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Wziął rosyjską szczepionkę przeciwko Covid-19

This is SARS CoV-2. It is a family of coronaviruses. Named as crown-like dots On them. SARS CoV-2 can cause COVID-19 Infectious viral infection It mainly affects your throat and lungs. What exactly happens in your body When you catch coronavirus? Which actually affects your body To develop pneumonia? And how does a vaccine work? Coronavirus must infect living cells To reproduce. Let's take a closer look. In the virus; It contains genetic information To make additional copies for yourself. Protein peel provides strong protection For its genetic content When the virus travels between He attacks people. External envelope helps the virus To contaminate cells by merging with The outer layer of the cell. Performed from the envelope Dots of protein molecules. Both common influenza viruses and The new coronavirus uses their spikes As the key to entering a cell in your body, By controlling the machine internally, To build the accessories New viruses When an infected person speaks; Coughing or sneezing, Drops infected can fall to the ground In your mouth or nose Then enter your lungs. Once in your body, The virus comes into contact With cells in your throat, nose or lungs. A drop on the virus It enters the receiver molecule On healthy cell membranes As a key in a key This action helps the virus To enter your room. A common flu virus travels In a bag Made from your cell membrane Go to your cell nucleus Where your cell lives All genetic content. Coronavirus, for its part; The host cell does not need to enter the nerve. It can access host cell units directly; It's called a ribbon. Ribs use genetic information To make viral proteins, For example, spots on the surface of the virus. Packaging structure in your room He then catches the dots in the thorns, They merge with your cell Cell membrane. All parts were needed to create a new virus Only gather under your cell membrane. Then a new virus starts to open From cell membrane To do this, we need to look at your lungs. Each lung has different parts, It is called malaria. Normally, when you breathe air, the air moves freely By your stroke or nephropathy, Then through the large tubes called bronchitis Through small tubes called bronchial tubes Finally, into small bags called alio. Your airways and alveoli They are flexible and spring. When you breathe Each air bag is filled like a small balloon. And when they are printed, the covers fall off. Small blood vessels are called capillary. Surround your alveoli. Oxygen from the air you breathe It passes into your prisoners Then carbon dioxide from your body It goes beyond your steps Enter your alveoli to enter your lungs You can get rid of it when you are tired. Your airways carry a lot of germs In the mucus that causes muscle problems, Bronchoalveolar lavage. In a healthy body, Tuberculosis-like cilia Constant pushing of mucus and germs Outside of your airlines, You can expel them by coughing. Normally cells of your immune system Attack viruses and germs Passed through your nose and skin And enter your alveoli. However, If your immune system is weakened Such as coronavirus infection, The virus can benefit your immune system Your bronchitis and alveoli Learn Your immune system is under attack Duplicate viruses It can cause swelling To fill your alveolar fluid, It makes it difficult for your body To get the oxygen you need. You can develop pneumonia, Where there is a problem with one part of your lungs, Or you may have bronchitis It affects many areas in both lungs. Pneumonia can occur … Difficulty breathing Chest pain Cough Fever and chills Confusion Headache Muscle pain And fatigue. It can also lead to More serious problems When does respiratory failure occur? Your breathing will be very hard You need a calling machine Ventilation device to help you breathe. These are machines that save people And medical equipment companies now Accelerate production b You progress These symptoms depend Several reasons, such as It has to be your age and you You already have a situation. Although all this is scary Pressure to develop coronavirus vaccine It is moving very fast. Studies of other coronaviruses Teach most researchers to take that People who have grown up It could have prevented SARS-CoV-2 infection For a period of time from the time of his birth. But that estimate must be reversed By Islamic evidence and Some studies say so. There are many different approaches For the vaccine to occur On coronavirus. That is the basic idea He gets a shot Weakened versions of the virus The vaccine exposes your body For the weakest virus But strong enough to cause infection To stimulate the immune response. In a few weeks Your immune system Signs of antibodies It will be different Coronavirus alone or in particular It is a protein. Antibodies are then associated with the virus and Protect your cells from attachment. Your immune system also responds Symptoms of antibodies By eating and destroying The stem of viruses. Then if you catch the right virus later on , Your body can recognize it and destroy it. in other words, Your immune system has now been replaced. Collecting evidence by This may be possible, Safe and effective It’s one of those that takes researchers Too long to prepare vaccine. It is a competition with time To prepare for vaccination when the outbreak occurs Every step in vaccine development It usually takes several months if not years. Ebola vaccine breaks record Getting ready in five years. Here is the hope To develop for the new coronavirus In the registry of 12 to 18 months Although all this takes time Stay at home if you can To protect the most vulnerable And don’t forget to wash your hands For at least 20 seconds and Do it as often as possible.