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When We Get The 1st Coronavirus Vaccine, How Well Will It Work? | Sunday TODAY

russian president vladimir putin made headlines this week when he announced his country was moving full speed ahead with a coronavirus vaccine planning to start vaccinations by october there's a lot of skepticism in the medical community about how effective the russian vaccine will really be but it highlights the worldwide race to protect as many people as possible still even when there is a vaccine how well will it work and will it really come as soon as we think molly hunter takes a look in our sunday focus as russian president vladimir putin boasted to the world that his country had produced a vaccine first announcing plans to vaccinate 30 million russians in october scientists from around the world were doubtful i hope that the russians have actually definitively proven that the vaccine is safe and effective i seriously doubt that they've done that the most likely scenario is not a vaccine this fall or even a guaranteed vaccine that's available everywhere and works for everyone there is no silver bullet at the moment and there might never be there's never been a successful vaccine brought to market like the types moderna and oxford are testing right out of the gate the two leading candidates so what if we have to live with the virus and what does that look like i think most scientists would tell you that there is a really good chance that we will have a vaccine at some point what they can tell you is how many people it will work for what types of people will work for how often they'll need the vaccine and what elements of daily life will allow them to do we live with viruses even lethal viruses and we allow our lives to go on we don't let it cripple us so we can live with this is what you're saying i think one way or the other we will live with this and we will minimize losses in the process now a lot of the adjustments that we've all been making including shops and restaurants allowing fewer people inside spacing people outside well a lot of these adjustments may be here to stay even once we have vaccines the vaccine dangled as a promise a get out of jail free card a savior we're going to have a vaccine very soon a vaccine is going to be a companion technology that'll complement and help improve some of the existing approaches that we're using for control so we can't just stop social distancing when that first vaccine is announced or stop wearing masks or decide to just go back to normal that's right especially the first vaccines that we're hearing about right now there are at least 167 vaccines in development more than two dozen in human trials and three in phase three trials all approved vaccines must be safe and effective but that doesn't mean they perform the same the measles vaccine for example is 98 effective but the flu vaccine most years just 40 to 60 percent effective for coronavirus the fda will require the vaccine to be at least 50 percent effective and by that they mean prevent or reduce its severity in at least 50 percent of the people that get it the bottom line is our first vaccines may not be our best vaccines our best vaccines will likely come later that's why i don't really like using this term race because it's it's extremely misleading if it is any any type of a race it's a it's a several year marathon molly joins me now molly so once there is a vaccine hopefully in record time right that's not the end how many people need to actually get it for it to be effective that's right holly a lot so it's not just the vaccine that could save us it's the vaccination and experts say in order to achieve herd immunity in order to stop this thing in its tracks we need to achieve 70 to 80 global coverage we're talking huge numbers of people that need to be vaccinated a new gallup survey in america suggests that one in three americans won't take the covet vaccine halle even if it's approved by the fda and even if it's free and for the scientists that i spoke with that's what keeps them up at night hallie molly hunter molly thank you much appreciate you