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Why You Shouldn’t Be Asking If Kamala Harris Is “Black Enough” | The Daily Social Distancing Show

I've been watching Fox
News for 64 hours straight and I think I know everything
about Kamala Harris. So Kamala Harris is a radical communist Senator from California. She's going to turn the entire
country into San Francisco. I hope you like couscous because it's going to be
the only legal side dish. They want you to think
Caramel Harris is mainstream, but the truth is she's a radical, socialist Vegemite hell demon. She attended socialism university and majored in abortion. She will ban assault
weapons from hospitals and make it legal for
immigrants to play in the NFL. You want to know something else about Campbell's Soup Harris? She has never once clapped
when the airplane lands. In this country, we stand and applaud for our JetBlue pilots. Guess what else? Calamari Harrison supports
the Green New Deal. You have a car? Well, guess what? You're gonna be forced to put one of those
coexist stickers on there. You're not fooling anybody
Alexandria O'Kamala Cortez. She just, she just, she just,
she just seems so angry. I mean, what the hell
is she so angry about? I hate angry women! Why has she still not released
Obama's college transcripts? What is her skincare routine? What does she think about the minions? How can we trust Candelabra Harris? She's a cop who wants to defund the police meaning she would stop existing because she eats money to survive. She is half Indian and half Jamaican so say goodbye to drinking
beer at a football game and say hello to sipping a mango Lassi at a bobsled competition. Actually, that sounds really good. Forget I said anything.