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What is a pandemic? | CNBC Explains

across the country outrage directed at the people making decisions about controlling this pandemic you did not listen to we the people she needs to be fired public health officials have gone from obscurity to needing security we are going to go to her front yard in front of her sidewalk imagine if protesters showed up at the home of the fire chief to protest the way they were managing a fire that sounds ridiculous but that's exactly what's been happening to local public health officers as they strive to do their job based on science dr charity dean is one of more than 30 health leaders in 18 states who've resigned retired or been fired since the pandemic began amid unprecedented political and personal pressure hi ladies hi we brought together a group of current and former public health officials how many of you have had personal threats against you three of the four of you okay that fear you know i've never felt that before a person posted something to the effect f her f them let's start shooting barbara ferreira oversees 4 500 employees at los angeles county's health department she's been getting threats and hate mail since march one woman said you know that using very foul language you know somebody needed to shoot me and another person volunteered to take that task on wait a second they threatened your life yes we all have to understand how angry people are people have lost so much and then there's political pressure when the colorado county where emily brown ran the health department wanted to reopen she found herself at odds with commissioners i thought it was too soon i was concerned that this would be much too soon for the health of our community she was fired shortly after we are all less safe when we lose these seasoned health officers who have led their counties and their states for many years so it's really important that we support the ones who are in office and that we support science speaking out for a profession under fire during a pandemic kate snow nbc news new york hey nbc news fans thanks for checking out our youtube channel subscribe by clicking on that button down here and click on any of the videos over here to watch the latest interviews show highlights and digital exclusives thanks for watching