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Yung Pinch ft. blackbear – Beach Ballin’ (Lyrics)

In this episode of sailing doodles we sail
about 7 miles south to koh mak where we enjoy the beautiful water and absolutely stunning
beaches.I'd like to thank Group Island Spirit for this next series of videos they supplied
the boats we are sailing in the flotilla. One of my favorite parts of the day is the
morning when the sun is coming up over a calm bay its absolutely beautiful. Alright we are getting under way, we have
some cameras in place we have to turn them on, we got a gopro there gopro there gopro
on the bow got a romaing gopro around here somewhere then of course this cameraand not
much wind today like 7-8 knots currently, hoepfully we will be able to sail. anyway
so we are going to get underway and do that. we will give you a boat tour when we get to
koh mak we are going from koh wai today just around its 7 or 8 miles over to koh mak. you
guys ready im ready, ready.alright let's o this. as evidenced by the calm and glassy water
there was no wind that day so there wouldn't be any sailing don't worry we really break
in the bavaria the next day and get some true sailing in. it was a straight shot south down to koh mak.when
its calm its fairly easy to catch the drone but just imagine trying to do this in heavy
seas or anything over 3 or 4 foot waves.its pretty much a requirement on our boat the
first thing you do in a new anchorage is jump in the water. after getting settled in it was of to one
of the most beautiful islands and beaches i've seen, koh mak. yes thank you woooo winning to bad i don't
have a thong on huh? for iti tell you what we all got sun kissed
today yeah we got some sun but now we are on our way to watch the sunsetin one of my
favorite places coco cape awesome awesome dockive had high expectations for sunsets
here before and been disappointed but i've had some really good ones here too i think
this one should be a good one. it looks like its setting up that way so we
are going to meet the rest of the crew, they are loading up in their dinghy do the presunset
would anybody like a ride?that kayak, it's in all the wrong places i got ya i'm in. it was a great places to watch the sunset
but we wanted to head across the bay before it got dark so we could head to dinner.alright so guys thank you for showing up. some of these peple you've seen before and
some you haven't but we will try to introduce them as the week goes on so thank you guys
Doodles! Wooo! thank you so much to our patrons yOu
guys are what make these videos possible