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What’s Education For?

Everyone agrees that education is very important What we are not sure about is what do we want from education? The aim of education should be to prepare ourselves for the future challenges of our lives From this perspective, it is clear that schools have somewhat failed to achieve this goal Both in high academic private schools Or in those government schools that cannot deal with the challenges of life Which in fact is still very widespread Human ingenuity, energy, goodwill and talent And that we lost at the expense of industrial education To get positive results in education does not necessarily mean spending more money Building more schools, hiring more teachers, or taking exams is more difficult Instead, it should mean focusing more on the true purpose of education There are two basic tasks that should help us: work and maintain good relationships In order to meet these needs, a national approach to the future must be defined The following topics are studied First, capitalism The conspiracy of silence is present throughout the economic system in which we live We find it difficult to change its bad sides or enhance its strengths Because we simply do not quite understand how it works A subject such as mathematics should be directed to teaching the benefit of economics to 99% of the population (students) Dealing with money Only lessons will demystify the global economy By teaching students the importance of production methods and how to make material profits The role of cash flow, human resource leadership, marketing and competition will also be studied In the ideal school system, the second really big subject must also be studied Yourself In the ideal school system, the second really big subject must also be studied We are extremely vulnerable to misunderstanding ourselves They will study the concepts of illusion, and defense Projection and deprivation in daily life Teachers are ready to help students learn about personal maps Paying special attention to their nerves and concerns Doing this ensures that students learn a lot About how complicated they really are What are the most appropriate personalities or people who agree with them to get to know them A critical unit of study will be devoted to determining the appropriate profession for each student What works for you? Students will spend three hours a week To discover what they have to do in the future as a profession Then they will study relationships And making them aware of the personal social cost of every unhappy or unsuccessful relationship An ideal education system would emphasize Acquire skills that help people to To lead a better life together There will be no unity of kindness and tolerance As well as techniques to reduce anxiety In this educational utopia it will not be only children who will go to school But the adults will want it too The study will be for life Education will not be just events and situations in the classroom Media and arts are involved to maximize the potential of teaching And help teach people what they really need to know We are stuck in challenges of operating a broad education system We fail to determine the true source of its problems We think the problem is primarily about money, salaries or discipline This is only the result of a more profound problem We are simply studying the wrong approach