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Undecided voters weigh in on key issues surrounding the 2020 election

dominating the campaign trail this week hunter biden's email revelations uh purported email revelations that we were just talking to the former mayor of new york about and also the big hearings that dominated this week for judge amy coney barrett for the supreme court both of them unfolding just two weeks since the president confirmed his covate diagnosis which surprised a lot of people and made a lot of news here now on how all of this can play out over the next 19 days three undecided voters from crucial battleground states we have christopher formoso of florida financial analyst analysis manager who voted for gary johnson back in 2016 he's a registered republican caitlin singleton democrat from wisconsin is a rental housing site manager mom of three she voted for hillary clinton last time around and andrew rodney of michigan ceo of a plastic manufacturing company he voted for gary johnson in 2016 and he's an independent thank you so much to all of you for being here tonight caitlyn you spoke with us uh several weeks back and so since the last time we spoke a lot of things have happened and one of the biggest stories as i said this week were the hearings for amy coney barrett did you watch them and did they have any influence on how you are thinking now yeah so i did watch them i taped them and watched them when my kids went to bed all of the hearings i don't think they necessarily had an impact on how i will be voting i'm still undecided at this point you know i was hoping the debates would clear that up for me they did not i'm crossing my fingers at the next debate coming up will clear it up for me as time is definitely ticking now i have mixed feelings about the hearings i i support the appointee i think she's incredibly skilled um i think that was very evident in the hearing i am also a catholic in pro-life so i do um those personal aspects resonate with me um i'm have mixed feelings about the process though and the double standards that i've kind of seen from what happened the last time around um with the with garland so i have mixed feelings about it i do support the scotus appointee though and it does not have any impact on my voting um christopher what what is playing large in your mind as you look at these some of these big stories lately well with uh acb i think she's a fantastic woman she has more character than anyone probably in this country she adopted two kids from a third world country gave them a great life here in haiti my wife used to serve in haiti and i've heard the stories of how how rough it is there and the fact that she's getting the just treated kind of poorly that's expected but um the packing of the court that that is absurd we're gonna disgrace one of the the three major powers of this country and what's gonna happen when a presidential a republican becomes president down the road they're gonna repack it they're gonna have like 100 judges at one point so keep getting power it's ridiculous that's a good point andrew what about you uh with the news that you're hearing and the things that are the input for your decision how is that all playing out right now uh it's a lot of noise you know it's just they're just shoving everything at you now and attacking everybody uh but uh and amy coney barrett i you know again high character she doesn't have a lot of legal experience but she's gonna get appointed so move on it would be great if the senate could actually do you know more effective business than just you know have this uh political theater so and that's how a lot of this feels the debates were certainly disappointing trump uh would just embarrassed himself and biden didn't really bring anything new uh so i i think that and the hundred vitamin revelations you know is nothing new he's this is the way it's been it's influence peddling um but so no real change in my perspective probably more disenchanted with trump um and but i had biden's done nothing at all uh except for making himself look you know make trump look worse that's that's about it so it's a disappointing election we need to fix the political system that's causing this um cancer to our country so do you how do you think you'll vote if you had to vote today andrew what would you do um i'm probably leading to vote for a third party candidate for the libertarian party or writing somebody in actually um and then i i worry about um democrats taking full control of the entire government so i might vote for a republican senate campaign candidate for the sake of avoiding that and um and our house candidates um i'm uncertain i and and you know what to be honest in a lot of elections i don't vote if i don't know somebody i don't know their background everything i don't vote and i and i wish that more people who didn't really understand the details uh wouldn't vote it's like amy coney barrett you know if you're not a legal expert you don't know the background those things um to have to sit there and express your opinion it's good for people to know but but let the more important people decisions so i thought it's a pretty good education in a lot of that uh just listening to it over the course of this week and she's a uh you know a circuit court judge uh for three years so she does have quite a bit of experience and also as a legal professor um caitlin tell me about wisconsin right now how do you think what's your feel for which way wisconsin might be leaning you know it's it's hard to tell i'm where i'm at in middleton there are i don't see a single trump sign maybe one or two everything is biden um one thing i'm noticing that's very different from the last year or the last election i should say in 2016 is when i go through rural wisconsin i'm seeing a lot of biden signs um on farms and in 2016 that was all trump so that is definitely a change um although you go to different counties and it's all trump so it's it's really hard to tell it's hard to tell before just real quickly christopher just about 20 seconds what's your feel for florida i think i think trump's going to win it we we're we're it's a cuban american population i'm a first generation cuban american we feel very proud of this country the democrats seem to hate this country they think it's an oppressive country us we're all minorities and we made it in this country uh so i think it's gonna be trump in florida great to have all of you with us thank you for sharing your viewpoints this evening and for being here thank you all