evidence at the time will it change yes will I be afraid to tell you that it's changed no because I want you to constantly be updated looking at the most recent research we've seen that actually wearing masks even that cheap and expensive surgical masks or fabric face coverings really does limit the spread of this specific virus that's why it upsets me so to walk around York City and see all these people not wearing masks when they're in crowds of people look if you're walking out into your backyard and no one's there you don't need a mask if you live in a remote area where you're not going to run into anybody you don't need a mess however if you're going out to a crowded area you have to wear a mask I'd like to also touch on a subject that I think many doctors and health organizations are avoiding talking about and that's how protests are affecting Cova 19 numbers we can't as health care institutions go out and say hey do not have any social gatherings unless you're protesting adjust cause we can't say that that's not accurate if you have a huge social gathering of thousands of people you're putting your life at risk and potentially the lives of who you will encounter throughout your next days when you're protesting try and keep six feet away from others if you're gonna be chanting or singing make sure the mask is covering your face for the next two weeks do your best to stay away from vulnerable populations those over the age of 60 or with immunocompromised States and after you protest please please go and get tested because the last thing we want you to do is to be one of those people who are asymptomatic or pre-symptomatic and are spreading this virus to thousands of people the virus unfortunately doesn't care if there are racial and Justices occurring in this country I hate that these racial injustice is occurring the medical community stands with the protests but we have to be objective and still say that by protesting you're putting your life at risk look I get it we're burnt out we've been sitting at home for close to three months now not being able to go do the things that we enjoy not being able to see our loved ones not being able to find work and struggling to pay rent and securing food I get it what you're experiencing is called caution fatigue okay there's even a medical term for it and we in the medical community experienced something similar called alarm fatigue we're in the ER and there's constant alarm bells ringing we stopped paying attention to them and that's a problem I think media constantly giving you an outbreak warning every single day telling you that there's a new coronavirus high number has burned you out to the point where you tune it out and that's a problem because I need you to stay alert but I also need you to stay active not anxious I recommended a couple of videos for you here to watch and as always stay happy and healthy [Music]