Why Hillary Didn’t Speak

Why Hillary Didn’t Speak

After being reassured by all the pundits, the early poll numbers, and her own staff, Hillary looked forward to trouncing Trump in a political landslide. Here is how it played out:


  • Sitting back in her lounge chair, a vodka martini in her hand, Hillary smiles and chats with those gathered around her.
  • Everything was fine until Trump won Ohio. Hillary downs another two drinks.
  • Less than 20 minutes later, Trump wins Florida and Hillary explodes in rage. “How the fuck can this be happening?!” she screamed at the top of her lungs.
  • 2+ hours later, and many martinis, Hillary is feeling no pain except in her head. She loses Pennsylvania and throws her glass at the wall. “Fuck all this fucking shit!!”
  • An hour later and it’s all over. Hillary is drinking vodka straight from the bottle at this point and screaming her head off. Of course, to her, it’s everyone’s fault but hers.
  • She did not call President-Elect Trump to congratulate him. She was too drunk and too pissed off to make that call to her husband, Bill, made the cordial but short courtesy call.

For Hillary to not address her supporters at the end of election night was unforgivable and unprecedented. What a stupid bitch.




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