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What’s Education For?

It's AumSum Time. What if Coconut Trees Disappeared? No Problem. AumSum can grow coconuts on any tree. Oh AumSum. Firstly, if coconut trees disappeared, beaches
might lose their charm. Secondly, if coconut trees disappeared. People will miss quenching their thirst by
drinking cool coconut water on a hot sunny afternoon. Thirdly, coconut oil is used by millions of
people as a hair conditioner as well as a skin moisturizer. If coconut trees disappeared, good alternatives
will be difficult to find. Fourthly, people who are allergic to cow's
milk, use coconut milk as a substitute. If coconut trees disappeared, many people
will be mightily disappointed. Fifthly, coconuts are used in a number of
recipes all around the world. If coconut trees disappeared, many recipes
will have to be altered. Lastly, almost every part of the coconut tree is used by humans. If coconut trees disappeared, it will be
a big loss for everybody.